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Addison gave him a curious look but in the end simply shrugged her shoulders letting it go to focus more on the larger topic at hand. Runes. Was it her or did the true Connor just come back into play? He sure did sound sure of himself right then. Which was actually a good thing if he wanted her to trust him with helping her, though she already did. "We'll let my helpfully soon to be better grades be the judge of that," she joked lightly. With a small nod of her head, Addi followed him towards the small table that was out of the way of everything else in the Kitchen.

Just as she slipped down onto one of the chairs she started to laugh. "Is that so? You can deny it all you want, Connor. We're friends. You know it. I know it. The elves know it." Cue the sweet cheeky grin of a young girl that knew her facts. "I won't say a word though." The two of them both knew they were friends and that was more than enough for her. "Mhmm... or so you say. I'll find out the true reason, someday." Addison sat back in her chair while he went to get their snacks. While she waited she pulled out her notebook and some of her own notes to compare to his.

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