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Hey Guys, thanks for coming back. I hope everyone is doing great. Here in this part of Florida, school starts tomorrow. I'm so glad I don't have to worry about going or sending my kids anymore. Please be watchful of children walking to school or the bus stop so they all remain safe. Now, to my story here. I hope everyone enjoyed my One Shot and that you'll like this chapter. It is the first of six chapters. Hope you like it.As always, please feel free to comment if you want to.

Zeus’s Clever Trick

Chapter 1

Zeus Sets A Plan In Motion

All the sudden Harry was standing in front of Dawn, completely healed of all his maladies.

“Dawn; did I fall asleep; am I dreaming?” he asked hoping she wouldn’t answer which would mean he was dreaming. But she did answer.

“I’m afraid you are very much awake. And I am sorry to say I need your help. I know you don’t want healed when you come here, but you had to be to handle my situation. But don’t worry; you don’t owe us anything for it.”

Harry wearily asked what the problem was and looked around when all she was doing was tearing up and staring at him with pleading eyes.”

Where are all your Narcissist son’s mirrors; and oh by the way, where is he?” There was a dangerous sharpness to his icy voice and a fire in his piercing eyes.

Dawn said, “Zeus became angry at me and for punishment he broke all the mirrors. I told him he would set Leviathan free if he broke all of them. He said that was my problem and left. But before he left he caused me not to be able to repair the mirrors. Leviathan became overwrought and dangerous to himself and me. I told him to go to the river where he could look at his reflection. That’s where he is right now, just over there.”

Harry put his arms out to his side and closed his eyes. Pretty soon he opened his eyes and said, “It’s a curse that only he can break. But, I can temporarily fix this problem for safety. He held out his hand and a hand mirror appeared in it. I’d like to know why he didn’t die. It was our agreement that if he went passed the barrier then he would die automatically. You understood it was for the safety of our world the barrier was put up.”

Dawn nodded her head as more tears flowed down her face. He’s been such a good boy, and it wasn’t his doing that his mirrors broke. I lifted the barrier so he could go to the river safely.”

“Yes, but now he knows my word is false and he won’t be afraid to go beyond the barrier and he will die when he goes to spite you the next time he gets willful with you. I’ll have to find a way to prove he must not ever try it again.”

Harry appeared behind Leviathan and said, “Time to go back home, Leviathan.”

The god said with hate in his voice, “I know that voice. Harry Potter has come to gloat because my mirrors have been broken.”

Harry said, “Your mummy brought me here to ask me to help you get a mirror since your daddy broke yours. Too bad you can’t be a man and protect yourself from his bullying you. But here you go. I’ve made you another mirror. Go back to the cottage and I’ll give it to you.”

Hope registered on Leviathan’s handsome face and he reached for the mirror. “I’ll have it now and then we’ll see about going back to the cottage.”

Harry smiled pleasantly as if he heard a funny joke. “Nah, you’ll go back now; but first look in the river for your reflection.”

Leviathan looked and wailed sorrowfully. Harry had put large rocks in the river just deep enough that the water became turbulent going over them. There wasn’t any still water that could cast his reflection. When Leviathan turned on him Harry said, “Now go to your cottage; Mummy is worried about you.”

Harry tossed the mirror and it flew slowly just above Leviathan’s head toward the cottage. Leviathan ran after it jumping now and then trying to get the mirror. When it got through to the inside of the barrier Harry stopped and caught the mirror. He had it so Leviathan could see his reflection. “This is as far as you can go from the cottage. If you cross over the boundary you will die.”

Leviathan laughed heartily and said, “Right, just like today when I crossed it. Oh wait a minute! Lookie here, I didn’t die.” He came at Harry swinging and Harry held up the mirror in front of him. The god stopped short and pouted. “You used to be fun, Potter. Let’s fight like old times.”

Harry held his ground and laughed and said, “Sure, we can fight like old times. You forget though that I beat you sorely every time we fought. Come on then, I’ll just put this mirror here to free up my hands.”

Harry tucked the mirror in his belt and held up his fists ready to fight. Then he said, “Or we could just save time and I’ll prove you can’t go past the barrier. He tossed the mirror through the barrier and it shattered into hundreds of pieces. Leviathan screamed and dropped to his knees crying so sorrowfully Harry would have felt sorry for him if he didn’t hate him so much.

