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Default Trafalgar Square

Exiting the subway station for Charing Cross instantly takes you to Trafalgar Square, which is at the south of Charing Cross Road and extends to a number of other streets. The square has been a significant landmark since the 13th century. The bulk of the square is taken up by Nelson's Column, surrounded by four bronze lion statues, and two large fountains featuring dolphins, mermaids, and tritons. In the corners of the square are four plinths, one of which is swapped out for another from time to time, and up a flight of stairs is the National Gallery.

A number of Muggle ceremonies are hosted here during major holidays, such as a seasonal tree ceremony prior to Christmas and a New Years celebration. The space is also occasionally used for political demonstrations, premieres, parade destinations, and more. This area is still primarily used today as a public gathering spot. With that being said, wizards and witches that find themselves here will know better than to whip their wands out.

Heading directly south of the square on Whitehall Road, the Ministry entrances can be accessed.