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Hey Guys, back again with a new chapter. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy reading it. It isn't a long chapter, but it was fun to write.

Chapter 10

A Good Visit And A Bad Nightmare

Harry turned to Rodney and said, “Have you had your dinner?”

Rodney said he ate before they left, but he wouldn’t say no to a piece of the chocolate cake that he noticed sitting on the table. Harry grinned and said they would join him.

Harry looked at Lily and Ginny. They hadn’t been able to talk about Lily’s attitude towards him yet. He didn’t want to put it off, but he didn’t want to subject Lily to any embarrassment from talking about it in front of Rodney. He decided it would be best if they talked tomorrow evening. He smiled at his young daughter and said, “We’ll continue our conversation tomorrow evening.”

Lily thought for a minute and sighed. “We better talk now while things are still fresh in our minds. I just hope Rodney doesn’t think too badly of my thoughtless and disrespectful attitude I was having.”

Rodney shoved a bite of cake in his mouth and his eyes rolled with the rich flavor and its moist texture. “I can’t believe how good this is! Oh, listen Lily; don’t mind me. If you need to talk to your parents, or they need to talk to you, then go right ahead. I think it’s commendable of you to consider the timeliness of a matter over your own self esteem. And I doubt I could ever think badly about anything you could have said or done. You’re a kid and from what I know about kids, being one myself once, they grow up making mistakes and learning from them. And parents have to expect some rebellion from the status quo now and then, because kids sometimes have troubles discerning right from wrong and change doesn’t always bode well with them until they understand it. Go ahead and talk, pretend I’m not even here.”

Harry watched Lily while Rodney talked and was pleased at her acceptance of what he was saying. She looked at her dad when Rodney was done talking and waited for him to speak. Ginny spoke up first and so she looked at her.

“I wanted to talk to you about what you took to be the truth instead of relying on what you know to be true of your daddy. The Daily Prophet ran the story about him to make him look bad. They were hoping to make Daddy out to be insignificant now. Everything they printed was a lie or misinformation. And as it turned out, Daddy found out they weren’t even from the Daily Prophet, but villains out to cause trouble so they could run a scam. I have the article from the Rising Phoenix showing everything the way it really happened. Daddy single handedly caught the villains and saved the Orphanage from losing everything and having to shut down. Also; your Daddy bought all the decorations and tree and gifts for all the boys and girls and staff at the Orphanage. Then he hired some people from a job agency looking for work to decorate the Orphanage and tree. He was all alone when he captured the villains, but he had called for help. He knew his Aurors would be there to help but he had to start without them because they were starting to leave. He was hurt pretty badly but he was able to capture them. This all happened before his day was supposed to begin but he had gone in early to keep from being stared at on his way to his office. That’s why he looked so badly in the pictures from the Daily Prophet. It had just happened and Daddy hadn’t even had time to catch his breath. But look at the pictures Mr. Malfoy took this morning of him. He also wrote the real story and included quotes from yesterday when Daddy explained about a few things. I want you to look at these pictures and read his words and tell me if you still think he looks and sounds like a bum.”

Ginny handed Lily the paper but kept talking. She told her about what happened and finished by saying, “He got home and called me to say he was home and going to shower but then he would be ready for movie night with you and me. I was mad at him because I was afraid he was dying somewhere and couldn’t help him. I was wrong to talk to him the way I did. I accused him of lying, but he wasn’t. And the reason he wasn’t here when I came home is because he woke up at three and we weren’t home so he went in the woods and found a tree for our Christmas. Now the last thing I want to say applies to what you were angry about you getting in trouble for trying to heal John. Daddy told you that using your power before you know how to handle it is dangerous for you. He explained why and how it is dangerous for you and made sure you knew it was too much for you until you know more. You said you were mad at him because it isn’t fair that you got in trouble but he goes off and does more than he is able and ends up nearly dying from it. The difference is he does know how to handle his power. And he was the only person able to do anything. Would you expect him to leave Atlantis and come home when he knew they would all die if he did?”

