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SPOILER!!: replies
Originally Posted by Expecto-Penguin View Post
EEPP! I get the last spot!?

Okie dokie then! I will request .

What would you like? - A set pwease!

What sizes? - SS standard

What images would you like me to use? - Any of these Images are fine! The model is Claire Estabrook. She also has a instagram page idk if you can pull photos from there too!

What text would you like on them?
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Colours? - Surprise Me I trust your judgement

Anything else? - Nope not that I can recall! I am just excited I got a spot and I know you will do amazing!
Thank you for requesting, lovely! You're in the queue.

Originally Posted by Optimist.Prime View Post
*squees* these are so pretty i may have to borrow some! and yeessssss I love her photos - a lot of the ones i grabbed were taken by Brandon Woelfel
Awww, thank you! You're welcome to them.

Ooooh. Well, trust me, it's going to be difficult to pick between them.

SPOILER!!: graphics
In the end, I went with matching siggys, which I hope you like. Also, LOTS OF AVATARS. There are more avatars that I made (like, over 20 with each character) that you can have if you're interested. It'd be like a grab-bag haha. Anyway, let me know if anything needs changing and I really hope you like them!


✔ Please credit me
✔ No hotlinking; upload onto your own image account
✔ Leave a comment when you pick up
✔ Let me know if you need any changes


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