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Hey Guys;Happy Father's Day to any dads we might have out there. Thanks for coming back for another chapter. I hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 4

Little Lost Puppy

None of them expected him to be there but didn’t say anything. Ron came in last five minutes late. He stopped and glared at Harry and then said, “I see you have long hair again; trying to hide your scars from Ginny because she can’t bear to look at you? Thought you’d have the good sense to stay home. You’ve probably jinxed us by coming in. Something will happen that will make us not be able to get the kids from King’s Cross.”

Harry sat on the corner of his desk and was silent for a minute. When he looked up he smiled sadly at Ron and said, “When have you ever not been able to get Rose from Hogwarts?”

“I’ve always been able to go, but you never have been able to go. You’re always off being a hero or something.”

“Are you not feeling well, Captain? You seem to be out of sorts this morning.”

“I’m just fine; can we get on with whatever danger you’re going to put us in? Just don’t pair me with you so I can still get Rose.”

Harry told everyone to have a seat and asked them to fill him in on them capturing the people under Umbridge’s curse and took them all to St Mungo’s to have the counter curse done. Carl said that he did as Harry said and shrunk the explosives to a minute size and took them to an isolated place and exploded them safely. “We searched the grounds and the castle and didn’t find any trace of anything out of the ordinary.”

Harry filled them in briefly on what happened to him, leaving out anything that made it look like he did anything heroic. “The important thing is, the Toad is dead and so are three of her helpers who were there with her.”

He picked up a box and opened it up and tossed a small box to each of the Aurors and said, “You guys are the best of the best; Merry Christmas to one and all. He waved his wand with a simple movement and the office played Christmas music loud enough to be cheerful and spirited. Wes came in carrying several boxes and when he put them on the table where the coffee pot was the boxes enlarged and Harry motioned them over to the table. “I seem to recall something being said about planning an office party but nobody told me anything else about it, so the party is on me. And best of all, after you all get tired of the party you can all go home. I’ll call if anything urgent comes up.”

Harry sighed and watched everyone open their gifts and smiled at their delight with them. He looked at John and said, “Hope you weren’t hoping for an action packed morning.”

John laughed and said, “This is just fine; I’m too tired for an action packed day.”

Harry chuckled and said, “Why did you want to come then?”

An impish grin came across his face and he said, “Well, someone needs to watch you. Trouble follows you around and you have things to do today.”

Harry looked serious; swallowed and nodded his head slightly and said, “Thanks John. Thanks for having my back.”

John looked into Harry’s tortured eyes and could hardly stand the pain he saw. “Always, little brother.”

Harry’s cell phone notified him of a text and read the message. He looked over at Ron who was trying to have a good time but something was very wrong with him.

Harry showed his phone to John and went over to Ron. Harry asked to see him for a minute and Ron walked back with him to where John was waiting. At first Ron didn’t act too friendly to John but then said, “Look you two, I’m sorry. I’m sorry I was a big jerk when I got here, but it’s not a good time for me right now. I am really sorry though. And, Harry, I was way out of line with you. I can’t believe I said those things, I didn’t mean any of it.”

“So, what’s going on then, Captain? Why the devil act you came in here with?”

Ron said, “Harry, I ruined Christmas for my kids. I got them a puppy and I took it out this morning for it to do its business and ran back inside for my sunglasses because the snow was blinding me. I went right back out, but the puppy was gone. I looked all over the place for it and couldn’t find it.”

Harry told everyone to continue with the party and just go home when they were done, and all he asked was for them to clean the office and make sure it got locked up tight when they left. He turned to Ron and said, “Let’s go, we’re going to find your puppy.”

Ron’s mouth dropped open and he said, “Are you sure? I mean it’s probably long gone by now or,” Ron looked away from them and finished his thoughts out loud. “It might have fallen over the cliffs. I have that fence up to keep the kids safe, but a puppy could get through easily enough.”

Harry looked at John and said, “Do you wanna come or would you rather go home?”

“I wanna help find the pup, what’s its name?”

“Umm well, I just got it last night after Hugo went to bed. I just call it dog. The kids will name him err, that was the plan anyway. Mione calls it precious,” he added while rolling his eyes.

Harry and John chuckled and Harry took their elbows and they appeared at Ron’s house. Harry looked sadly over the grounds away from the house and saw the small marker stone he placed over Dobby’s grave. Without saying anything he walked the short distance to the grave and knelt down thinking of his friend Dobby. He said an enchantment and the grave cleared of the snow and ice. He spaced his hands over it and green grass with flowers and green vines covered it. He conjured a pair of socks and placed them over the headstone. Then he placed a dome over the grave. He stood up and wiped his eyes saying something under his breath.

John and Ron watched from the place they appeared at and John asked what Harry was doing. Ron answered quietly, “During the war we escaped death with the help of Dobby, a House Elf who loved Harry more than anything. He gave his life helping us. It still hurts Harry something fierce.”

John said, “He told me about Dobby, it kind of makes it real seeing the grave and all. I can’t imagine what you three went through looking for those Horcruxes on your own. You were so young; a pity your youth was spent doing what shouldn’t have been put on your shoulders. Ah; here he comes. What’s happened? I can’t see the grave anymore.”

