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Originally Posted by Bazinga View Post
It had been her first-night int he castle and though it went well she was down in the Dungeon bright and early. She didn't mind the whole sleeping with strangers in the girl's dorm thing, but she missed home already and she didn't like that her brother was in the same castle and so far away. It should be against all rules to put a big brother who was put on the earth just to protect and play with his little siblings that far away.

Looking around the corridor she wasn't sure where the snake common room was or how to get in, so instead of just leaving Chloe decided she would sit in the middle of the corridor wrapped in her blanket with Teacup on her lap and wait for him.

As the other students walked by to head to class she gave them all smiles and waves because maybe they'd be her friend at some point, but she didn't move. No, she would be waiting there until her brother came out.
Gunnar had not been pleased that his sister hadn't been sorted into the same house that he was, but he had done his best to hide that fact at the feast. He didn't need her to be upset more than necessary, which she definitely would be if he wasn't reassuring. Not that he had anything against Ravenclaw, but could they be any further away from each other than one of them in the dungeons and the other up in a tower? And he was already feeling bad for Morgan being all alone with both of his siblings away at Hogwarts now.

The twelve year old was a little bit grouchy when he headed out of the common room for breakfast. He attributed that to waking up on the wrong side of the bed, but he had all of those other thoughts on his mind too that contributed to all of that as well. Eh.. he really didn't like feeling that way now that he was back here. He should be more excited, right?

He wasn't far down the corridor when he saw a small, bundled figure sitting against the wall. "Chloe...?" he questioned as he approached. "What are you doing out here?" Was she looking for him?
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