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Originally Posted by Nordic Witch View Post
Sophie was still very much trapped in the form of a polar bear. The break from the ministry had been awful. She had had to hide away from her family and friends feigning a very contagious and deadly illness. Sophie knew that her neighbors talked, but she couldn't do much about it in her current state.

When the ministry reopened it's door after the holiday's she had managed to get back inside with the use of a lot of luck and careful manuvering. On the creatures level Sophie had hid until she found someone that could help her. Seeing Albert enter the centaur offices alone she decided to take a chance.

She waited for several minutes and then she walked into the centaur offices and gave off a loud "GROOOOWL!" That'd get Albert's attention right?
Albert was in his element as he refreshed his knowledge about Obscurials. People thought Newt Scamander was a fool for his fascination with all things beast, but the Creatures man himself was impressed with the man's accomplishment. Mister Scamander was really destined to be one of the greatest of them all.

The man thumbed the next pages and sunk in lower in his seat as he continued to read his book. Since he was the kind of man who valued his solitude, the somewhat dull footfalls were heard outside, and Albert's ears perked at the sound of the slightest disturbance. It was expected of him to be annoyed, but with the growl that filled the empty room made him stand up, wand at the ready.

Just...what exactly in the seven hells of Hades was a polar bear doing inside the Ministry? They do not belong in the city and was definitely a bizarre sight to see inside a wizarding office. Albert kept his stance, and quickly scanned the area. Where was security when you needed them? He could easily disapparate to safety however...but something was clearly amiss.

There was, however, something familiar in those eyes.

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