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Hey Guy's, thanks for coming back for another chapter. Look at me posting on time! I can't visit much because we are having a thunderstorm and we lose our electricity much of the time during storms. Hope you enjoy it. Oh, before I forget to tell you; this is the last chapter in this story. The next story is a One Shot. The story continues though along the same story line though.

Chapter 10

The Moonbeam Fairy Potion

The next morning Ginny jumped out of bed and ran to the door to answer it. “Who is it?” she called. At the answer, “Cho” Ginny stopped and just about the time she was about to magic herself well put together she shrugged her shoulders remembering what Harry had told her, that he would never love another woman no matter what the case.

Ginny opened the door and smiled kindly at Cho and invited her in. “It’s too cold to be out in that weather, come in before you catch cold.”

Cho smiled warmly and accepted the hot tea Ginny offered her. Cho looked around the grand home and said, “I’ve never been in such a Manor as this and felt so comfortable and homey. You have a beautiful home Ginny.”

“Thank you, Cho. Harry designed it, the grounds and everything and my brother Bill built it while Harry was away for those four years. When he got back we were married and are doing our best to raise our family here. We have two boys and a girl, all wonderful children.”

Cho smiled graciously and said, “It must be difficult with Harry being away so much. I admire you, Ginny. I used to be jealous of you, but I grew up. Though still now and then I have bouts of jealousy fever flare up. This is the reason for my visit at such an early hour. I was hoping I would catch Harry before he went to work, if he even went to work. We were awful rough on him the other night. I was afraid that blow to the head killed him, but thankfully it didn’t. The boys just got overanxious being a part of our organization. They all knew of Dumbledore’s Army and many of that group is in our group. And we never do anything dangerous with the exception of the other night. And Marietta and I never planned on anyone getting hurt either. But Harry looked so formidable that the boys thought he would be difficult to hire. We wouldn’t have done anything to him if he turned us down. I stuffed my scarf in his mouth, before I knew it was Harry, because when he woke up he was in horrible pain and I was afraid he would cry out. He was shaking badly but finally calmed down for the most part. Is he okay?”

Ginny’s eyes rimmed with tears but she answered with a steady voice. “No, he’s not okay. He’s temporarily, I hope, lost his memory of everything that happened after he left your place. He didn’t even know where he had been taken to, but thankfully he made it home. The rest of the night was a nightmare because we couldn’t find out anything about why he was acting the way he was. Anyway, he healed enough through the night that he thought he was okay, but not remembering he wasn’t, he went to work. It wasn’t a good day at work and by the time he got ready to come home he was too weak and fuzzy minded from the concussion he got the night before and had to let Ron bring him home. He was having some kind of seizure and Ron couldn’t hang on to him properly, plus Harry had a death grip on Ron trying to make sure he didn’t lose him and broke Ron’s wrist. When they got home Ron found out he had Splinched Harry. A deep chunk out of Harry’s left arm was missing.”

Cho held her hand over her heart and started to say she was sorry but Ginny wasn’t done letting her know what it cost Harry for them to take matters into their own hands. “So Harry was having this seizure and told Ron to give him this potion he made and it had to be given to him in the neck with a needle. Well, Ron pushed the needle clear through the vein and into Harry’s throat. Harry said it wasn’t Ron’s fault because he was shaking too badly for Ron to control the syringe. He told him to try again and it worked that time.” Ginny stopped to give Cho a napkin because she slopped her tea down her chin. She then finished telling her everything that happened with being kidnapped and Harry not being able to realize something was wrong until after the shot began to work. She told her about how he and his Aurors saved everyone and the effect it had on Harry fighting in front of the children. “And so then after we got home the kids and I had to eat without Harry because he had to tie up loose ends at the warehouse, and he wasn’t able to tell me what else happened because he became so sick he couldn’t function. Infection had set in and spread through his body. One of the thugs at the warehouse had clawed into where Harry was Splinched and dug down to the bone. And the place from the needle going clear into his throat was infected then too. He said the infection was so close to his brain he had to take drastic measures and I helped him make a potion that was very dangerous. It’s something I’ve never heard of before, but Harry had some last night and it takes twelve hours to work. Maybe when he wakes up we’ll be able to Christmas shop for the kids. I don’t know what he’ll look like, he’s glowing all kinds of bluish white right now.”

Cho dropped her tea cup and put both hands over her mouth to stifle her scream she involuntarily made. The look of terror on her face scared Ginny. “Did he say what the potion is called?”