Lily shook her head and said, “Daddy could never do that, he wouldn’t ever do it. He would do his best to save them, no matter the cost to him because that’s what good people do and he’s the best.” Lily looked over at her dad who was staring into the fire. She knew he didn’t like being the topic of this conversation but he never keeps her mum from saying what she wants to say.

Ginny continued on with things she thought Lily needed to know. “I also want to tell you that Hermione told me about her telling you your daddy was guilty of putting things off and used the Tri Wizard Tournament as an example. This was way out of line for her to tell you. I wish I would have been in here when she said that because I would have told you to not believe what she told you. The Tournament was something your daddy wasn’t supposed to be in. You know the story of how he happened to be in it. It wasn’t fair and it wasn’t right. He was too young and he shouldn’t be held to the same scrutiny as everyone else. And your daddy has never been guilty of putting things off until later just because he was rebelling against the assignments. He had to deal with constant headaches from Lord Voldemort messing up his head. And he was occupied with knowing things weren’t right and solving problems and trying to stay alive. He found out things before the adults and always ended up risking his life to save us from Lord Voldemort coming back. But still he had to try to keep up with his schoolwork. I think he did exceptionally well all things considering. And if he had ignored everything and just concentrated on school then he would have easily been able to keep up without Hermione’s help.”

Lily stood up and went over to Harry and rubbed his shoulder to get his attention. “Daddy?” He looked at her and ever so softly said, “Yes, Angel?”

“Daddy, I’m so sorry. I don’t know how you love me, but I’m so glad you do. Please forgive me for being such an abject wretched child.”

Harry took her hand and gently pulled her to him in case she didn’t want him to touch her he could drop her hand without causing a disturbance. She lunged at him and threw both her arms around his neck and cried on his shoulder. He put his arms around her and cuddled her to him. They remained that way until she stopped crying. When she pulled away from him she saw he had been crying too.

Harry smiled and said, “My Darling Angel, life can be pretty bumpy sometimes, but the journey through the bumpy times is a lot more bearable when you have people you love help you through it. You do yourself a great injustice by not talking to someone who is understanding and loves you to help you over the rough stretch in your journey. You kids and your mum mean more than everything to me. I love you Angel and since you asked for it then I forgive you for being disrespectful. But I want you to know that you are not an abject wretched child. It’s like Rodney said, sometimes kids don’t understand things and don’t know the right or wrong of it. I can see how you could misunderstand what’s been going on what with only getting bits and pieces and all of it being untruths and misdirected truths. But you should never be willful or disrespectful no matter what. I believe you got that out of your system now and there won’t be any more problems. One more thing I want you to know is that I have never lied to you and I never will and that is something you can count on.”

Lily nodded her head and hiccoughed little sobs that escaped her control. “Daddy, I still loved you and I was heart broken that you treated Mum that way. I only acted that way so I wouldn’t be devastated when Mum made you leave. Uncle Percy said you left because Mum kicked you out on your ears. But then you came home finally and I was so happy I forgot and everyone was saying it had all been a lie. And then all this happened again with the paper and you are always being nearly dead from doing more than what you can handle and Mum gets angry and Aunt Hermione and Uncle Ron says things that makes me mad at you. I just didn’t understand so I acted the way they did. And it’s my entire fault because I shouldn’t have listened even though it was hard not to hear most of the time. I’m sorry and I’m so happy you are back home. And I know that you and Mum love each other and I know that when I get married my husband and I will love each other the same way. It’s so sad that it can’t be my Johnny that I marry.” She sighed sadly and shook her head with dismay.

Rodney shoveled his last bite in his mouth and said, “You certainly can do better than John, and you won’t have any problem catching a boy if you can cook as good as your mum.”

Lily looked horrified and then tried to smile. “Johnny is the man I will always love. He is a great man who is worthy of my love. The man I marry will just have to know I love him and will be true to him even though he was not my first love. And Rodney, saying I will catch a man if I can cook as well as Mum is very sexist. I will be a great cook and I will make him wonderful cake, but only because I want to, and never because he expects it of me. My husband will love me for who I am, not for what I can do for him.”

