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Hey Guys! Another week is in the past and it seems like I haven't gotten anything done around the house. Dust will soon become bunnies if I don't knuckle down on some serious housework. But you don't want to hear about my inadequate housekeeping. Hope you have been enjoying our story so far. And I hope you enjoy this one as well. I tried to add some small humorous bits to lighten the story a bit. I don't want it to turn into a depressing story. So, as always, feel free to comment if you want to.

Chapter 6

When Pain Does The Thinking And Talking

Harry was feeling sick and had a sudden attack of the shakes. He watched as Albus was laughing with Banner climbing all over him and licking his face. James and Lily were delighted and laughing at Albus and Banner falling over each other with their glee. Harry was about to swallow his disappointment and go inside when he saw Ron and Hermione. They were talking to Ginny who was giggling with delight at how happy her children were. Harry backed into the pillar of the porch and a dark gloom shadowed his heart. Ginny had used a love potion on him. Why didn’t he know this? How could he not know? He remembered back to all the times his stomach tied up in knots whenever he saw her with Dean or any other boy. He remembered on his Quest how each night he had gotten the Marauder’s Map out he could actually smell her and he missed her so badly he felt he couldn’t go on living without being with her. She must have sprayed some on the map he thought. Then he remembered hearing her, Ron, Hermione, and Bill talking about how she had used the potion Dumbledore gave her to make him think of her. He didn’t know it was a love potion though. But then hang on, he thought; “Weren’t we taught in Potions class that love potions can’t make you fall in love? No, that was the liquid luck potion. He shook his head. His thinking process was all out of whack.”

He swallowed and looked up when the front door opened and John came out. John looked out into the darkness and asked in a worried whisper, “Harry, where are you?”

“I’m right here,” he answered quietly. John turned abruptly and stepped over to him happily but stopped when he saw him. “It was true then? I didn’t think it was a real threat. What happened? How long have you been here? Come inside it’s freezing out here and your family misses you. Why are you without a shirt and coat in this freezing weather?”

Harry sighed and said, “I just got home, and I heard all the laughing. I missed it John, I missed the train bringing them home. I missed giving Albus his puppy. I don’t know why I keep thinking that I’m meant to have a family. I should leave and never come back. I keep making promises and I believe them myself. And then they get broken and I feel like a heel. I don’t deserve them, John. And look how happy they all are, they can get along just fine without me. I know it sounds like I’m brooding and maybe I am somewhat but it still boils down to I’m never around here when it counts for them. I’m somewhere else for someone else. Go back in and I’ll come in after the excitement dies down.”

John said, “There’s still Christmas, Harry. You’ll get to see them open their gifts and be happy-” John stopped talking when Harry turned to look at him with such a sadness in his eyes it hurt him just seeing the pain. Then he remembered and Harry saw the realization come over his face.

“You remembered correctly. I don’t know what a single gift is under that tree except for the gift I made Ginny. Yeah, I’ll need to get that and throw it out in the trash. I don’t want her knowing how much I love her and that I’ll always love her. I’m going to file for a divorce in the morning and then leave. She and the kids will be taken care of for the rest of their lives. And Ginny can find a real man that will be here for her and the kids. Hermione can make someone else be Head Auror who won’t argue with her. Hopefully she’ll get someone she doesn't feel like she needs to use a love potion on. I was right, John. Nothing would have happened to me or anyone else if I hadn’t gone to investigate the death threat she received and believed despite what I told her.”

John said, “Harry, don’t do this; you’re making a big mistake. You can’t live without Ginny and your kids; you’ve said it over and over again. Where would you live?”

“That’s just it, John. I won’t live anywhere; I’ll just exist until I die, hopefully sometime real soon. But until then where ever I exist, I’ll be alone. Please go inside before they miss you. Carson is looking for you. I’ll come in when things quiet down. I don’t want to take away from their fun. I want to remember them exactly like this; laughing.”

John started to object and Harry said, “Don’t tell them I’m out here or I’ll leave and you’ll take away my memory of their happiness.” John shook his head and said, “Harry, come in and get warm. Enjoy your family and visit with me and Carson before we leave tomorrow morning.”

