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Addison was trying to wrap her head around what he was saying and what it was she needed to actual do. Make up a sentence using the letters well okay. It sounded easy enough. "Sounds simple." She tapped her quill against the table as she thought a moment nibbling at her bottom lip casting him a quick glance. "Be careful." She didn't want to see him fall backwards or anything. If he actually ended up hurting himself she might have to tend to him or something.

After only a few more moments of thought Addi pressed her quill to the sheet of parchment and began to jot down the very first thing that came to mind. "Fancy Unicorns Tumbling Along Rainbow Knitted Jumping Werewolves." It didn't make any sense at all. Not that it needed to.

"How's this?" Addi slid the parchment over so he could read it. Go on and laugh Connor. It was silly and childish but it was something she might remember.

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