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Hey Guys, thanks for coming back for the new chapter. This chapter is pretty sad as you probably guessed from the title, but I wanted to warn you again. Finding out a truth is sometimes painful and sometimes I think I'd rather have the physical pain as Harry has to endure, rather than the emotional pain. But, life is about learning to accept the bad with the good and develop coping skills to be able to get through and beyond trials and tribulations. I turn to God to help me cope with things; others turn to other things. But I love to write so this is what I feel I can do. Thankfully there seems to be at least a few who enjoy my writing, so I am happy to continue even when I'm not trying to cope with life. On that note I apologize for posting late again. An ongoing issue has been stealing my mind for real things in my life but nothing critical yet. I hope you are satisfied with this chapter. Saying I hope you enjoy it makes me sound disrespectful to Hermione's problem.

Hey Ivana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So good to hear from you. Thank you dear friend for checking in. And thank you for your kind words. They are very much appreciated. I hope you are able to rest and have some time for yourself, whether you read and comment here or not. I can't have you getting sick going without time off to take care of family and issues that might be going on for you. I do hope you have time soon to read but mostly to work on your own ff.

Chapter 3

Hermione Has A Meltdown

Pretty soon Todd came in the office and Harry was just getting up from his desk and putting one of three reports in a file. Harry looked up at him and asked if he had any problems. Todd said there wasn’t any problem and Harry nodded his head toward the bin for personal items of the prisoners and then turned to the filing cabinet. He caught his breath and winced when he tried to raise his arm to open the drawer. He changed hands and opened the cabinet with his right hand and then put the file in the correct spot.

Harry took off his jacket and shirt to work on whatever was bleeding. He raised his arm slightly and saw his rib sticking out of his side. Todd nearly passed out but steadied himself.

“Well, lucky for me it broke this way.”

Todd asked how that was luck.”

“Because,” Harry answered quietly, “if it had broken inward my lung would have been punctured and collapsed. You might not want to see this.” Harry didn’t wait for a response from Todd but closed his eyes and chanting something in an unknown language pushed his hand into his side and moved the broken rib pieces together and then back to where they belonged. When he pulled his hand out he carefully uncorked a tall glass of Skele-Gro and drank it down as quickly as he could. Next he took the lid off of the Dittany that appeared in his hand. He tried to reach his shoulder but nearly passed out from the searing pain. He took some deep breaths and opened his eyes. He saw Todd staring at him and said, “Todd, I’m sorry to have to ask, but could you give me a hand? Todd walked slowly to him and Harry smiled kindly, “I’m not going to bite, I promise.”

Todd took the jar from him and Harry moved so Todd could see the top of his shoulder where the heavy hammer hit him. It was dark black and blue with sickening green and yellow around the edges. Todd touched the medicine to Harry’s shoulder and Harry flinched; his muscles turning rock hard. When he was done Harry asked with a strained voice if he opened up any cuts or anything on his back.

“Yes a few, I’ll clean them and put some of this stuff on it. What is this; it works so fast.”

“Dittany, Harry answered with a groan.” Todd looked at all the scars and recent wounds on Harry and applied medicine where it needed to be. He was beginning to think his family and relatives made up the stories he grew up hearing. None of these scars on Harry were fakes and couldn’t have been self induced. And Harry most assuredly didn’t act cowardly and he handled the situation without panicking. It was at this point that he realized he only took out one of the six men and Harry took out the other five, even after he was hurt.

Todd was ashamed and angry at his feelings and with a rather snappish voice said, “When you said not to use our wands, I didn’t know what I was supposed to do. We’re wizards, we use our wands and if a Muggle sees us we adjust their memory. That’s just the way it is and it’s wrong of you to expect me to be defenseless just to keep Muggles from seeing magic being used.”

Harry decided not to confront Todd about the use of magic and when not to use it and said, “When we walked in we already knew trouble was waiting for us. In situations when you can’t use your wands you have to improvise with what is in your surrounding area. Anything at all can be made to use as self defense or a weapon. It was good for us in a way that we were in a hardware store, right? But you have to be ready right away because the bad guys also have the same options. So just be quicker than your opponent. To answer your question as to why we didn’t use our wands other than the obvious reason of Muggles; being at a hardware store you need to consider right off that you are surrounded by volatile merchandise. If wand play went astray and hit any of those containers we would have a bigger mess than a few minds to adjust. We are wizards, yes of course, but we aren’t wizards so we can use magic for everything; we can use magic only if we have to because we are wizards. Use your brain instead of magic whenever you can and you’ll be a better wizard.”

