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The sound of his laughter made her smile, there was just something about him laughing that always struck something inside her. It was like his smile. Rare. Which was probably why she liked it so much more. "No, thanks. I can do without glasses," she laughed shaking her head. Nothing against those that wore them or anything, she just didn't want them. "I'll think about it. Is that how you remember them all? Can you help me come up with something?"

Addison smiled. "You'd really help me with Runes until we graduate?" They still had a few years to go until then. If he was willing though she might just very well consider it. "I'm not rubbing it in and I didn't mean anything by it." All she had meant was she had never done anything mean or harmful to the elves for them to dislike her. "I bet there's people that don't like me." Not everyone liked girls like her. As they reached the kitchen Addi held back letting Connor handle letting them inside. Without a care she followed him inside greeting the elves that may have been there cleaning or cooking.

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