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Originally Posted by Nordic Witch View Post
Jake had now been working a few months in the Games & Sports department but finding his cubicle among the others still wasn't easy. It didn't help matters either that all the cubicles basically had the same coloured furniture and outlook. Jake had though learned on what side of the work area he was supposed to sit. A good first step.

He know worked with Gobstones, a game he in his younger years hadn't paid any interest whatsoever because he had been pretty much absorbed by Quidditch. He was quickly learning how the game worked though and what he as a regulation officer was supposed to do. After much looking Jake found his cubicle, and sat down in his red chair casting an eye on the day's agenda. He needed to talk with Milo about how they were going to do the auditions for the new mascots.
Milo felt like he was fitting in around here just fine. Sure, it wasn't anything like actually playing Gobstones which he sorely missed, but at least he was working in a related field and could possibly make a difference here for the game in general.

He was also glad to be able to use his experience in a managerial position, though he wasn't sure how impressed with his team he was just yet. Perhaps it would take something of an adjustment period, but it seemed that the Gobstones division hadn't been as organized as he had hoped when he obtained the position. It seemed like he really had some work to do and he was here for it.

After a brief meeting with his former team's owner, Milo grabbed a cup of coffee as he strolled into the department and headed for his office. "Morning, Jake," he nodded a greeting as he passed the man at his seat on his way to his own desk.
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