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Rylee Caelyn Prichard
Seventh Year

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Addison Anders

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Evan Mikal Donovan
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Connor Anders (FearlessLeader19)
Addison Donavon (Kolyander)

Scene 6:
During their third year Connor Anders and Addison Donavon get together to bake cookies in the kitchen.

Addison leaned against the ice cold wall of the dungeon corridor across from where the Slytherin common room was. There was a warm smile on her face as she rocked back and forth on her heels having asked one of the Slytherin's she saw to please let Connor know she was waiting for him. She knew he would most likely be angry with her for coming to get him but she didn't care in the least, it was all in fun.

Now where was he? The blonde was starving and really in the mood for fresh baked cookies. Cookies she wanted to bake with Connor cause she thought it sounded like a good idea. She might just leave out the small fact that she wasn't the best at baking. The last time she had tried while at home over the summer she burned the entire batch of cookies.

If that boy didn't hurry up she was going to start shouting his name until he came out.

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