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"What?" She tilted her head curiously at his head shaking. Did he disagree with her and think she would look good with glasses? Addison gave him a small smile. "Well if it works for you than maybe I'll get lucky and it will work for me too." It couldn't hurt to at least give it a try. "Okay, that sounds like a good idea."

The blonde tried to hide the small smirk that was tugging at her lips. He had said it again. They were friends. "You're not bound to anything but it would be nice of you to help me... since we're friends and all." The last part was said as she looked over at him trying to catch his eye even for the smallest of seconds. "Why do you always give me such a hard time about everything?" Since they had met that first day on the train he had been this way but she had never actually asked him why. "I'm sure. Just a brownie and a glass of milk." A little snack to get her ready for some more studying.

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