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Originally Posted by emjay View Post
"Oh, were you?" Gunnar looked from his sister as she got up to the little kitten on the floor next to her. He sort of figured as much, unless she had gone exploring already and was taking a break. "You should have asked someone to come get me. I would have come out sooner." Because yeah, even if she would have found the entrance, she couldn't have just gotten in.

Oh, breakfast was good, and he nodded happily, feeling in a slightly better mood. "Yeah, of course... yes and yes." That was a yes to both questions. "I'm hungry... and you can sit at my table if you want." He did sit at her table for a little bit last night after she was sorted, so he hoped she realized that was okay.
She was glad she had found her brother and that he was now going to be with her for part of the morning. This castle was super big and super scary, she was afraid of getting lost and never finding her way back. "Well I didn't want to inconvenience anyone and thought you would come out soon anyway, so Teacup and I have just been out here waving at people. " It was quite fun to wave at people, "Everyone has been so super nice here." Everyone she had encountered at least.

"Okay, lets head that way." Feeling her stomach growl she was ready for some food and maybe just some time to get used to everything. "Do we have classes together? Do we have free time together? Are we going to have to compete against each other?" So many questions were going through her mind, she tried not to ask every single question, but it was hard and she knew Gunnar wouldn't mind them all.
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