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Hey Guys, thanks for coming back for my next chapter. Hope all the mom's out there had a wonderful Mother's Day. Today's chapter is the last one in this story. Next Sunday (hopefully ) I'll be posting a One Shot. As always it is current to the story being told. I hope everyone enjoys this chapter.

Chapter 6

Harry’s Compassionate Explanation

When they got to the Detective Agency Harry sat slouched at his desk; his head resting on the back of the chair; his eyes closed, and he sighed slowly. Wes came in and looked at Todd who stood looking at his boss. He arched his eyebrows and nodded silently at Harry, which is an unspoken language that universally means, “Is he okay and what happened?”

Todd shrugged his shoulders and quietly said, “The boss got knocked about today. I don’t know what the curse was but it wasn’t easy watching the affects it had on him. I think it hit him in the back of his shoulder. He was saving me when it happened. And then there was the little boy-”

Harry sat up and his face drained of color with his movement. “I’m okay err I will be soon enough. Wes did the papers come for us to sign and finalize the amendments to the contract you wrote up for me?”

“Yes sir, I’ve got them all prepared and ready for your signature.”

Good, I’ll go ahead and sign them now. Did you get the advertisement for the Rising Phoenix for the project?”

“Yes, I did, everything is in order and ready for print. Do you want me to put it in tomorrow’s paper then?” Harry nodded his head and closed his eyes as he swallowed. He could feel paralysis setting in on his larynx and decided to take a potion to relax his throat. After he did that he cautiously opened the left side of his suit jacket and rolled his eyes angrily at the site of his bloody shirt. “I need to take a quick shower.” He stood up and walked drunkenly into the bathroom to shower and put on fresh medicine and dressings. When he came out he didn’t have a shirt on and handed Wes his card. “I’m out of shirts again, could you go across the street and pick me up five or six? I’m sorry to ask you to do it for me, but-” he swallowed and turned around when he heard Lance clear his throat.

“Oh, erm I’m sorry, I wasn’t expecting any of you back for another twenty minutes or so.” He looked at Wes who was enjoying his boss’s modesty and turned red in the face with his embarrassment. “Please hurry,” he coached Wes as he shoved him playfully to the door. He picked up his suit jacket and siphoned off the blood and hanging his head to keep his Aurors from seeing his embarrassment from the whistles and giggling “a-ooh-la-laa” from the female Aurors.

Just then Ron walked in and Harry’s head jerked up at the tone of voice he had. “Closing early for a striptease act now are we? Shouldn’t people be working instead of ogling the famous Potter muscles? Thought you were going to be busy working on a special case, guess you think other things are more important.”

Harry dropped his jacket and stood staring at his brother in law. He didn’t know if he should be angry or feel sorry for Ron, but knew he was tired of being accused of things unjustly. After Harry regained stability of nerves he quietly said, “Todd, would you mind taking the Captain in the spare room and give him the highlights of what we did today?” He handed a folder with his report to Todd and pointed him and Ron to Ron’s old office. “I need to do debriefing so we can get home.”

Wes came in just then and handed Harry the shirts. As soon as Harry touched one it was on him and the others went into a closet in the office Todd and Ron was going into. He motioned for everyone to sit down and put his hand on his throat, gripping it slightly to see if it was swelling like it felt like it was. He shook his head and took a shaky breath and struggled through debriefing. He finished up the same time Todd and Ron came out of the room they had been talking in and Harry dismissed everyone.

As the Aurors began leaving Harry was glad they gave praise and words of encouragement to Todd for his work with the boss. Todd was pleasantly surprised and Harry could see his Aurors were all starting to gel with him as a team member. Harry’s smile disappeared when he turned around and saw Ron standing still instead of moving to the door to leave. He sighed and leaned against the wall with his right hand holding his left arm tight to his body.

“How’s Hermione doing? You didn’t need to leave her and come in here, I was going to go to your house in the morning after briefing and let you both know what Todd and I found out and the arrests that were made,” he added when Ron didn’t answer him.

Ron shook his head and said, “You don’t need to now since I came in. I’ll tell her what Todd told me. Is it okay if I take this report home with me so we can study it?”

Harry nodded his head and said, “Sure, as long as neither one of you act on it at all. I don’t want the case to be dismissed on any technicalities.”

Ron glared at him and said, “We know the law Harry, don’t make like we’re stupid.”

Harry looked at him with disbelief and finally in a near whisper said, “Is there anything else you wanted to see me about?”