Harry’s head dropped and he shook with sadness. He started to slowly drop to the floor of the porch saying, “I love you brother; I don’t know what to do. My head is exploding; you better go in so you don’t see me die.”

John stepped over to him and Harry said, “No” and pointed his wand at him and John was in the house wondering what he was doing and why he was so cold. Harry tried to disappear and fell the rest of the way to the floor unconscious.

Carson saw John looking really confused and went to him. “Where have you been? Are you okay, son? Here now; what’s this Lad? You’re cold as ice.” Carson called Ginny to him and said, “Look at John, is he under some kind of spell?” John looked beyond them toward the door and said, “Where is Harry? Has he gone?”

Hermione followed Ginny over and she put her hand over her mouth. “John, where were you? Did Harry find you and send you home? Has he been captured and needs help? Did you see the Aurors with him?” John shook his head and looked at Ginny, “Did Harry come in? He was on the porch.”

Ron was going out the door by the time Ginny got to the door. “He’s here! He’s hurt badly, Doc. Should I move him; he’s so cold!”

Now Carson was beside him scanning him with his hand held scanner. “He can safely be moved; help me get him inside. Easy now, be careful.”

John crowded in and pulled Harry’s other arm and shoulder up and then he and Ron carried him into the house. As they placed him on the couch Ginny frantically asked why didn’t he have a shirt and coat on. Harry woke up, said he was fine and disappeared.

Ginny sent the kids to the basement with Banner so they could talk. They weren’t happy about this and said they could help. Ginny could hardly keep up appearances but held herself together and told the kids they would get everything sorted out but for now to just play in the basement. The kids reluctantly hung their heads with disappointment and did as they were told.

Hermione, Ron, Carson, John, and Ginny all came together in the living room. Ginny looked at Carson and asked if John was okay. John looked surprised and said, “Why not ask me, I am right here you know.” His temperament wasn’t quite the normal friendly man they were accustomed to but they overlooked it after their initial shock wore off.

Ron said, “Go on then, tell us what you know. You appeared out of nowhere and seemed dazed and confused. And to top it off you were freezing cold.”

John relaxed his stance and his normal nature came about. “I went outside to think because I knew Harry was supposed to be here. He was supposed to take us all to get the boys from King’s Cross. I was sure the whole Umbridge sighting wasn’t anything to be concerned about. Harry knew it too. I can’t understand why when you have at least two very credible eyewitnesses, one being your Head Auror, Harry and the other, me; to the fact that she was dead you chose to not believe us but you do believe someone who wasn’t there. There’s no way to make sense of sending Harry and his Aurors to find something that wasn’t real.”

He stared at Hermione and saw she was about to defend her actions and so he quickly continued with his thinking. So I was out on the porch and I said, “Harry, where are you?” and he answered me, he said, “I’m right here.” Well, of course I could see he was hurt, but he was more depressed than anything, I thought anyway. He was watching Ginny and the kids having fun watching Banner and the kids laughing and playing. I think he was kind of out of his head though. I’d rather not say anything else until Harry is here to-”

Ginny said, “Tell us, John. We need to know what he’s thinking it could help us find him.” John didn’t want to say anymore, but Ginny put her foot down and demanded he tell her.

“He said you and the kids were better off without him. He couldn’t take making promises to them and breaking them all the time. He said he knew there wasn’t anything to the Toad sighting and he was right.”

Hermione interrupted him. “But he’s hurt, that proves there was something to the Umbridge thing. Nothing else makes sense.”

“Harry didn’t go into it, but he said nothing would have happened to anyone and the whole thing would have worked itself out if he hadn’t stepped into the mess.”

Hermione again tried to defend her actions but Ginny stopped her. “While we’re still on speaking terms maybe we should just wait to hear the story from Harry. Too many times things are said and acted on too soon and all that comes from it is hard feelings to one another. I’m tired of apologizing for something that shouldn’t have happened but did.”

She glared at Hermione; her eyes betraying her truce. Then she looked at Carson. What did you find out from your machine, Carson?”

