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Originally Posted by The Announcer View Post
As you come in one morning you might notice a new item sitting on a desk. Just a cute little plant with some little flowers starting to bloom. Where this new plant came from might not even cross your mind. It could have been a coworker that brought it in or a special delivery, but either way it is very pretty to look at and isn't in the way of anyone, though it might need some water and some attention.
After leaving the meeting, West headed back towards his desk. His stomach was far too full for any real work, but that didn't mean he could just blow off the rest of the day. Deciding to take some notes over the meeting, and rank is favorite Muggle treats, he slowly walked through the office area.

Before he reached his desk, a small plant caught his eye. He'd never been fond of plants, especially the flowing kind, and wondered who in the office had brought it in. Janice popped into his mind. The young new addition seemed like someone that would enjoy a potted plant. West glanced around, then casually bend down to sniff the newly blooming flowers. His nose tickled from the sweetness and he quickly stiffened, once again glancing around to see that no one noticed. He felt a bit silly sniffing someone else's plant.

Fairly confident that no one saw him, West continued his short journey to his desk, flopped in the chair and pulled out his quill. He made some notes about corn dogs and cotton candy before writing his little reminder that he would be helping with the water balloon fights.
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