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SPOILER!!: replies
Originally Posted by WitchLight27 View Post
I love youuuuuuuuuuusss!
I love them so much! Thank you for the bonuses.
You're so lovely! I adore you.

Originally Posted by Optimist.Prime View Post
What would you like?
a set!

What sizes?
PP & AV ss standard Sig: 450x150

What images would you like me to use?
here are some images I have collected - Her name as a model is Charlotte McKee

What text would you like on them?
Name options: Anabeth Chase Greyvson | Beth Greyvson
-- i'm good with mentioning slytherin (but not year cause i wanna be able to use it for a while)

If possible could you use teals and her text color i use on site is #2E9981

Anything else?
she's a rather witty little minx so anything can work (in my opinion) just have fun with it! hmm...also, I don't mind if the graphics are ones i'll have to wait on age-wise as I know Charlotte looks more 'mature'

...something else she kind of thinks that Flynn Kowalski is her life-coach so there's yeah, she's mental.
I just had a peek at the pictures and oh my gOSH, there are so many gorgeous ones to choose from! I can't wait!


✔ Please credit me
✔ No hotlinking; upload onto your own image account
✔ Leave a comment if you save any

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