Rodney choked on his last bite as he tried to swallow. “I’m sorry, Lily; I didn’t mean that literally. I was making a compliment to your Mum’s cooking. But you’re right, it shouldn’t have been said. I do believe you will find a great man and he will be very lucky to have you- umm no I mean; rather what I mean is that… that you and your husband will be… well, very happy with each other.”

He looked at Harry desperately hoping for some intercession. Harry smiled and said, “You’re fine, Rodney. She understands what you mean.” He stood up slowly and winced but moved away from his chair and leaned down to kiss Lily. “Good-night Darling Angel. You can stay up as long as Mum says, but I need to get some sleep. Love you Angel.” He stroked her head fondly and looked at Rodney.

“Rodney, you can have the guest bedroom, make yourself at home. I’ll see you tomorrow. I’ll be here at eight o’clock to take you to Jeannie’s. Hang on, we forgot about the time difference. We need to leave at three in the morning to get you to Jeannie’s at eight.”

He kissed Ginny and told her he loved her. He hugged her tight and kissed her again. As he walked towards the stairway he turned and said, “Oh, Honey could you call Dave for me? Tell him I’ll be there around nine in the morning to pick up a puppy.”

Ginny said she’d call him right then. Rodney got up and said he needed to go to bed too since he had to leave early. He thanked them for their hospitality and followed Harry up the steps. As Harry went passed the guest bedroom he pointed his wand into the room and the mattress jumped as if alive. Rodney swallowed and went to the bed cautiously wondering what Harry did to make it jump.

Harry wearily rolled over on his side to look at Ginny before he got up to take Rodney to his sister’s house in Canada. Her face was bathed perfectly in the moonlight and he marveled at her beauty. He couldn’t believe she was just as beautiful as when they got married. Harry was about to lean over and kiss her softly when a black shadow appeared and stabbed her with a long sword. The blade was coming down again this time to cut off her head. Harry’s magic failed him so he cried out and laid over her to shield her and the sword went through him and her head rolled away from him. He yelled louder than he had ever in his life; his anguish forbidding logical thoughts to come into his mind. All he knew was his life just ended because his Ginny was dead. Yet how was he still on his knees holding his wife he loved more than anything? The sword went through him before it cut through Ginny. He tried to get her head but every time it came within reach, the shadow kicked it away. Then the shadow laughed and spoke. He knew this voice. But how could it be?! This man was clinically insane and in a Federal prison in America. “How did you escape, Farley?” Harry tried to summon Ginny’s head and it flew to him with Ginny’s blood flying everywhere. He caught it and put it back on her shoulders.

“Thank you, Love; that’s much better. What a mess!” She began siphoning the blood off of her and everything else. Harry was beyond confused and at first whispered, “You’re alive!?” and then he asked how she was alive. Farley laughed with such an evil sounding laugh Harry looked around to see if they had been transported to Hades. They were still in the bedroom for which Harry was thankful. Farley moved to him and Harry felt his skin begin to slowly tear from his body. He yelled with the horrible pain and then Farley put the tip of the sword on Harry’s chest and said, “I’m done playing; I’m going to kill you now.” He felt the sword go slowly into his heart and he couldn’t breathe. Blood gushed out of his mouth and his body went limp with his death.

Harry’s eyes flew open and he put his hand to his chest. He felt his heart pounding wildly and then he realized he had a nightmare. He got up and paced the floor trying to calm his heart and breathing down to normal. It was only ten o’clock; an hour after he had gone to bed. He glanced at the bed and saw the moon shining softly on Ginny’s face. Just like his nightmare he saw her beauty and was thankful she was alive. He jumped when she spoke to him.

“It was another nightmare; wasn’t it? They seem to be worse each night. What do you dream about that causes you so much trauma?”