Harry spoke loud enough for Leviathan to hear a spell to repair his mirror. When the man looked up he saw the mirror being held out to him. Leviathan approached Harry cautiously and Harry handed him the mirror. Harry said, “Go on now; get back to the cottage. I’m going to find your daddy and make him pay for breaking your mirrors and for treating Dawn the way he did.”

A new look of hero worship crossed Leviathan’s face. “Thank you, Harry. I’m lucky to have you for a friend.”

Harry’s stomach turned at the thought of being friends with him but didn’t have time to explain he couldn’t be friends with someone he hates. He walked part of the way back to the cottage with the grateful man wondering if this was something of the same as him wanting Draco to become friends but Draco not wanting to. No…surely not he thought but; rather than forget about it he stuck it in the back of his mind for a different time to ponder on the subject. As soon as Dawn ran to him he disappeared to find Zeus. Twenty years later Harry came back to the cottage and held up his arms long enough to say a spell and then the cottage was once again full of mirrors. Harry looked different to them and when Dawn asked why he looked so different Harry just said, “I know time is standing still at home, but I’ve been gone for twenty years hunting and fighting Zeus. I whipped him and he said he’d come back here and release the curse over you and the cottage. But then he said he wasn’t coming that he’d just give me the knowledge to break any curse or spell. And he did, I instantly knew how to break the curse over you. But then he said the next time he sees me he’s going to kill me, unless I thought I could kill him. He walked away and left the room we were in. As I was leaving he came back in the room and attacked me from behind. He kept me on some cloud locked in a room with a Minotaur hog tied with heavy chains. Zeus made my magic null so I had to keep away from it of my own physical abilities. It caught me numerous times and it bit me and tried to eat me. For three years I tried to escape but failed with the monster beating me severely each time. Finally I escaped by turning the monster loose. But I didn’t leave the room. Zeus came in and we fought once more. He nearly won after he blasted me in the side with his lightning rod. But I rebounded and killed him. I spent the last two years trying to heal enough so I could make it back here. When I got here I was healed and I suppose I owe you something for it, even though I didn’t ask for it, nor did I want it done for me.”

Dawn shook her head and said, “You killed Zeus? But I don’t think that has ever been done.”

Harry gave a malicious grin and said, “Well, don’t get your hopes up, he’ll just make a nuisance of himself down there and get kicked out and come back. I’m going home. Can you tell me how much time has elapsed in my time?”

Dawn said, “You will have disappeared for a few minutes. Thank you Little One.” Harry smiled at her and she knew it was genuine. He put a diamond in the Tiara she wears and said, “This will let me know if Zeus ever tries to come back to hurt you or for any reason. He told her to enjoy the day and she smiled back and sent him home.

Lily shouted, “He’s here, Daddy has come back!”
Harry scooped his daughter up in his arms and hugged her tight and bestowed upon her head kisses. James and Albus were next to get to him. He stood Lily on the arm of the chair he was standing next to and scooped both his son’s up in each arm and hugged them tight and kissed them both. Lily put her arms around Harry’s neck and the four laughed happily; Harry crying tears of joy that he was home with his kids. It was hard for him to think right then that it wasn’t as long for them as it had been for him.

Ginny, Ron, and Hermione came running into the room and stopped suddenly at the sight they ran in on. Ginny yelled at the kids to get down saying their daddy wasn’t up to them climbing on him. Harry looked over at her and smiled. “Come and join us.” He put the boys down beside him and Lily sat on the arm of the chair. Ginny walked to him mesmerized at the change in him. But just as she reached him she said, “You could have the decency to at least let us know you want to go do something. Why do you do this to me? I’m so tired of it.”

He took her arms gently and pulled her to him. He held her to him and held her tight like he had with the kids. He was outright crying now; kissing her and telling her he loved her. “Please don’t be angry with me, Honey. I don’t think I could take the emotional roller coaster ride I’m on with another death drop.”

Ginny’s voice softened but still she scolded him. “Love, what am I to do then; just keep wondering if you’re going to be coming home when you disappear like that without warning? You’re recovering from a very serious-”

Ron interrupted and with a look of jealousy he said, “Except he isn’t seriously hurt now; are you, Mr. I’ll never use the room for my own good.”

Ginny stepped away from him and looked disappointingly at him. “How could you? I mean I’m glad you’re healed but you did say you would never use that place for yourself or anyone else.”