Ginny shook her head no and Cho said, “It surely isn’t what I’m thinking. It’s ancient and it’s never been known to work properly. There are serious side effects and consequences if it isn’t one hundred percent perfect.”

They both looked to the study wondering if they should check on him. Just then Albus came down carrying Banner to let him go out to do his business. He stopped and looked at his mom in her bed clothes and messed up hair and then at Cho who was perfectly put together as Ginny would say.

“Excuse me, I didn’t mean to intrude, I was taking Banner outside. I didn’t know anyone was here. Is Daddy at work; only your bedroom door was open and nobody was in there?”

“No, sweetheart, he’s in his study. He is doing something very important and can’t be disturbed until…” she couldn’t think of a time to tell him and finished with, “until he’s done.”

Albus looked suspiciously at her and then the study door. He slipped his boots on and his coat on over his pajamas and then took Banner outside. After about fifteen minutes boy and puppy came back in the house. Banner shook snow all over and then ran to the office and cried with his nose to the bottom of the door. Albus looked at Cho and said, “My name is Albus. Who are you?”

James and Lily raced each other to the steps and laughed as they stopped just short of the steps so they wouldn’t get in trouble for running down them. They hurried down and Banner began barking at them wanting to play too. Albus snapped his fingers and the pup ran to him obediently. “Look at how he’s coming along with his obedience training, Mum. He’s really smart.”

All three children stood looking at Cho and their mom. Ginny chuckled and said, “Cho, these high spirited youngsters are my children, James, Albus, and Lily our youngest. Kids this is, Cho Chang. She went to Hogwarts with us.”

Cho smiled and said she was pleased to make their acquaintance. Oddly enough the morning hours sailed by quickly until Albus looked directly at Ginny in a knowing way and said, “I think Daddy would be getting done any time now. He looked at Cho and said, “We’ve been anxious to see him because, well, James and I anyway, haven’t been able to see him since school let out last year. I’m sure you understand.”

Cho saw Ginny look at her watch anxiously and said, “Oh of course. I didn’t mean to intrude.” She stood up and walked to the door with Ginny. “Thank you for breakfast and the wonderful visit. Since Harry fixed Marietta’s curse she is feeling free for the first time since she received that awful curse. She’s like a bird just let out of its cage for the first time. I’m happy for her, really I am, it’s just she doesn’t have the time of day for me. Thank you, Ginny.”

Just as soon as she left Albus said, “Mum, I’m sorry to have been so forward with her, only Daddy will be waking up soon now and he’s not going to want anyone here. Why did he have to use the Moonbeam Fairy Potion?” Albus looked and sounded so much like Harry she just looked at him and James hit him on the shoulder.

“Don’t talk to Mum like that and stop acting like you know everything.”

Albus rubbed his shoulder but looked back to his mom. “I’m sorry, Mum. When I took Banner outside I looked in Daddy’s study window and saw him in the stasis chamber. He was still glowing and so I knew right away what potion he used. And I also know he wouldn’t make that potion unless there was nothing else that could be done to save his life. It is beyond dangerous. He should have had me help him; I know I would have been okay.”

Ginny recovered from her shock and said, “He didn’t want you to have to do it. He thought I could help him. Between the two of us we got it made okay.” She stopped talking when Albus went to the office door. “We need to watch to make sure he comes out of this okay. What time did he say it would be?”

Ginny said, “He said it would take twelve hours and not to worry about him. I didn’t look at my watch; it was careless of me I know, but I was dealing with things I shouldn’t have had to deal with.”

Albus looked at her patiently but she could see he was annoyed but understanding. “Mum, it’s okay; just calm down and think of the last thing he said to you.”

She thought back to last night and then suddenly said, “Just before he turned all… well, looking that way, he whispered ten o’clock.”

She was rushing to the office as she talked. She and the kids watched for the time to come for them to wake him and bring him out of the machine. “What would have happened if I didn’t get him out after the twelve hours?”

“He would suffocate. He has the timer set to shut off after the twelve hours to keep anything from coming out that is in there with him. If the potion didn’t work then moonbeam fairies would come out and destroy everything around for three miles before they died from exposure to the sun beams. That’s what the root was for, to be a safety net. If a breech occurs then the minerals in the root begins a natural cellular process of the ionized particles until the moonbeam fairies are so hard and porous they disintegrate and die off. They only survive in sub zero conditions as a flowing liquid. When this potion Daddy made is used Ionization takes place in the living organisms that charges the atmosphere they are in and causes visible fractures in whatever the charged atmosphere comes in contact with. Like if you video record a window and the weather conditions are right then you would see frost actually forming; it’s the same thing that is happening with Daddy only with a much greater intensity.”

