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Default The plant, Lucas, and Janis
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Not long after he had taken his seat, Janis entered and headed towards her desk. Not the desk with the plant, so his guess was wrong. How was he supposed to remember which desk belonged to each of the division workers? He was doing good to remember where his desk was. Exactly two in front of the desk with the flowering plant.

Janis seemed to be working, so he didn't pay her much attention. Just because he was uncomfortably full and in no mood to work, didn't mean he needed to distract the young lady.

Thankfully, Lucas entered with a greeting and he was all over it. "Hey, Lucas! What did you think about all those Muggle food options?" He rubbed his tight abs with the palm of his hand and stretched. "Not sure about the plant. It was sitting there when I got back from the meeting." His nose still tickled a bit from the overly sweet smell. "Maybe it came from another department to welcome some of our new employees?" That seemed logical. He glanced to Janis, not wanting to leave her out of the conversation, especially if she maybe had a clue as to where the new desk addition came from.

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