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Bertie Bott's Challenge FAQ
Any questions you have can be asked in the Decree of the Bean thread or by PM to Lislchen. Answers will be added to this post to serve as a FAQ for all challenge writers.

Q: Am I allowed to make up friends for Maddy at Hogwarts that nobody RPs? It would just be for my stories.
A: Go right ahead. They are your drabbles and your outlet to being creative after all! This goes for canon characters as well.

Q: Ooh, by the way, do you have to approve the threads before they go up?
A: Yep. Usually new threads are approved within 24 hours, but sometimes it may take a little longer. So please be patient. We just need to make sure that you have followed the rules when submitting your thread; disclaimers, ratings, that sort of thing.

Q: If we had already done a drabble on a canon character, could we do another set on the same character, or would it have to be a different character?
A: Good question! I would say that it is perfectly fine! Whatever inspires you, we want to read about it!

Q: I was just reading over the SS100 guidelines/rules and I just wanted to clarify a point. Are we only allowed to have one SS100 thread at one time or can we have 2 threads going (both active of course) as I've got an idea in my mind and would love to get started!!
You are allowed up to THREE claims in the SS100, SS50, & SS25 area. This means that you could have two claims in the SS100 and one in the SS50 and so on.

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