Harry looked at the kids and saw they didn’t understand. His heart broke for them, thinking their dad did something he said he’d never do but apparently did. Albus said, “I’m glad he is healthy again. And I don’t care if the healing came to him from someplace he said he’d never use for himself. But I don’t think he went wherever that place is of his own accord. From the length of his hair, beard and mustache he’s been gone for years. He has new scars on him and he’s got more hidden behind his eyes. You all accuse him of doing something he said he wouldn’t do; but you also forget you all said you wouldn’t jump to conclusions again and you have.”

Banner was going crazy smelling Harry jumping back and barking and then smelling him some more and wagging his tail happily. It was funny watching him until Harry stooped over and picked him up and looked into the face of the puppy. Banner whimpered and cuddled into Harry’s neck. And then he licked his face. Harry stroke Banner lovingly and handed him to Albus. “I’m sorry to ask this of you, kids, but would you allow us adults to talk for a little bit?”

Albus and the others went to the basement and Harry looked over at Ginny, Hermione, and Ron. He tried to remember how much they knew about the Ancient gods and the secret place behind Dawn’s portrait at Hogwarts. They obviously knew about her and the secret place and after a minute he remembered Ginny knew of the god’s too. So he played it safe and said, “It was not of my doing that got me summoned to see Dawn. You know that time and space slows down to all but stopping when I go there. I had ample time to fight many battles and I healed myself well enough to stay alive for the next battle more times than ever before. When I got back to Dawn she healed me entirely of all my injuries without consulting me. She knows I don’t allow it, but she did it anyway so she wouldn’t owe me anything. I’m home now, and we won’t discuss it any further except to say that we won’t talk of things that we have to send the kids away; we’ll talk at a time when they aren’t here to hear things they don’t know about. It isn’t fair to them.”

Harry looked at each of them to make sure they all understood him. Seeing they did he lightened up and smiled friendly, “What were we doing before we were so rudely interrupted?”

Ron recovered and said, “Percy was on TV.”

Harry’s left eyebrow arched and he said, “Oh yeah, he ended up doing the right thing with the new housing project. Only I didn’t appreciate him giving my name, but I know his heart was in the right place. People will forget soon enough I suppose. Was there anything else on the story?”

“No, mate, since Percy pretty much put ‘Bucky’ in his place the story shifted to world news where in the United States there has been record breaking snowfall in California.”

“Great, so here at home and abroad everything is good. Is dinner ready, I’m starved?”

Hermione said they shouldn’t stay so they could get home to take care of the dog. Harry put his hand kindly on Hermione’s shoulder and said, “Are you doing okay, Hermione? If you’d like to stay for dinner, the Captain and I can go tend to Tippy or we could even bring him over here. I’m sure you didn’t get to visit yesterday or the day before yesterday whenever that stuff at the warehouse happened.”

Hermione looked at her friend and as scary and different as he looked; he was remarkably the same Harry Potter, her kind and compassionate friend. She looked at Ron and he shrugged his shoulders, “It’s okay by me, do you want us to bring Tippy here or just take him out and feed and water him?”

Hermione said maybe they should bring him over. “Unless… what if the puppies don’t get along with each other?” she asked.

Harry laughed and said, “Puppies are like kids, they don’t become prejudiced against others different than them until they get older or they learn it from adults.”

Harry touched Ron’s elbow and they were standing at Ron’s front door. Ron shivered and said, “Why didn’t you take us inside? It’s freezing out here and Hermione has the house keys; we’re locked out!”

Harry laughed and said, “You are a wizard, Captain, and you passed first year magic.”

“Oh yeah, right,” he said; his embarrassment obvious. It’s just that you are so intimidating it’s hard to think straight.”

“Are we going to go in or what?” asked Harry trying to put off what Ron had said about him being different.

“Oh yeah, Alohomora!” he said confidently. The door unlocked and they went inside. Tippy met them at the door jumping and yapping with excitement. When he saw Harry he went wild with excitement. “Well, at least this little guy doesn’t think I’m menacing looking.” Harry took him outside while Ron grabbed his food and water bowls and a serving of food. When Harry went in Ron said he was ready to go back. Before Harry took his elbow to go back he asked Ron if he was okay. “It hasn’t been that long ago that you guys went through a really hard time finding out about the doctor using miscarried babies for experiments. I know you have been really strong for Hermione, but do you need anything at all? I want you to know I am always here for you.”

Ron stared at him and frowned, “I’m okay, mate. Thanks though I do appreciate it, but I’m good.”

