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Originally Posted by emjay View Post
Milo felt like he was fitting in around here just fine. Sure, it wasn't anything like actually playing Gobstones which he sorely missed, but at least he was working in a related field and could possibly make a difference here for the game in general.

He was also glad to be able to use his experience in a managerial position, though he wasn't sure how impressed with his team he was just yet. Perhaps it would take something of an adjustment period, but it seemed that the Gobstones division hadn't been as organized as he had hoped when he obtained the position. It seemed like he really had some work to do and he was here for it.

After a brief meeting with his former team's owner, Milo grabbed a cup of coffee as he strolled into the department and headed for his office. "Morning, Jake," he nodded a greeting as he passed the man at his seat on his way to his own desk.
Mascot auditions? How was that supposed to work? Jake didn't even know to be honest that the 6 professional gobstones teams had mascots. He thought that was more a quidditch thing. But he had been a newbie gobstoner until he started working in this department and under Milo a few months ago. Looking up just in time as his boss walked in, carrying a cup of coffee Jake wished he had thought of getting one too before beginning the day's work. "Good morning Milo,". He greeted with a smile.

Taking up memo from Victoria about team mascots he asked as he gestured with the parchment. "Milo, how are mascot auditions run? Are there any mascot qualifications and rules?" Jake felt clueless and was not afraid to admit it if asked. The game of Gobstones was still very much a new game to him. He was still learning the inns and outs with it and had bought his own gobstones ball set to practice and learn just this past weekend.

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