Ron said, “He must have charmed it to be hidden from Muggle eyes. You could walk right through it and not even know it. If you can imagine such a thing as two worlds occupying the same space that’s what it would be like. You can’t see or walk through it on this world, but on a different one in this same space you would be able to see it and not be able to walk through it. It’d be cool wouldn’t it; to have different realities? Harry claims there is, but he doesn’t hold it against me that I don’t believe him. He had that theory even when we were in school, but he never mentioned it because I laughed at him and Hermione just shook her head like she felt sorry he was so stupid. These days though, I don’t have a problem believing him. It makes sense to me now that I don’t just except that everything isn’t always the way it is because of magic.”

Ron laughed and said, “Don’t tell Hermione I said this but Harry is way smarter than she is, all of us as a matter of fact.” He looked at John watching Harry make his way over to them and said, “Do you think Harry is smart?”

John looked at Ron and said, “I think Harry is the smartest person I have ever met.”

Ron smiled and nodded his approval at John’s answer. When Harry got to them he rubbed his hands together and said, “I guess we left our coats at the office; pretty stupid of me.” He held out his hand and their coats appeared in it. John and Ron looked at each other and chuckled. It was just odd that they had both just said how smart Harry was and he comes back over to them saying how stupid he was for forgetting their coats.

Harry looked at Ron and asked where the puppy was the last time he saw him. Ron pointed to the spot and they followed Harry to it. Then he asked which direction the pup was going. Ron shrugged his shoulders and looked around the area in thought. “He was looking at something over the fence. I think a bird was scouring the beach for an animal or fish maybe.”

Harry walked over to the fence and looked down and asked what color the puppy is. Ron said, “It is a fluffy white puppy with black at the tip of his tail and the very tip of his ears oh and of course the tip of his nose too.”

Harry said, “I’m going to stop the snow and the wind for a couple minutes. Listen very carefully for him whimpering or anything.”

Harry licked his lips and took a deep breath and then stretched his hands and arms toward the sky. He shouted in an unknown language. Suddenly the winds died and the snow stopped falling. The sun shone down on them and it felt like summer. Ron and John looked at each other in awe and then Harry said under much strain, “I hear him over the side where I used to sit to get away to think; hurry and see if you see him!”

Ron jogged over to the spot and said, “I can’t see anything but white, but I think I hear him.” He looked at John and John nodded his head in agreement. “But look, he is there, I see his black tipped tail.” Ron looked again and said, “I don’t see him…wait yes there he is! It’s him; he’s alive!”

Harry was breathing hard and down on one knee still with his arms stretched over his head. He told them to come over to him. When they got to him he said, “Ron, go in the house and make sure Hugo and Hermione don’t come out. When I release the wind and snow it’s going to come down on us in a fierce force. We don’t want them blown over the side. John, you go in too, but one of you needs to come back out to help when it’s normal again.” They both said he needed to go in too, but he yelled and said he couldn’t move or it would break him to pieces, “Just go, hurry up; I can’t hold back the force much longer! Give me a sign when it’s okay to let loose.”

They both went inside and Hermione jumped at two men running into her home when she wasn’t expecting anyone. They both apologized abruptly but went over to a window they could see Harry from. Hermione said, “What’s going on?”

Ron turned quickly to her and urgently said, “Where’s Hugo?”

She pointed to the back door and said, “He went out to see why the wind stopped blowing and it stopped snowing out front but not over the house or out back. Have you ever seen-” John was already running to where she had pointed. He ran out shouting that he sees him and for Ron to watch Harry.

John rushed in actually carrying Hugo and said, “Yell to him that he can let go.”

Ron opened the door and yelled, “Harry, they’re both safe in here, let go!”

Harry let go and he was immediately swept off his feet and the wind carried him; breaking through the fence and out to the water. Snow fell so heavy that they lost sight of him. Hermione had to put a spell on the two men to keep them from running out after Harry. When the snow returned normal and the howling wind was gusts instead of a steady high velocity wind, she released them from the spell and they both ran out to find Harry. They yelled for him and John started climbing down the side of the cliff when Ron summoned him back.

He stared at Ron and was trying really hard not to deck him when Ron pointed down to the beach. Harry was walking out of the water and stopped to pull a fish out of his shirt. He looked up and saw four people standing on the edge. He called Ron on his cell phone and said, “Go stand directly over the spot where you saw Tippy.” Ron looked at John curiously and said, “I think he’s hurt; he thinks we’re looking for someone named Tippy.”

“The puppy! He needs to know where the puppy is.” He walked over to the edge and pointed to the spot. Harry nodded and asked how far up from him was it. Ron answered about fifty five feet and John looked worriedly down to the ledge and said, “I think you’re short, it looks more like seventy. But Harry didn’t hear John and appeared at Ron’s estimate and landed on loose rocks and went sliding down the cliff. He disappeared and then appeared on the ledge. Harry waved to let them know he was okay and leaned against the side of the cliff quickly accessing the damage done to him. Nothing was broken but he was most definitely banged up and cut badly. He rested his head against the cliff and thought back to those years when he tried to get away from Ron and Hermione’s constant bickering and the judgmental eyes of Fleur. He stooped down and picked up the shivering puppy and something else and put the pup inside his shirt next to his body to begin warming him. Harry could hardly breathe it was so cold. He could tell his strength was nearly gone and wondered if he had enough in him to make it up the side of the cliff. Then he remembered Lily saying she was afraid he wouldn’t be able to get the boys with them. He took a breath and disappeared up to the edge. He fell into John and John grabbed his arm and put it around his shoulders. “Come on, we need to get him inside.” Harry dropped something and hobbled into the house aided by John and Ron.

