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Hey Guys, thanks for coming back for another chapter. This chapter is another short one. I can't tell you all how much I appreciate you reading my ff. I worry that I might be confusing sometimes when I put a lot of dialogue in it from the characters from the Stargate crossover. Please feel free to ask questions or please comments because it's important to me that my ff is understood so you aren't wondering about things. Okay, so here is the next chapter. Hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 3

Cause Enough For A Headache

Carson and John smiled, “Aren’t you forgetting something?”

Harry put his hands to his chest and looked down; his shirt was on so he checked his zipper and found his jeans correctly done up. He huffed and said, “Yes, obviously if you seen something wrong then I have forgotten. Is it important, I need to eat!”

Carson smiled sympathetically and pointed to his one sock on and the other foot completely bare. “Oh, thanks.” Harry pointed his wand and his feet had socks and shoes on. He looked over to the steps and swallowed. They looked so far away and steep. He walked over limping terribly and started to go upstairs and turned to his two friends. “You know what, I’m going to lie down on the couch for a while, you two go on up and eat.”

John said, “Come on, let me help.”

Without waiting for Harry to turn down the offer John stooped over slightly; grabbed Harry behind the knees and swung his arm around his shoulder and then stood up straight with Harry being carried up the steps like a sack of potatoes slung over his shoulder.

Harry groaned and clenched his teeth and then passed out. When they got upstairs Carson told John to hold still while he checked out Harry with his scanner. It only took a minute for Carson to find the problem.

“His backbone is out of alignment. When he was frozen several discs fused together crushing the soft material in between the discs. When he thawed out those bones and discs didn’t realign straight. I can’t understand how he walked from the shower and then to the stairs. He couldn’t lift his leg high enough to climb the steps is the reason he said he was just going to take a nap down there.”

John looked serious and said, “What can we do for him?”

Carson said, “Well, he needs to be put in traction and with a daily routine of shots and therapy, he has a pretty good chance of being able to walk again, but that’s it, no running, climbing or lifting of any kind.”

Ginny huffed and then swished her wand and Harry was hanging upside down. He woke up moaning and asking through gritted teeth what was going on. “Love, Carson said you’re going to be crippled because your spine is out of alignment and some discs and soft stuff is flat or something. Fix yourself so you can eat; I’m tired and want to go to bed.”

Harry looked over at Carson and said, “Where is the problem Carson? Can you put my hand on the place?”

The doctor, quite in shock at Ginny’s treatment and bedside manners with Harry, put Harry’s hand directly over the area telling him exactly what was wrong.”

Harry said, “Okay, let me see if I can try. I’m pretty much zapped out of magic and strength.”

John said, “Maybe Winky can help you.”

Harry shook his head no and said, “It’s late and I don’t want to ask her to do this. She can’t see what happened to me. It’ll hurt her.”

Ginny said, “That’s a good idea, John. I’ll call her.” She quickly added, “It’ll hurt her feelings if you don’t ask for her help.”

She called Winky and the tiny elf popped into the kitchen wearing her gown and robe. “What is being wrong with Master Harry?!” she asked as she ran to him. She moved her hands over Harry’s face and his beard and mustache shortened to the length he had been wearing for several years now.

She cupped Harry’s face in her two tiny hands and got so close their eyes were nearly touching. Finally she whimpered and cried sorrowfully, “Winky’s poor, poor Master Harry. Poor, poor master Harry. Winky is being able to help, but it is being very much more painful than you is being in now.”

Harry groaned and put his hands on his head. His face was getting deep red from hanging upside down for so long. “Please hurry, Winky; it’s not like I haven’t ever felt pain before. Just please do what you need to do.”

“Master Harry, hang on to Master Harry’s Chevron, and let Winky do what is having to happen.” She started to move to Harry’s back and stopped. “Oh excuse me, Winky means, let Winky do what needs to be done. Winky is so embarrassed at her improper Grammar usage. Winky is teaching proper Grammar to Winky’s children and forgets sometimes to use it herself.”