Carson looked at his scanner and read off the screen, “He has multiple bruises and contusions to his entire upper body. He’s got a serious concussion and cracked skull and his brain is bleeding. He’s bleeding from a ruptured kidney and his right hand is cut and bleeding badly. The trauma to his head can cause depression and his state of mind he was in before he left will contribute to unhealthy thoughts of separation and abandonment of one sort or another. It can cause suicidal tendencies and taking actions to end his needless suffering.” Carson looked at John and said, “John, did Harry make any references of suicide or wishing he were dead?”

John said, “Harry would never kill himself. No, he didn’t say anything of the sort; although he did say everyone would be better off without him. He knows he’ll die and said he just hopes it happens quickly. He’s pretty banged up and talking out of his head, so don’t take what I’m telling you to the bank. He’s says he’s going to file for a divorce in the morning so Ginny can have a man she deserves in case he lingers. He said Ginny could find a man who would be good for her and the kids. He can’t stand that he is never around when it counts and they need that more than having him here just now and then. And he said Hermione could get a Head Auror who will be the kind of person to jump through hoops for her without arguing with her.”

He looked at the Christmas tree and said, “He hurts because he doesn’t feel like he got the kids anything for Christmas. He said he doesn’t know what any of the gifts are for the kids. He said the only gift under the tree that he knows what it is, is the one he made for Ginny. He said he’s going to get it and throw it in the trash so Ginny doesn’t know how much he loves her.”

Ginny gasped and looked for the gift and finding it she grabbed it and ran upstairs with it. A few minutes later she came back downstairs. Hermione was saying she just couldn’t understand what happened. Carson said with strict authority, I know everyone wants answers, but when he comes home, I don’t want anyone questioning him or making him talk until I have a chance to examine him. He needs to rest and not get worked up about anything. Ginny said, “Well, he can consider himself lucky you ordered that because what I want is to give Harry a piece of my mind!” She was angry and her hot temper was verging on exploding without a way to vent some pent up anger.

They all turned gasping as a soft voice said, “Not exactly what I was looking forward to, but I’m so glad to finally be home, I’ll take it.”

Ginny ran to him and threw her arms around his neck sobbing hard. He groaned but put his arms around her and quietly said, “Ah, I’m enjoying this, I could use a piece of your mind all the time.”

She pulled away from him and scowled hard at him. He sighed and waited for her to yell at him. He had hoped she would hold off until another time when he felt better. But she didn’t say anything and thankfully Carson stepped in between the two and led him to the fireplace where Harry could get warmed up while he treated him. He could see Harry must have already stopped the bleeding on his hand and head, but wanted to bandage them and look at the rest of the wounds he couldn’t see yet.

“Let me have a look at you son.”

Harry limped over to the fire, grateful for its heat. Hermione couldn’t stand the quiet anymore and demanded he tell them what happened. Harry turned to her and said, “And what if I don’t want to talk about it. What if I have more important things to talk about? What if I want to spend time with my family and our friends from out of country? I’m sorry Hermione, filling you in on the disastrous day's events aren’t on my priority list. My priority is to be with my family and rest.”

Hermione answered hotly, “Oh, it is okay that Ginny gets a divorce without talking to you, but I can’t find out what’s going on?!”

Harry’s face went white and his knees buckled and he fell onto the arm of his overstuffed chair trying to breath. He looked at Ginny and barely loud enough to be heard he said, “You divorced me?”

Carson put his hands up to keep anyone from saying anything else. “Harry, try to calm down, Ginny didn’t divorce you, nor does she want to. Now tell me what the last thing you remember is before you came inside.”

Harry just stared at Ginny and Carson repeated his question. Harry swallowed and said, “I… was walking up the hill to the house. I was freezing and dripping wet. I must have slipped and fallen into a creek somewhere or something. I came in and everyone was here talking about me I guess, because Ginny said she wanted to give me a piece of her mind. I… I liked it. I didn’t know it was a goodbye kiss though. Ginny, what…”

Carson caught him as his eyes rolled to the back of his head and he slid off the arm of the chair. John and Ron pulled him back up and there wasn’t any resistance from Harry. He was completely unconscious.