Todd was about to ask about the scars on him when Harry turned to face him. He reached for his shirt and looked at it. “Well this won’t do.” He dropped it in the trash can and pulled a shirt from a closet. He turned back to Todd and saw him looking at him. He looked to see if maybe his bandage was coming off or something. Not seeing anything he looked back up at Todd. “I need to tell you that when you are working together it has to be that, working with each other. I understand that you don’t think I’m up for the job of Head Auror, but hopefully you know I have your back. I want to know why you didn’t have mine. I have a broken rib and collarbone because I assumed you did have my back.” Just then Hermione walked in and gasped at the site of him. “Harry, what happened?”

Harry grinned wickedly and said, “I was freezing last night and Ginny got angry at me for taking all the blankets.”

Hermione clucked her tongue and laughed happily. At least she sounded happy, but Harry could detect something was not right. “I guess you learned your lesson then.”

Harry laughed and winced badly. He picked up a couple sheets of paper and put them in a folder and handed it to her. “Here’s your copy, I was going to drop it off after I changed my shirt.

Hermione looked at him and said, “Harry you look really bad off, you better go home and rest-”

Harry looked tiresome at her and said, “We’ve been over that and I’m not going to discuss it again.” Harry put one arm through a sleeve and Ron walked in. He looked at Harry and said, “Looks like you found some trouble to get into. You need to go home so you don’t endanger anyone. You can’t look after yourself yet alone a teammate. Just go home, Harry; nobody will think badly of you. We all know you need to recover; don’t be such a hero.”

“It appears people will think what they want whether I’m here or at home. Did you need something?”

Ron answered he came in to have a quick lunch with Hermione. “Alright I’ll see you at debriefing then. Hermione, what did you come in for? I need to get back to my job.”

Hermione looked offended and Harry sighed and shook his head, “Please, Hermione, what do you need from me. You came in here; I didn’t go looking for you.”

“I called your office and Wes said you were out babysitting the new Auror. Todd is perfectly able to handle himself; his credentials are very impressive and his knowledge and use of magic is admirable to say the least. And I’ll thank you not to undermine people I hire by telling people you have to babysit them. Honestly, Harry, I think you maybe should think seriously about retiring. It’s obvious you can’t cut it anymore. And I won’t have you dying on my conscience.”

Harry lost any color he had in his face and he sat on the corner of his desk. Then noticing he didn’t have his shirt on, he magiced on his shirt, vest, tie, and suit jacket. Then he respectfully said, “I’ll not be retiring anytime soon; and don’t concern yourself about me dying I don’t plan on doing that either. And as the matter of you hiring anyone to my office, in the future I’ll reject them. That is my responsibility and mine alone. I’m sorry to break this news to you Hermione, although you are very good with a lot of things, you don’t have a good eye for hiring law enforcement officers. And one more thing before Todd and I get back to work, “I did not undermine Todd by saying I had to babysit him. I told Wes I would be working in the field with Todd so he can be properly trained to be an Auror.”

Hermione impatiently yelled at Harry, “He has already been trained, he is an excellent Auror. And even if he wasn’t it is very arrogant of you to think you are qualified to train anyone to be an Auror.”

Ron took the report from Hermione and started reading it so he wouldn’t be tempted to say anything against his wife. She must have forgotten that Harry was the one who hired and trained him. Hermione kept yelling at Harry for one thing after another. Finally she said, “Todd, I want you to tell me exactly what you did so far today. Don’t worry about saying anything against Potter, just tell the truth and I’ll protect your job, he can’t fire you.”

Harry shook his head and quietly said, “Todd, you’re not on trial here, and there isn’t any reason for you to give Acting Minister Weasley a report because she doesn’t hold any authority over you. If you’re ready we’ll get back to work.”

