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Default Plant and company.
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He watched with mild curiosity as the newest girl, Janice, made the effort to fill a cup and water the plant. He eyed her as she stepped back a bit, wondering what made her hesitate. "Not to worry." he said to Janice "It doesn't appear to belong to anyone. I can just toss it in the compost bin. Save it from weeks of going thirsty."

Why anyone would want to keep a plant in the office was beyond him. It was just one more thing to have to remember to take care of, and there were already plenty of plants outside to gaze upon in one desired. He groaned a bit, his stomach aching from the still too full feeling. He knew he shouldn't have eaten so much, but it was just so good.

"What do you think, Lucas? Put the plant out of its misery and toss it in the bin?" He started to get up and make his way to the abandoned greenery. Letting his body stretch to full height, giving his belly more room to spread out.
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