Carson said, “The excitement was too much for him.” He ran his scanner over him and said, “His concussion is worse than it has ever been. I would liked to have found out what he was hit with that cracked his skull. But, nobody ever thinks the doctor has a reason for giving the orders we give. When I said he needs to rest and not let him get excited this is why I said that. Now, let me treat him and if he wakes up nobody will talk to him until I say it’s okay. Does everyone understand me?”

Everyone nodded their heads and Ginny began crying softly. John turned her into his shoulder and held her to comfort her. She cried, “Doesn’t he mean when he wakes up and not if he wakes up?”

“Carson will get him fixed up Darlin’. He’ll be up before long and sliding down the banister-” He stopped talking as he watched Carson frantically getting syringes out and getting an IV ready to put in. Surprisingly Ron jumped in to help and put the IV in. Carson said with surprise, “That’s expertly done, Ron. When did you learn-?”

Ron answered before the doctor finished asking the question. “Harry taught me when he was training me to be an Auror. I’ve put loads of IV’s in him, out on cases even; least I can do.” He and Carson worked feverish on Harry for half an hour and then Carson said, “It’s up to him now. We’ve done all we can do for him.”

Carson kept an eye on him through dinner and early into the evening. He said it might do him good if he stayed on the couch and heard the kids playing. So after dinner, the kids and Banner played in the living room with their dad sleeping on the couch. Sometime during the night, Carson took the IV’s out of his hand and told Ginny and John that he was out of the woods and it looked like he was going to be okay. Ginny hugged Carson and thanked him for saving Harry. He told her he would sleep in the recliner chair to keep an eye on him the rest of the night, but Ginny told him he should go on to bed. She thought they’d be up before he woke up and so everyone went on to bed.

The next morning Harry didn’t remember any of the night before and just figured he had fallen asleep from being so exhausted and his head hurting so badly. He forewent his exercise routine but got ready in the basement so he wouldn’t wake anyone and left for work. He left a note for John to call him before he left so he could come home for a quick goodbye. When he got to work he set up the days plans and made a pot of coffee like he always does and when the Aurors came in he greeted them with a smile and seemed extra happy to see them. When Ron came in Ron stared at him without saying a word. Harry chuckled and said, “What’s up, Captain? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

Ron pinched him and Harry raised an eyebrow; curious as to what the problem was and punched him in the arm. He was curious but he wasn’t going to be a pin cushion. For some reason this morning his arms were really sore and bruised. He certainly didn’t feel up to being picked on by Ron or anyone else.

Ron held his arm where Harry punched him and said, “Ouch! What was that for?”

“You pinched me. What was that for?”

Harry said, “Let’s get briefing over with; I’ve got company I haven’t been afforded time to visit with and they’re leaving this morning sometime. I’d like to at least say goodbye.”

He looked around and everyone nodded their agreement. When Harry looked at Ron he stopped and chuckled. “Okay, before we start briefing I think I need to know what is going on with the Captain. Seriously mate, you look like you’ve seen a ghost. What’s going on?”

Ron said, “Well, I just don’t know what’s going on with you. Last night when we left your house, we didn’t know if you were going to live through the night. Now you’re here acting like nothing’s happened at all.”

Harry’s eyebrows knit together and his lips parted but he couldn’t say anything at first. It seemed Ron was serious, but how could what he said be true? He thought back to last night and shook his head. “I’m sorry, Captain, I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m not calling you a liar… I-” He thought hard and closed his eyes trying to remember. “I don’t remember anything after I left Hogsmeade. I know I was hurt badly, but I must have just needed rest and a little potion of some sort. I’m pretty much okay now; tired, sore, real sore to be more precise, and a bit fuzzy in the mind, but functional, and NOT a ghost.”

Ron still did not believe him, but didn’t say anything. He didn’t want to get chewed out by Carson if Harry had another spell like last night.

Harry began telling about his visit from Hermione and reasons why what she was telling him couldn’t be true. “I know that Toad Umbridge blew up because I saw her scattered remains. Since she ordered you all to go to Hogsmeade then I needed to go and tell you to take a quick look around and if you didn’t see anything then to go on to whatever you were doing. I went incognito,” He changed into how he looked the day before, and got a rowdy approval from the guys and howls of delight from the ladies. “You’re hot boss!”

