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"You know you would be. Even if you would never admit it." Addison cast him a quick look before shaking her head. It wouldn't surprise her in the least honestly if he were to completely pretend like she had never helped him had she ever needed to do so. Hopefully it would never need to come down to that.

Addison scoffed. "And why would I do that?" Now it was her turn to smirk at him. All she needed was to create an acronym involving him. Remembering it would be easy, there was no chance she would forget it but if he ever found out she would never live it down... like ever... a small smile formed on her lips though as she thought about it. Why couldn't there be a C somewhere in there.

The blonde was lost in her own thoughts staring down at the parchment once again that she didn't even hear what he was saying. Still upset with the fact there wasn't a C in this aett. "Heavy nifflers inching... " she scribbled onto the parchment without much thought crossing out several words only to write others when she didn't like how it sounded.

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