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"Nothing,'' Con said, totally refusing to let Addison know what he thought she would look like in glasses. And with that, he let the topic drop. "It'll work for you.'' That was said in great confidence. "Besides, as long as I'm helping you, it's bound to.'' His eyes scanned the Kitchen which he had torn away with great difficulty from the elves. "Let's go over there. It seems to have less traffic.'' Meaning, there were less humans around. Elves he wouldn't mind. Con lead the way to a small table in the corner.

Addison did manage to catch his eyes. The smile on her lips were not missed. Connor's eyes found themselves lingering there and he hastily tried to hide the fact by looking away, pretending to be interested in getting his book from his bag. "You had better not tell anyone about this, Addison. Or I'll deny that we're friends.'' Was he serious about that though? The Snake wasn't sure. "I give you a hard time because it's who I am. Plus it's fun.'' Then he disappeared to get their food.
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