“I can’t understand why he let you make this potion when it’s so dangerous. How could he let you do it?”

“Mum, I never made it before. He-”

James rolled his eyes and said, “Here we go, first you made it before when it didn’t look like there was going to be trouble and punishment and you could be Albus the All Knowing but now you didn’t make it before since it does look like there will be trouble and punishment. Make up your mind, Albus. Be the man you want everyone to think you are and live up to it.”

Albus said, “I never said I made it.”

Lily spoke up saying, “Yes you did, and Daddy said you made it too. He said so to Mum; right Mum?”

Albus said, “I’m sure you just misunderstood what we said. I know what I said, and I’m sure it’s the same thing Daddy said. I said I can make it. What did Daddy say? Did he say, Albus has made it before or did he say something like, Albus can make it, but I’d rather not have him do it? Because that’s what Daddy told me after he taught me how to make it; only using other roots with the same consistency and other ingredients that are not dangerous instead of the dangerous ones. Of course it didn't turn out to be anything and we threw it away. But he wanted to teach me the ingredients and how much to use that would turn it into the real potion.”

Ginny looked at James and Lily and said, “He’s right, that’s what they both said.”

Albus explained that his dad was teaching him about the House Elves magic and how some pure-bloods that were prejudiced against what they called Half-breeds did to make the potion. “He said they gathered elves to experiment on to extract their magic and made a potion to drink. The one and only time they were able to accomplish this was at the cost of one hundred twenty three elves and the person who took the potion went senile and only lived two painful years after that. He died from the inside out, which is to say; the charged energy inside him continually burned and poisoned him because it was radiation. And he went senile because his mind couldn’t take twenty four hours every day of total chaos that was unleashed and bombarding his mind.”

Lily was staring at Albus the whole time without a word until Albus seemed to be done explaining. “But what happens to the Moonbeam fairies after they do what they’re supposed to do?

Albus squeezed her hand gently and said, “They aren’t really fairies, but the process is beautiful and when the telescope captures the energy of the moonbeam it’s visible enough to see, without the aid of special magnifying glasses, the charged particles and they look like little fairies. And the reason the door can’t be opened if the potion isn’t made properly is because it has the same effect as nuclear radiation fallout.”

All four of them looked at the chamber with Harry in it. Lily said, “But, then how do we know if the potion worked and we don’t let killing stuff into us and everywhere it goes until it runs out of electricity?”

Albus looked at his dad again and said, “At the end of the twelve hours if he doesn’t burn up then it worked.”

James angrily said, “Why did he make this potion if it’s so dangerous?! I think you’re making up stories.”

“The people who made it first wanted the potion for unlimited power and to halt the effects of aging. Dad said some people said it should be used for health and rehabilitation. But it was determined to be a catastrophic failure with detrimental effects to the condition of humanity. Daddy recognized the power as the power elves use for their magic, making time stand still and healing and stuff. Daddy must have been injured in a life threatening way for him to make it. He won’t ever ask Winky to heal him with that special magic because the last time she used it on him she connected her mind with his to comfort him so he wouldn’t die from the pain and he saw her life weaken significantly and he won’t put his life over hers.”

Ginny looked at her watch and said, “Ten more minutes. At least he doesn’t know what’s going on. He doesn’t feel any pain and he’s resting.”

Albus didn’t say anything and looked down at his feet. Ginny asked him what he wasn’t telling him. He shook his head no and didn’t say anything. The portrait of Dumbledore cleared his throat and said, “If you don’t think I’m stepping out of line I’ll explain what our dear young man won’t.”

Ginny nodded her head and said, “Yes sir, please do.”

As Albus mentioned the man who took the potion went senile. These twelve hours Harry has been fighting chaos for a calm place to keep his mind safe. And the energy that is coursing through him would be like having hundreds of thousands of electrical attacks over one hundred percent of his body. It is quite literally zapping the infection out of every cell and rehabilitating each one after it has been neutralized from the infection in him. He is in extreme pain and he is exhausted. If when the time comes and he doesn’t burn up, then don’t be surprised if he falls to the floor too weary to stay awake when you open the door.”

Both James and Albus moved closer to the container when Dumbledore said that. Ginny suddenly said, “It’s time, and he didn’t burn up, let me let him out.” She reached for the latch and Albus stopped her hand nearly screaming, “Wait Mum, you can’t go by your watch, use the Atomic clock on Daddy’s desk. James turned it so she could see it and the time shown was a minute slower than Ginny’s watch. He watched and when the time reached ten o’clock he said, “Okay now!” He ran back to his place and Ginny opened the latch.