John, Carson, Teyla, and Ginny chuckled at how cute Winky was, but Harry said, “Can we please get on with this?”

John laughed merrily and said, “Harry, hang on to your Chevron, she’ll take care of you; be patient.” Teyla whispered to John asking what she was talking about. John whispered back trying to keep from laughing, “She’s saying the phrase, ‘Hold your horses.’ Harry’s horse is named Chevron if you remember.” Teyla smiled at the elf like she was the most precious thing she ever saw. “She’s so cute, but I remember having a hard time with phrases from you Earthlings too.”

Winky put her mind to task and put her index fingers on Harry’s lower spine and pushed her lowest finger toward his neck and her upper finger towards his tail bone. Then she held them with her thumb and index finger on one hand and moved squiggly lines and circles in the space between her finger and thumb. Harry began to twitch and tense up and she stopped with the squiggly lines and reached down to the side of Harry’s neck and jabbed her thumb into his neck so fast they couldn’t tell what she did, but saw the results; Harry was unconscious. She quickly went back to what she was doing and then she stood up still behind him and put her arms under his arm pits; clamping her hands tight to him and then jerked her feet up off the floor. Harry woke up screaming and then the two of them were on the floor and Harry was curled up in a ball begging them to stop torturing him.

Ginny went to her knees and stroked his face lovingly assuring him he wasn’t being tortured. John helped Winky to her feet and softly asked if she was okay. Winky was crying from a broken heart that she caused so much pain for her poor Master Harry. John told her he would be fine, and they were all grateful she saved him from being crippled. Harry stopped sobbing and looked at Ginny and thanked her for her kindness and said he was fine now; she could go to bed. “I’m sorry I kept you up so late.”

Ginny smiled and said, “I only acted put out with you to make you concentrate on what you needed to do to fix yourself. I would never go to bed with you in need of anything. Come on now; can you stand? I have you some food fixed and you need to thank Winky for saving you.”

Harry wasn’t fully aware of what was going on and seemed confused. “You fixed me food? It isn’t Minotaur I hope. I mean I don’t want to be picky, but I’m not a big fan of it.”

Ginny froze staring at him. “Minotaur… you ate Minotaur?”

Harry blinked and nodded his head, “Zeus didn’t feed me, and the only thing there in that room was the Minotaur and me. I named him Tiny just to make him mad. Zeus didn't see my knife I carry on me at all times because it was invisible. I cut off the tip of Tiny's tongue when I got so hungry I thought I'd die. It always grew back so most of the time that is what I survived on.” He furrowed his eyebrows together and said, “Ginny, am I really home?” He reached out and touched her and then grabbed her holding her so tight she could hardly breathe. John pounded on his shoulder and said, “Come on buddy, you want to be careful with her, she’s not as strong as you.”

Harry let go of her and stared at her. “Honey, don’t let me hurt you. I’m sorry, are you okay? I’ve missed you so badly!” Harry took her gently and began sobbing; his face buried into her hair. “Years and years I’ve been without you and the kids. I hope I’m never separated from you again.”

Ginny of course wanted to ask how long he had been gone this time, but she restrained herself for fear of making him remember exactly how long he was gone. She was afraid that remembering the exact amount of time instead of years and years would send him in a spiraling setback into worse depression. So she said she was fine and that he needed to tell Winky he was fine so she could go back to bed.

“What… why is Winky here? I fell into the creek to heal myself.” He looked for Winky and knelt down to her. He rubbed her tears from her enormous eyes and spoke softly to her. “I’m sorry; please forgive me for asking you to heal me. I can’t believe I did that to you. Are you okay?”

Winky put his face in her hands and sweetly told him she would have been upset with him if he needed help and she was not asked to help him. He hugged her and kissed her twice on the head and she did the same to him and left.
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