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Originally Posted by Krel Ansell View Post
To say Adam was used to Cypress exclaiming about things would be odd, but Cypress (and well, Adam himself) did tend to get excited about things at times. And so, when Cypress exclaimed about and then stopped mid-sentence, Adam didn’t even notice.

The follow up exclamation wasn’t that odd either. ”Mmm? Youshouldbemorecareful,” Adam said rather quickly. Perhaps Cypress had knocked his knee on the desk. He himself did that all the time, even more so now that his eyesight wasn’t the greatest. Stupid exploding star….

Adam swiveled on his chair, completely oblivious to what was around him. His oversized purple glasses glittered a bit in the light of the Amortentia fountain. Perhaps his eyes were getting better; which meant the potion he was taking every day was working. He squinted a bit behind his glasses. The faint outline of fountain seemed to come into shape- and then he realized he was looking at Cypress. ”You really nnneeeedddd to geeeettttt a haaaaaiiiiircut.” Adam told his coworker/friend/potions buddy.
As much as Adam was used to Cypress, Cypress was used to ADAM being odd. Hmph. Cypress didn't find himself odd at all, thank you very much. And he'd even found himself a sugaaaaar girlfriend, meaning...Elise was very wealthy. Like...extremely wealthy. He never had to work again. However...that'd be boring. He enjoyed being an unspeakable, and he found himself remarkably clever in having snagged a smart, beautiful, AND RICH woman. They'd been together forever now, too. So the chances of them breaking up were slim. Well, hopefully.


He followed everything Adam said just fine. Nothing out of the ordinary here! "I don't need a haircut...My hair is pretty short, mate." He squinted at Adam. "Tucriah a sdeen ohw eno eht er'uoy ebyam!" He said loudly. NOTHING OUT OF THE ORDINARY. "Enac taht evah llits uoy od yhw?" Did he NEED a cane, then? Cypress was unsure. It had nearly de-kneed him!
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