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Hiya *steals the last spot for the first graphics for Stas's new model* *flails*

What would you like? mm, set please?
Sizes? SS-appropriate is fine for the PP/avvie, preferably 450x150 for the siggie
Images: here are some that I’ve found but in general the model is Tessa Greiner (but preferably keep with the innocent pics because Stas is still only a fourth year/fifteen years old lol)
Text? I’m okay with anything. Preferably her name (Stasya, Stasya Dalgaard-Volkova, etc.) and Gryffindor, but if you feel like including her year or anything else I’m open. <3
Colours? Also open for interpretation, although her favorite color is pink/her font color is #ee6aa7
Anything else? have fun and ily <333
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