Hermione cracked up in mock laughter reminding Harry of Minister Fudge at the end of his fourth year and all of his fifth year at Hogwarts. “He certainly does have to do as I say; I’m the-”

“Power bug still ailing you, Hermione? It’s like a bad cough after you finally get rid of the cold or flu; it just keeps hanging on causing problems. You and the Captain need to go have your lunch; my Aurors don’t normally get over half an hour for lunch. If you’ll pardon me for speaking the truth, you’ve taken up forty five minutes of our time and we’ve got work to do. And I need to go talk to the Chief of Police about-”

“You gonna try to get on as a policeman, Harry? That’s rich you thinking you can; they’ll laugh at you for even putting in an application. Why don’t you want Todd to give me a report? Feel like you need to hide something? You can’t hide all those cuts on your face, and your blue lips from being out in the weather trying to be effective at being Head Auror. You’re so frail that the first time you confront an obstacle you get beat up horribly bad. And you won’t even consider Ginny and your kids. You get wounded trying to be a hero and they suffer-”

Ron looked up and said, “Mione, you need to stop-” Hermione yelled at Ron for telling her she needed to stop. She turned back to Harry looking so mad her face was red and ugly. Harry was getting concerned for her; this just wasn’t like her.

“Hermione, are you okay? What’s the matter? Can we help you with whatever is wrong?” Harry stood up slowly and approached her with compassion and concern. He looked at Ron and he was as confused as Harry and Todd. His eyebrows arched and he shrugged his shoulders not knowing what to do or say.

Harry reached out and gently put his hands on Hermione’s arms to calm her anger causing her to shake. She threw his arms down roughly and yelled within inches of his face, “I don’t need your help; I need you to tell me what you are trying to hide from me. Why won’t you let Todd give me a report?”

Harry said, “I’m trying my best to protect-”

“You don’t need to protect yourself! You’re not worth the effort I use to stay friends with you. You’re pathetic and I can’t stand the sight of you; now tell me why you think Todd needs training!” Harry stared at her and shook his head no.

“It isn’t fair for Todd to be here seeing you like this and having to be evaluated by me after only seeing him half an hour for the first time yesterday and just this morning being teamed with him. It isn’t fair to him.”

Hermione slapped him hard across the face and yelled she hated him. She slapped him again and one more time. Ron pulled her hands away from Harry and turned her to look at him. “Mione, what the blue blazes is the matter with you?!”

She pushed him away and told him to leave her be. She suddenly rounded on Harry and hit him in the face with her fist doubled. It wasn’t that he didn’t have time to react quick enough to stop her from hitting him. It was because she was so close to him that if he raised his hands to stop her he was afraid he would accidentally hit her. Now she was pounding down on both his shoulders with her fists screaming for him to tell her.

Ron stepped in between her and Harry nearly knocking him down for lack of room for him to come between them. Harry could barely contain his pain from making him cry out. Todd was completely unnerved and said, “I’ll tell you, I mean I’ll give you my report!”

Hermione stopped screaming and looked at Ron in complete surprise he was holding her arms to her sides and telling her to stop. She looked at Harry; his head hanging and blood dripping from his face.

Todd spoke up and told about how he and Harry were walking along and Harry saving him from falling on the ice he didn’t see. He told her how he expected Harry to walk slower because of his bad limp, but it was he who could hardly keep up with Harry. Then he told her that Harry had gotten a call from the manager of a hardware store and how Harry explained everything about not using magic because it was owned by a Muggle. Todd went on to explain about not knowing what to do since they couldn’t use magic. He told them all about him only taking out one guy and Harry taking out the other five without using magic. “And all I did was to stand there watching. I’m ashamed to say I was a complete and useless idiot.” He finished up saying that after Harry had them all tied up he talked to the manager, a witch, about the security camera and anyone being in the store. “He cleaned it all up and said he’d talk to the Chief of Police after we took the prisoners to the Ministry of Magic.”

Hermione listened and when Todd was done she looked at Harry and said, “Well, Potter, I see you’ve gotten to him to cover for you. Why wouldn’t you tell me what I wanted to know if you already had your cowardly backside covered? I’ll bet when I read your report it’ll be word for word of what Todd just got done telling me. You might as well pack up your desk, Potter, you’re through.”

Ron said, “No, Mione, you have it wrong. The report just says what happened in the hardware store, that six young wizards in their early twenties tried to wreck the store with fire and that he and Todd prevented it from happening and all six of them are in custody. Harry didn’t say anything about Todd except he needs to have more field training.”

“Why do you still defend him?!” she yelled.

She looked at Harry and said, “Potter tell me right now why you wouldn’t say anything about Todd’s being the excellent Auror he really is. And then tell me how you feel about hurting him making him look like a useless fool.”