Harry breathed in and saw his wife and children and swallowed. How was he going to be able to stay on his feet? He wanted to be with his family so he forced his feet to take steps out of the chamber. It seemed like even breathing was a task too hard to do, but he did.

He reached for Ginny; his hands shaking and the room spinning. Albus and James each took his arms and put them over their shoulders and helped him to his chair by the fireplace. When he sat down he nearly passed out, but was able to stay awake. Albus put a glass of water in his hand and helped his dad get it to his mouth. Harry drank it down without taking any breaks. He thanked Albus when it was gone. He looked at Ginny with teary eyes and whispered, “Thank you for your help.” He put his hand gently on James shoulder and asked was it okay. When James said he already forgot all about it he looked at Lily and asked if she slept okay and she said she slept like a baby. He tried to talk to the kids but he lost the battle of staying awake.

Albus looked at his hands and said, “His hands need some special cream from his lab. Do you care if I get it and put it on him?”

Ginny smiled at her little man and said to do whatever he thought his daddy needed. While Albus did that; Ginny asked Winky to come sit with her. When the tiny elf saw Harry she couldn’t take her eyes off of him. Albus was just finishing with Harry’s left hand. He had carefully rubbed the cream into Harry’s hand and was now wrapping it with thick gauze bandage. Observing his dad’s neck he decided it wouldn’t need any medication or bandage, but his arm where he was Splinched still needed Dittany to mend the layers of skin that was still missing. After applying the medication he wrapped it carefully so it was tight enough to protect anything from tearing or scraping the wound. When he was done he cleaned the area and put away the medicine.

Ginny was telling Winky what happened and why it happened. “Winky, what I want to say is this. I know if I hadn’t forbid you to tell Harry where we went, you would have told him when he came home for breakfast and he would have known right then something was wrong. He would have been able to save us before he got bad off and probably wouldn’t have gotten hurt. So from now on I want you to use your own discretion whether he does or doesn’t need to know, if I tell you not to tell Harry something and he really needs to know. Like, if I was out getting a new horse to surprise him then you wouldn’t tell him if I said for you not to tell him. But if… like the case of me being put out with him for going to work and my telling you not to tell him where I was just to get even with him, then of course you would know I was being childish and it would be fine for Harry to know.”

Winky nodded her head and said, “Winky is wanting to tell Master Harry where his family is being and Winky is not wanting to disobey her Mistress Ginny. But Master Harry said for Winky to forget it, Winky didn’t need to tell him. Master Harry didn’t want his Winky to be disobedient. Master Harry is a wonderful man.” Ginny smiled sadly and agreed with her and then Winky said, “And Miss Ginny is a wonderful woman for Master Harry.”

Ginny called the kids to the table at one o’clock for lunch and after hands were washed and they sat at their places Harry walked out and said, “Does anyone mind if dear old dad joins in. I’m so hungry I could eat a whole cow.”

Ginny turned and looked at him disapprovingly and said, “I thought you’d sleep for quite a while. But, yes; we’d love for you to join us. Are you sure you’re up to it?”

“I won’t be up to anything if I don’t eat.” He smiled at Ginny and his kids. “So what are we having?”

Ginny looked woefully at the stack of peanut butter jelly sandwiches, raw baby carrots, celery sticks, grapes, and sliced apples. “Not a cow, that’s for sure. But if I knew-”

Harry chuckled and said, “This is perfect Honey. Let’s eat. Can I have some chocolate milk with it?”

They ate their lunch and Harry looked at Ginny and said, “Has anyone called about the Apartments for the homeless?”

Ginny shook her head, “No, the only person who called was Carl to see if you were coming in today. He was glad you’re taking some time to heal but feels bad it’s the only way you get to rest and spend time at home.”

Harry nodded and said, “I ought to take off for a couple weeks. And if anyone doesn’t like it they can fire me.”

The kids whooped and Harry jumped and then chuckled, “I need to get my nerves settled at the very least.”

Lily giggled and said, “I think your nerves are going to have to just tough it out. Mum was looking forward to Christmas shopping before all this happened, and we don’t have any clothes to wear, because Mum donated them all to that charity warehouse place; along with our Christmas gifts.”

Harry smiled and said, “Well now we can’t have our children running around butt naked we better do some shopping. And I’d love to Christmas shop, but maybe we’ll have to do most of it on line and finish up at the stores tomorrow.”

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