Harry shook his head not wanting to talk about it, especially to her. He swallowed and returned to bed. He rolled over to her so he could hold her in his arms but she ran her arm under his neck with one arm and drew him close to her; putting her other arm around his shoulder. She felt his trembling stop and his breathing return to normal and a few seconds later he was sleeping. She studied him in the soft light of the moon. She hadn’t noticed how wavy his hair was this time when she cut it. The waves were deep and the ends of the hair curled giving his manly features a boyish charm about him. His face was very handsome and although she knew he carried scars they were mostly under his facial hair. She looked at the ones that weren’t hidden. One forced a groove through his eyebrow and over the lid of his eye to the bridge of his nose. It was barely noticeable except for the part through his eyebrow. It didn’t take away from his good looks at all. She smiled thinking the scar showed proof of his strength. She ran her fingers through his hair on the side of his face and she saw another scar. This one ran from his cheek, over his jaw and over the top of his ear. This was the one Ron gave him when he thought Harry hurt Hermione. How could Ron think that Harry would ever hurt her, or any of them? Harry had never raised his hands against family even though he never deserved any of the abuse against him. Her hand ran through his hair and tried to tame the rebellious hair that stuck up in shocks here and there on top of his head when his hair was short. She smiled at his inability to control his hair. He was so disciplined in everything about him, except he had no control over his unruly hair. She wondered if this was why he liked his hair long; because he could keep at least some semblance of authority over it. She giggled softly; her husband whom was thought to be the world’s most powerful wizard couldn’t control his hair even with magic. Harry stirred when she giggled and she chastised herself for nearly waking him. He desperately needed to sleep and get as much rest as he could. She ran her fingers under the hair hanging down over his scar. Odd that his hair grew in a way it would hang down over his forehead covering his lightning bolt scar. But then again, John’s hair was exactly the same way. She looked at Harry's face wondering what he would look like if he hadn’t gone away for four years after he killed Voldemort. Those four years had made a big difference in his appearance. What if he had been able to live a normal life without all the fighting he was always doing? What would he look like if he didn’t have all the years of hate built up in him?

“Honey, are you okay?” he asked softly, mostly still asleep. She gently touched her finger to his lips and hushed him softly. His lips turned up slightly and she kissed his forehead lovingly. “Thank you for saving me,” he said in a whisper. She smiled sweetly and whispered, “Who saved who, Mr. Potter? Sleep, Love.” She pulled his head against her breast and sighed with content; closing her eyes she too fell asleep with the feel of his breath on her breast.

At two thirty Harry walked into the kitchen and took his plate of supper he didn’t eat the night before and heated it up. Sitting with a cup of coffee he ate slowly and thought of the nightmare he’d had last night. He shivered with the thought of how real it seemed. He wondered if he would ever have a night to just sleep without the nightmares. He’d had them ever since he was captured and tortured for the first time under Cheyenne Mountain. He got stuck thinking and remembering the ways he was tortured. His hands began to shake and he dropped his fork, but the memories weren’t phased with the noise it made when it hit the plate. He put his elbows on the table and clenched his fists. He leaned his head into his fists and stayed that way while images of being tortured resonated in his head.

Then he felt a hand on his shoulder and looked up startled. He didn’t realize he was breathing hard until he tried to speak but choked on the air he swallowed. “Rodney, I didn’t hear you come down. Did you sleep well?” He attempted a smile and did poorly at it, but Rodney returned the smile and answered him.

“I slept like a baby, thank you. Can I ask what you did to my bed last night? Did you put a magic spell on it to make me sleep, because I fell right to sleep and I don’t normally? Normally I lie in bed for hours working out things on my mind.”

Harry chuckled and said, “No, I accommodated your back with the type of mattress you need. I’m glad you slept soundly.”

Rodney sat down at the table and Harry asked what he wanted to eat with which Rodney answered some fruit and cold cereal. “And is there coffee? I’ll need a large cup if there is.”

Harry nodded his head and all the cereal boxes, a large bowl and spoon and an apple, banana, some grapes, cubed pineapple, orange slices, raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries appeared in front of him. Then a jug of milk zoomed out of the refrigerator and settled in front of him. Rodney was delighted and poured his cereal choice and studied the fruit. “I think I’ll slice the peach into my, oh there isn’t a peach. That’s fine I have plenty with this other fruit.”

Harry chuckled and a sliced peach was suddenly in his bowl. Rodney was thrilled and pointed to the other fruit and slices and diced bits of each fruit went into the bowl. He poured in some milk and picked up his spoon. But then when a large mug of coffee appeared next to his hand he grinned happily and picked it up and swallowed a gulp. “Wow, that’s great coffee, thanks.”
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