Harry looked surprised and slightly offended. “I'm not hot, I'm a ruffian!”

They all laughed and the ladies said, “No, you're HOT ruffian.”

Harry immediately changed back to his normal looks and continued talking with his head hanging due to its unnatural redness at the moment. He told them of meeting up with Cho and Marietta and others from Hogwarts. He looked at Ron and said, “The Creevey brothers would have had a younger brother if they hadn’t been killed in the war. He’s the one who cracked my skull with this.”

Harry held up an aluminum baseball bat. He passed it around the room and they all saw the amount of blood on the bat and a few whistled their astonishment. “Just a bit more humph behind his swing and he would have killed me. Now, these people weren’t breaking the law, with the exception of the beating they gave me, but they thought I had insulted their cause and they thought I was a ruffian. They actually thought they were continuing on with Dumbledore’s Army. I guess it will take more than a few generations for the war at Hogwarts to be forgotten about. We need to be tolerant and mindful of the people directly involved in the war and how it affected them. I went by the pub this morning and retrieved this from the owner. Young Creevey and his friends are working at my special project since their university classes are over for the Christmas holiday. They will be doing some community service to get the homeless off the streets and into warm living conditions. Hopefully working there will fill their minds with a positive outlook that actually does make a difference.”

Harry looked around and asked if anyone had questions and all of them wanted to know how he found out about what was being planned. Harry said he just got into his role playing and listened to everything until that caught his attention.

He didn’t understand why everyone was so quiet and curious about yesterday but went on with his instructions for the day. When he was done he looked at Todd and asked how he and his wife were doing. When Todd said they were doing great he smiled and told him he was proud at his efforts and strides in becoming an excellent Auror. Still smiling he asked how Rose and Hugo was doing with the puppy and what did they name him?

Ron arched his eyebrows and said, “They’re doing just fine Harry. And they kept the name you gave him, Tippy, because it was so fitting. Hermione especially thought it appropriate. You know how she counts stuff like that as something worth writing home about.” Harry chuckled and said he was happy they were all doing so well.

Then Ron asked how his kids liked they’re puppy. Harry looked up at him and studied his brother in law for a minute and then without smiling he answered, “I wouldn’t know the answer to that Captain, because if you remember I wasn’t available to get the kids from King’s Cross or to see them when they saw the puppy. I still haven’t seen them yet. I don’t even know what Albus named him. It’s his puppy.”

Harry closed his eyes and rubbed his head and then paired up teams and sent everyone out to do their jobs with a reminder, “Don’t forget I’ll be away from the office for a little bit to say good bye to my company I didn’t get to see at all, but if anyone needs me, give me a call and I’ll be right there.”

Harry sat down at his desk and began writing a report from yesterday and just finished when Wes came in. Wes did a double take of him and said, “You look awful, what happened?”

“Thanks Wes, good to know I look like how I feel.” He briefly told Wes what happened and said he needed to go home and take care of some things. Wes nodded his head and said, “Take your time, or even the rest of the day.” Harry grinned with one side of his mouth but shook his head. “I need to drop this report off to Percy before I go home. He can give Hermione her copy since she made it her business to start giving all the orders.”

He left and appeared at the Ministry of Magic and walked through the main corridor to the Minister of Magic’s office. He walked in and said he needed to see Percy for a minute. But he stopped suddenly hearing Hermione’s voice and the mention of his name and handed the secretary his folder and then something about shopping. “On second thought, just give this to him when he’s done talking to Hermione. Oh, and give Hermione her copy as well. Thank you.”

Harry felt like laughing hysterically he was so happy he was finally going to get to see his sons’. He walked up the porch steps and into his house. The smile came off his face as he looked around the silent house. It was after nine o’clock; surely nobody would still be sleeping. He went upstairs and checked the bedrooms and found them all empty. He went downstairs and out to where John always parks the Puddle jumper and found it gone. He wasn’t surprised because there were footprints to the little spaceship and none returning to the house. They were gone and he didn’t get to say good bye.
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