Harry spoke quietly and with a shaky voice from the pain he was in said, “I didn’t want to say that Todd is an arrogant, selfish, obtuse, and obnoxious jerk who thinks he’s better than all the other Aurors, but mostly me. It doesn’t bother me that for whatever reason, he hates me. I don’t need for my Aurors to like me, I just need to know that they are all dependable and will have my back if they’re working with me, just as I would for anyone I’m working with. Todd needs time to learn how to work in the field safely and to do that he needs to knock himself down a few rungs on the ladder he’s climbed too high on. He isn’t gelling with the other Aurors and he won’t if he doesn’t learn how to be humble. He acts like he is God’s gift to us and he isn’t. He has a lot to learn and I wanted to be the one to teach him because he does have great potential. And I thought I was qualified to do this because I trained the Captain and he turned out to be a fine Auror. And about my report, it isn’t anything like Todd’s report. I didn’t coerce him to say anything and I didn’t want him to because I didn’t want him hurt and damage his confidence because he froze today. He wasn’t prepared and he froze. But I would have dealt with him in a much better way that would have encouraged him to do better the next time. We’re going back to work now, and I’m not quitting and you’re not going to fire me. Even though you hate me, as you say, you can’t fire me after making me come back to work only three and a half days ago. People will lose all confidence in you and your position will be taken from you before you’re sworn in for office. I know something is terribly wrong with you. I recognize mental fatigue from pain; welcome to my world.”

He looked at Ron and said, “Take the rest of the day off and get her to a doctor. I think I know what it is, but I don’t want to say.” He wrote his friend Ivana from Brazil a note and added her phone number to it and handed it to Ron. “Nobody around here will know anything about her discussing anything with a doctor of the mind. Todd won’t say anything, I’m sure he won’t.” Todd shook his head emphatically showing he definitely wouldn’t say a word.

“What is it, tell me mate. I gotta have something to tell the doctor for her to have an idea where to start on her.”

Harry sighed and softly said, “When I got back from being away you told me she had a miscarriage. Remember when Lissy had one? Sirius said she was depressed and stayed in bed all the time for ages. I think she has been depressed and hasn’t had any time to grieve properly. She’s been under tremendous strain working to get elected and now that she won the election the hype has died down and there isn’t a lot to keep her from dwelling on it. By now she probably has feelings of inadequacies and I know she wanted to hire someone to help me, but she can’t do that. So now she feels more inadequate. All kinds of things are just piling up on her and she doesn’t know how to deal with it.”

Hermione began to sob and tears flooded her face. Harry felt awful that she heard him and he reached for her to try to comfort her. She was crying hard now and Harry was now right in front of her. She looked up at him and he read hate in her eyes. He backed away but she suddenly lunged at him and began pounding on his face, chest, and shoulders anywhere her fists could come in contact with him she kept hitting him. Ron and Todd ran at her and Harry froze them to the spot they were in. He let her beat on him until she was too tired to strike him anymore and then she looked in his eyes and saw his pain and the suffering. She knew that he now understood she blamed him for the miscarriage.

When he spoke he was barely able to talk. “I’m sorry, Hermione; it seems I am the blame for so many deaths. All of them were a waste of precious life and the only good that came from them is that I lived. Not a good exchange is it? It is a terrible reality that I suffer the memory of everyday and every night in my nightmares. And of course it is especially hard for me to deal with the loss of a child. I still grieve the loss of the clone of me. Do you remember him? Do you remember he died in my arms? And now I learn I am the fault of another child, unborn though he was, he was still loved and adored by you and Ron before he could even be born. Please I bag of you to tell me what I did that caused… the death… of your… unborn baby boy.”

Harry broke down and cried; heartbroken that he was responsible for another death. He looked up at Hermione and then stood up facing her. He could hardly stand and the pain he was in was excruciating, but he wanted to be standing when she told him so it would give her comfort if she needed to hit on him again.

Hermione became angry because she felt compassion for Harry. She doubled her fists and glared at him. Finally she regained her calm and said, “You are always off saving the world. When Ginny was going to deliver Albus, you saved his life because the cord was wrapped around his neck. He went too long without oxygen and should have died, but you breathed life into him and held him all night giving him special potions and he is alive and well today because of it. When Ginny was ready to have Lily, both her and Lily should have died because the birthing was too much for Ginny. You gave her as much of your energy she needed to deliver Lily and they are both alive and well today because of it. You saved Draco’s wife’s and Millicent Bulstrode’s life and made a potion so they could get pregnant if they want.”

Harry looked at her trying to make sense of what she was blaming him for. Then she yelled at him, “Why couldn’t you be home when I needed you? Why couldn’t you have saved Ron and my baby when he needed you?”
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