Ron huffed and doubled his fists. Harry looked at his fists and then looked him in the eyes and said, “Make it count for you then, because if you don’t send me to the floor or my grave, I’m going to hit you back.”

Ron’s face turned white and then he recovered his composure somewhat, enough to chuckle and say, “Na, I don’t wanna hurt you, Harry. I guess I’m just upset at this whole thing. I almost wish Hermione didn’t say anything to you about it. But she’s been so moody and I hate seeing her this way. I don’t know what we’ll do if your friend Ivana can’t help her. And with Christmas coming up in just a couple more weeks it all has to at least start getting better so we can enjoy Rose being home for the holidays.”

Harry was relieved Ron wasn’t going to hit him because he really didn’t know if he’d survive it, and he sure didn’t want to expend the effort it would take to hit him back. He was grieved though that Ron seemed to be missing out on one of the most important reasons to get this over with. Hermione was suffering and she would only continue to get worse if she didn’t get it out of her system. That was why he let her go off on him earlier in the day. He let her exhaust herself with getting much of her feelings out while she was beating on him and yelling to release her anger. He didn’t like that she used him the way she did, but he was pretty much a safe bet for her to do so. She knew that he wouldn’t hit her or yell back at her. Deep down she knew his love and compassion he had in his heart would allow her bottled up emotions to escape and let her see things in the right perspective. But this was just the tip of the iceberg of what she needs to begin healing. He hoped Ron would be able to understand and help her and it would help him too.

Harry smiled with the thought of the kids coming home for the holidays. He was so tired and the day was wearing on him so that his eyes became moist with tears. Before he became anymore emotional he stood away from the wall and stepped toward Ron and with his right hand grasped Ron’s elbow tightly . The next thing Ron knew he was standing outside his house. Harry took a deep breath and nodded goodnight to him and left without a word.

Harry finally climbed the steps to his front porch and walked into his home. Banner came running to him and yapped his happiness at seeing him. Harry went down on one knee and scooped the puppy up with his right arm and buried his face in the puppy’s fur. Banner began licking his face and nipping his ear excitedly. Lily came running over to him and sat on Harry’s knee and before he could say anything she put her arm around him and squeezed him tight. He caught his breath and put Banner down so he wouldn’t drop him. He put his arm around Lily and kissed her cheek.

“Hello Darling Angel, I missed you today. Did you have a good day?”

Lily stood up quickly and moved over when Ginny got to them. She looked at her mom and Ginny softly said, “I think Daddy had a rough day at work, sweetheart. Let’s help him to the couch.”

Harry was grateful to her and when he stood up he kissed her lips. He tried talking but he was getting emotional and his throat was constricting making the swollen Larynx pain him badly. He was by now finding it hard to breath and was getting lightheaded. They got him to the couch; he sat down and an ice bag appeared in his hand which he held to his throat. He smiled at the two and said he was so happy to be home. “It seems like it was a really long day. How was it for you two?”

Lily smiled kindly and said they had a very productive day and was able to spend time with Hugo after school. “Aunt Hermione needed to talk to Mum.”

Harry asked what she learned in school and Lily said, “Nothing,” before she had time to think.

“Maybe I should set up a parent teacher conference with Mrs. Potter and find out what’s going on that you didn’t learn anything.”

Lily thought that was hilarious and giggled looking at Ginny. She leaned over and kissed her dad on the cheek and said, “Daddy, I love you so much. How about you tell us about your day; what did you do?”

“Nothing,” he answered with twinkles dancing in his eyes. At this Lily laughed hard enough to cause tears to run down her face. Harry arched his eyebrows thinking he wasn’t that funny. He smiled figuring she was just happy like he was that the three of them were home and having a good time.

Harry took a potion to help the swelling in his throat so he could eat. After the three of them were done with dinner Harry asked if they were ready to make cookies. Ginny and Lily looked at each other and Ginny said, “Let’s just relax tonight and maybe we can make cookies tomorrow night. Lily and I just got home right before you did and we’re pretty tired. Lily has homework and you and I can talk.”

Lily got up without complaining and said, “Yeah, I have lots to do, and I’d rather do that than join in what you guys have to talk about.”

Harry gently squeezed her fingers she put in his hand to give him support. His smile was warm and she knew he knew she was offering her support. She left them and ran up to her room beckoning Banner to join her. The puppy loped hurriedly after her and she stopped to carry him up the steps since he was still too small to climb them quickly on his own.