Harry nodded and touched Ron’s elbow and they were coming up the steps to the porch. “Again with arriving outside! Why can’t we go straight inside and skip the freezing outside part?”

Harry answered, “It wouldn’t do to show up on someone about to occupy the same space you appear in. There have been lots of times when you came here and knocked me down because I was walking somewhere and you showed up in front of me. It’d be harder to sort out if you showed up partly inside me instead of just knocking me down. And it’s not at all comfortable getting knocked down either.”

“Oh, I hadn’t thought of that; I see your point. But hang on; you appeared inside just a few minutes ago when you came home.” Harry said Dawn sent him home just like she took him there. “She knows where to put me so everyone is safe.” They went in and Harry called Banner to him. He squatted down on one knee and picked up Banner and put the puppies nose to nose to let them get acquainted. A few minutes later he put them both down and told the kids to take them for a run around the place. While the kids went racing through the house Ginny said, “I’ve been trying to get the kids to stop running in the house and now you tell them to run.”

Harry looked at her quickly and then turned to the kids to call out for them to stop running, but Ginny stopped him. “I don’t really mind if they run in the house if you don’t.”

A look of relief came over Harry’s face and he said, “I wouldn’t want them running if we had a small house, but there isn’t any danger of knocking over anyone or anything with this much room to maneuver in.”

The doorbell rang and Harry asked Ginny if she invited anyone over. He opened the door ready for anything when she said that she hadn’t. But he happily stood aside and said, “Would you look who dropped by?”

John, Carson, and Teyla stepped in seemingly confused and then greeted everyone happily. Ginny was particularly happy to see Teyla and she, Hermione and Teyla went to the kitchen to prepare dinner.

Ron had a tinge of jealousy for only a few seconds but then his normal good nature prevailed. He shook hands with Carson and John and told them it was good to see them. They responded warmly and returned the greeting.

Ron said, “I bet you are surprised to see Harry looking better than ever. You should have seen him half an hour ago, nearly dead he was; but he never fails to amaze us.”

John arched an eyebrow at Harry and said, “Yeah, I think we are pretty much surprised to see him looking like this. As you can see Carson is carrying his medical bag all ready with Harry Potter quick fixes. Good to see he doesn’t need them.”

Harry looked down; his face turning red and chuckled. “Come over and have a seat.”

“If you don’t mind lad, I’d like a quick look at you.”

“Oh, well, okay then if you think you really need to. I am fine though.”

Carson asked him to take off his shirt and Ron’s phone rang just then. He said, “George needs me for about half an hour, I’ll be right back.” Harry asked if everything was okay and Ron answered that George had a surprise for his wife and needed help closing the store so he could get the surprise home by a certain time. Harry nodded and told him to tell George hello for him.

Teyla whistled at Harry when he took off his shirt and giggled along with Ginny and Hermione at Harry’s red face. They had stopped their preparations in the kitchen when Ron said he was leaving. When Ron left they couldn’t help having a little fun at Harry’s expense. But this time Harry wasn’t to be outwitted and faced the women and started making a show of unbuckling his belt and unsnapping his jeans. When he started to unzip them Hermione and Teyla squealed and turned around quickly and Ginny called his bluff. He walked over to her staring her in the eyes and she became breathless. He smiled and kissed her lightly on the lips and held her tight. He kissed her again only passionately this time realizing how much he missed her these twenty years he was away from her. His breath was hot as he kissed her neck and then he whispered something that made her blush and backed away from her slowly. He snapped and buckled his pants and belt and turned to go into the study for Carson to have a quick look at him. John and Carson glanced into the kitchen and chuckled at the girls fanning themselves and giggling talking in soft tones.

“Carson said, “I think it’s a good thing Ron had to leave just then.”

“Yeah, the opportunity arose for me to get even with the girls so I had to take it. Why do they like making us squirm so? The way they have about them is totally unfair.”

They all laughed and then John said, “They should be glad it wasn’t me taking off my clothes; they would have been falling all over themselves trying to get to this machine,” he laughed as he pounded his chest in mock machismo.

They all laughed harder and then Carson said, “Well let’s get this started and done so we can get to the reason we came before Ron comes back. Your wand and belongings have been with John since the day before yesterday and your transponder wasn’t reading anywhere in both galaxies since early evening. And then Ginny called and said you disappeared and wondered if you were with us for some reason. We told her you wasn’t there and we’d come help her look for you.”

