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Lucas nodded. "Actually, I'm already braced for that. Like every adjustment we make, it's going to take a while for it all to settle in. Then again, it will not even settle down one hundred percent because there will always be some sort of protest by players, teams, managers, recruiters and fans being unhappy.'' The Department could not please anyone and any decision they made was only to protect the integrity of the Sport.

He smiled. "That's something I understand. I certainly feel a lot more confident too. Thanks... for giving me the opportunity.'' Lucas was going to do his best to never let her down and lend all the support that he possibly could. Because... why not? He was very fond of this Department and the people that worked there. "Please tell her 'hello' for me. And let her know we miss her. I'll write to her as soon as there's time.

I'll let you finish up your work now. I know you've got lots to do. See you around.''
He couldn't be occupying all her time today, you know. Besides, he had his own work to complete.
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