After they were out of earshot Ginny switched to his right side and leaned back under his arm. She snuggled to him and put her hand on his chest and sighed with her satisfaction. When his arm went around her she snuggled in even more. She smiled when he laid his head over on top of hers and they just sat there enjoying the moment. After a few minutes she giggled softly when he said, “This is the kind of talk I enjoy the most. I could talk like this all day long and never get tired of the conversation.” She lifted her head and looked at him in the eyes and followed up with a kiss. Ginny quite agreed with him but sadly she needed to talk to him about something she wasn’t happy about.

She stood up and sat directly in front of him on the coffee table. He looked wearily at her and she nearly didn’t continue. He was so tired and it wasn’t fair to him that he have to deal with so much during the day and then have to come home and put up with her questions but she needed to hear his explanation.

He loosened his tie and unbuttoned the top button of his shirt. This offered so much relief that he actually smiled at Ginny and told her to have out with it, whatever was bothering her.

She nodded her head and said, “Hermione called me and asked if I could go over after lunch and she sounded so upset I told her we could right then, but she said she wanted to take a nap so Lily and I went over after lunch.”

Harry listened carefully trying to put things that happened in a timeline so he could understand why things were said the way they were. Evidently Hermione had called Ginny after she and Ron went to talk to him at work. So, Ginny didn’t know at that time about Hermione beating on him. And he hadn’t said anything about it when he was home for lunch so he wondered if she was upset with him for not telling her then.

Ginny started off with telling him she didn’t blame him for anything but wondered why he would let Hermione beat on him. Harry licked his lips and said, “Does Lily know anything about this? Only, she seems to know what we are about to talk about.”

Ginny nodded her head and said, “Love, she has more perception than kids her age and frankly some adults. I felt that she needed to know since she seen how you looked at lunch time and she put things together without being told. You remember how you felt when you found out things the hard way; how much better off you’d have been if you were only told the truth about things.”

Harry nodded his head and Ginny began talking again. “So, why did you allow Hermione to beat you up? Do you really think that physical violence is the answer to her problems?”

Shaking his head sadly he answered quietly, “No, I don’t think that at all. But she has been suffering for all this time and has had to put on a fake smile for everyone. She won the election but she needs to keep her popularity high for her to be accepted by her constituents when she takes over the office as Minister of Magic. I think she just had all she could handle and she lost control before she could prevent it from happening. I let her do what she needed to do so she could get it out of her system before she was seen in public. I also think that if she could have talked about this when it happened then she would be okay.”

“I agree, so why didn’t you stop her from beating on you and have Ron talk to her; it’s his responsibility.”

Harry made a sound that almost resembled a chuckle but was hard to tell. His throat was getting worse so he decided to just make an off handed reason so he could just go to bed.

“Hermione once told us, me and Ron, that he has the emotional range of a teaspoon. She was right back then and it still holds true today. If he could help her he would have when it happened. I can see his attempts, getting her some tea, or patting her shoulder telling her she was fine, and maybe talk to his dad to see what he thinks they should do. He just doesn’t know, and it’s not a fault, it’s just the way he is. So with it being a serious problem, I let her deal with her pain by letting someone else feel the same amount of pain she felt. She thought I needed punished and I wouldn’t fight back, so she got it out of her system. I guess I found out some things I didn’t know before, but that’s okay.” He didn’t know if Hermione told her how hateful she had been to him other than the physical beating she afflicted on him. He didn’t want to go into her accusing him of the reason she miscarried or her saying he was washed up as an Auror, saying how much she hated him and how it was hard work making like they were friends. He didn’t know if Hermione told her that she called him by his sir name instead of Harry. These things were more hurtful to him than the physical abuse, but he also knew she was under extreme duress. He sighed and before Ginny could say anything he said, “I know it’s early, but I’m going to go on to bed if you don’t need me for anything.”

Ginny went upstairs with him and waited for him to say good night to Lily and then talked to him while he got ready for bed. Before he got in bed he took Ginny in his arms and gave her a very passionate hug and kiss. “If there is anything you want from me when you come to bed just wake me please.”

She smiled and said she would. The next thing he knew he was sitting up in bed breathing hard from a nightmare he just had. He put his face in his hands and rubbed it hard. It was only ten o’clock and Ginny wasn’t even in bed yet. He thought about getting up and going back downstairs to visit with her but decided he might have a hard time falling back to sleep when he did come back to bed. He laid back down and fell asleep right away.
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