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Originally Posted by Krel Ansell View Post
Conley had finished his meeting with Transportation and then headed back down to his office. Along the way, he had managed to snag a cup of tea. He set the cup down on his desk along with the paperwork/files he had received from Violetta. He took a moment to stretch. His back was bothering him and all he could think about was the fact that he was getting old.

With a sigh, because he refused to acknowledge it as a groan, he sat down behind his desk. He reached forward and pulled the files towards him, flipping the top one open. Hopefully Violetta had pass along his message to Katja. He really didnít want to try and track her down. He could send his patronus, but he didnít like doing that unless he really needed to. If he was honest, since his wife had died, he found it hard to produce a patronus. Sometimes he thought he lived to work and worked to live. Conley really needed to get a life.
Katja had been poring over some paperwork at her desk when she received the message from Violetta that Mr. Phora wished to see her. Oh dear, she wasn't in trouble, was she? How humiliating that would be! She quickly found a stopping place in her work, replaced her prized magenta fwooper quill in its inkwell, and made her way to the department head's office.

The blonde Danish witch took a quick moment in the hall to smooth her skirt and readjust her fascinator. Out came a blue and gold compact mirror, and she pretended to check her lipstick - in reality, she was making sure none of the nervousness she felt showed on her face. If there was one thing life had taught her, it was that even the slightest sign of vulnerability could be used against her. She took a deep breath and sauntered into the office, her head held high and a stoic expression on her face. "You wished to see me, sir?"
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