When they had him inside Hermione wrapped him in a fleece blanket and sat him on the couch. “How are you dry? You should be dripping wet,” said Ron.

“I’m a wizard, Captain.” Harry moved slowly under the blanket and brought out the puppy handing him to Ron. “Give him some food and water. I think he’s okay other than being frightened. There was a white rabbit on the ledge with him; that’s what he chased after. The wind was just too strong for them. You’ll have to fix your fence; I broke it when the winds swept me away. Now I need to get home and shower and get ready to get the boys.” He got to his feet and handed Hermione the blanket thanking her for it. “I’m afraid you’ll need to clean it up a bit.”

Harry limped to the door and was about to go out when Hugo called out to him and then ran to him when Harry stopped and turned to see what he wanted. He hugged Harry and said, “Thanks for what you did for us; for saving Tippy. Isn’t he wonderful? Daddy picked the perfect puppy. He told Mum last night he chose this one so he could see him in the snow. Only I wasn’t supposed to hear that ‘because I was s’pose to be asleep.”

Harry smiled wearily and patted Hugo on the shoulder fondly. “He did a good job, that’s for sure. I’ll see you later, Hugo. I like Tippy; he’s a good puppy. He’s going to be a very big dog when he grows up. Did Dad say what kind of dog he is?”

“No, I didn’t listen anymore I was so excited. I went back to bed so they wouldn’t hear me being so happy.”

Harry smiled and said, “Your puppy is a, Clumber Spaniel. These dogs are frequently owned by people of royalty. You and Rose should get a book on how to care for them. They need brushed every day, and you need to play with them a lot.”

He tweaked the boy’s nose and smiled. “We’ll see you later son,” he said quietly. He turned to leave and Hermione said, “Harry, just a minute please.”

Harry stifled a groan as he turned to look at Hermione. “Yes, Hermione?”

“How do you know he chased a rabbit?”

“Because it was down there on the ledge with him. I brought it up with me and Tippy and dropped it so it could be about its business.”

“How did you survive being swept out to sea?”

Harry looked hard at her and said, “I might have only put off death temporarily if you don’t let me get home and take care of myself.”

Hermione gasped and apologized. Harry nodded quickly and grabbed John and disappeared right then and there. When they got home Lily and Banner ran to him excitedly. Banner was very interested in the new smell he picked up on Harry and Lily huffed and put her hands on her hips. “Mum; he did it. Daddy’s home and he’s all messed up,” she yelled; looking at her father disapprovingly as if saying, I told you so.

Ginny hurried in and looked at Harry and John. Carson was sitting on the couch reading and got up to have a look at what Lily was talking about. Harry sighed and said, “I’m okay, just let me shower and get fixed up a bit. I look worse than what I really am.”

He walked up the steps doing a good job of looking as if little was wrong. In the shower though, it was a different story. He groaned with every movement he made. Standing under the shower after he was clean was relaxing to him so he stayed there for a while. He could tell his legs, hands and face took most of the cuts and bruises from falling down the cliff. He didn’t hold it against Ron for underestimating the distance from the beach to the ledge. He just wished he’d been right instead of wrong. Wearing his winter coat saved him from getting shredded from the sharp rocks for the most part. He mostly ached from bouncing around from rock to rock. After a little while longer he stepped out of the shower and put Dittany all over his cuts and scrapes. He looked longingly at his bed and was tempted to take a fifteen minute nap, but decided against it.

He looked out the window with the sun shining in. He felt drawn to it and went cautiously to it. He felt the warmth from the sun and got an idea. He opened the windows and screens and conjured a large curved glass to stand between him and the open window. The curved glass amplified the energy of the sun and Harry turned slowly in circles concentrating on the energy to go directly into his muscles and bones. After twenty minutes he felt considerably rejuvenated; at least as much as when he went to work this morning. The sun dried his hair and he put on a pair of jeans and a long sleeved flannel shirt over his tee shirt and then brushed his hair. He made the curved glass disappear and fixed the window properly. He looked in the mirror and smiled thinking he would be just fine as long as nobody pounded on him or he didn’t push himself too much.

By the time Harry got back downstairs there was just enough time for a quick lunch before they needed to leave for King’s Cross. Ginny smiled pleasingly at him and kissed him lightly. Lily asked how he could be so much better and Carson raised his eyebrows wondering the same thing. John beamed at him and said, “Much better little brother. It’s good to see you looking so much better.” Harry grinned and said, “I feel much better. I’ll be fine as long as we don’t stay out too late. My energy is coming from an accumulation of the sun’s energy.”
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