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SPOILER!!: replies
Originally Posted by Harron Peasley View Post
THESE ARE SO BEAUTIFUL oh my goodness.

Thank you so much!
You're most welcome, I'm so glad you like them!

Originally Posted by Shanners View Post
*STROLLS IN still wearing the goodies you made a whole term ago lol*

I need NEW stuff for my BEAUEY. Even though I looooove my current graphics, I need new ones for the new term! And who else but my NAT?

What would you like? A full set, please
Sizes? Not fussy on PP or avatar, but no taller than 175 for the signature
Images: 1 2 3 4 5 6 (my favourite right now) are the hair that is working for him this term, but here is my album lol.
Text? You know I'm not too fussy with text, but he'll be a fourth year Gryffindor, his name is Beau Montague and he likes to go by Beau Go Go! Soooooo whatever you fancy
Colours? Anything but pink?
Anything else? I love youuuuuuu and am so proud of how far your graphics have came over the years, babe

I love you, too! Oh my gooooooodness! Thank you so much. That means so much to me, you have no idea. <33333

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Originally Posted by Daemon View Post
ME, MY SPOT. *snags*

Just got home, lemme quickly gather my photos and things and edit my request in.

<3 <3 <3

What would you like? UM, lots of things, but for now I'll try and keep it simple. A PP, a signature, and an avatar ^___^
Sizes? SS standard apart from the signature. If that could be a maximum height of 150 that'd be swell (or just fit 4 lines of size 1 text I'm rusty on the exact numbers)
Images: RIGHT. There's a secret one I'm gonna be DMing you in a quick minute for the PP . 1 2 3 for the signature and a b c d for the avatar (bc I am indecisive). They're obviously all different people so don't stress about making them all look alike <3 <3
Avatar: Nothing, or just "Suri" if it looks good
Signature: "ALIS" or "Alis Hanover", she'll be a first year slytherin ravenclaw student at Hogwarts yes and she's an overachieving little 11 year old (and a headache) so, full creative liberty here
Colours? entirely up to you! 1000% trust
Anything else? THANK YOU LOVE


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Originally Posted by RachieRu View Post
Oooh. These are great! thanks <3
Thank you! I'm glad you like them.

Here are the changes you needed. I made one 150x high and one 170x because I wasn't too sure the exact measurements of that amount of text.

SPOILER!!: graphics
I hope you like these, I know they're very blue. Let me know if you need any changes.

w/ borders:

Bonus avatars:

✔ Please credit me
✔ No hotlinking; upload onto your own image account
✔ Leave a comment when you pick up
✔ Let me know if you need any changes


1. oh its Erik ok
2. Shanners
3. Daemon
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