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And suddenly HE felt guilty for all those times over the terms she had accepted his offerings and not said anything, he reckoned because she didn't want to offended him but...there you were. "Oh," he swallowed as he pulled the box back away from her plate and set it cattywampus to his own. "Sorry, Penny. Though you did," he mumbled while ruffling his hair. "I got some more licorice wands if those suit you better?"

His eyes briefly glanced back towards the staff table now would be ace. Seemed as though the headmistress was deep in thought which mean speech SOON...but then the sixth years eyes trained themselves to the large wooden doors during his general surveillance of the Great Hall just as two men stepped through them.

"Who are they?" he wondered aloud, standing again from his spot at the Hufflepuff table and watching the men curiously. Was one of THEM the Divination professor running a bit late?

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