Harry stood with his arms raised out to his sides. Carson whistled softly, “What’s gotten a hold of you lad? It looks like you were a chew toy for a giant dog of some sort.” Carson studied the change in Harry’s demeanor and sighed as he fingered the new scars he was examining. He knew Harry would talk when he was ready to, but it wasn’t going to be easy for him for whatever reason he had for the drastic change in him. He ran his instrument over him from head to toe, poked, prodded and pinched here and there and was nearly done when Harry spoke quietly.

“A Minotaur… you asked what chewed on me. It was a Minotaur that I was held captive with for three years.” Carson handed Harry his shirt while Harry took a deep breath. He sat on the corner of his desk and told him everything he told Dawn. He swallowed hard looking sorrowfully at John at the end of his tale. “John, I’m sorry, but I ended up killing Zeus. I’m sorry he was your father and that I had to kill him.”

John’s face was indifferent with a smidgen of sorrow. He said, “There was this man years ago. He raised me and provided well enough that I could live comfortably and have the best education. We didn’t get along, but I knew he loved me. He died before I realized I had taken advantage of him by not letting him know that I loved him. I hadn’t spoken to him for four years before I left for Atlantis and I left without saying goodbye. That man was my dad; Zeus was nothing to me.”

Harry said he was still sorry. “And there is one more thing… I’m sure he’ll cause enough of a problem that he’ll be kicked out of Hades. When that happens he’s going to be steaming mad. He might go to Atlantis and demand that you kill me. I’ll try to figure out a way to keep him from getting to you and the Pegasus Galaxy.”

Just then Harry turned his head toward the window and said, “Ron’s back, and I don’t want him to know about any of this. We need to change the subject. Carson, you can tell me your findings; that ought to keep him from being suspicious.”

Carson looked at his little instrument and began telling Harry his findings. Harry stood up and waited for just the right moment and then prepared to put on his shirt he had been holding this whole time and when Ron came in he pulled the shirt over his head and pulled it down and tucked it in. He looked up at Ron without changing his expression and nodded so he didn’t interrupt Carson.

Ron looked over at John who had his head resting lazily on the palm of his hand with his elbow on the arm of the chair. He really looked like he was about to fall asleep. He raised his eyebrows and looked up at Ron and hooked a chair with the toe of his boot and pulled it out for Ron to sit on. Ron sat down and whispered, “I thought they’d be done way before now. Is Harry okay?”

John exaggerated a shoulder shrug and said, “I’m not good at deciphering doctor lingo, but near as I can tell, Harry’s in perfect health, with the exception of not getting enough rest, not eating enough to put some fat on him, something about his brainwaves being overworked, and he can stand to have a haircut. I added that last part only because I’m jealous he doesn’t have to worry about it not meeting military protocol.”

Ron laughed and nodded his head, “I thought his long curly white hair was strange at first, but I think it’s really cool now especially how wild it looks. Hermione won’t let me have my hair like that though. Harry’s lucky Ginny doesn’t care how he looks; only that he’s healthy. It’s good to hear a good report on his health though. He’s been so near death too many times ever since he’s been back from that secret mission. He wasn’t even in good health before he left on that mission.”

John agreed and they looked over at Carson and Harry finishing up with the health report. “Thanks Carson, it’s good to hear a good report for a change. Will you guys be able to stay for Christmas? I can call Rodney and find out when he wants me to pick him up so you don’t have to make a trip there and back to Cheyenne Mountain.”

John said that was their orders, “We’re to pick up Rodney from his sister’s house before we come home, so if it’s okay with you guys to have three more over the holiday then we’d be happy to stay.”

Harry said he was going to take Ginny Christmas shopping in the morning. Ron said, “I thought since you are better now you’d come back to work.”

Harry swallowed and looked at Ron like he just stole Christmas from him. “I guess I could, but, I’d like to have some time to recover from some memory loss. My mind needs to heal, Captain. Do you think I need to be there?”

Ron shook his head and answered, “No, mate, it’s just better with you there. You need to take the time and be with your kids and Ginny though. I don’t know how you’ve kept from going insane you’ve missed so much with your family.”

Harry’s thoughts were far away now and the voices he could hear in the background got further and further away, remembering the events he’s missed because of one reason or another. Too many to sort out what happened at each time, but he did remember pain being the absolute bane of existence in each and every case of him not being present at the events. Now Zeus was back in his worries and his thoughts soured thinking of the last twenty years in the other time dimension.
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