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Hey Guys, thanks for coming back foe the new chapter and I'm sorry for not posting yesterday or today. Actually, I guess I should say sorry for not posting Sunday or Monday. I was caught up up in other things and didn't get to post. But here it is now. Please feel free to comment. I hope you enjoy the new chapter.

Chapter 8

The Injured Bird

Early in the morning Harry got up to work out and see if Chevron was feeling up to taking a short run with him. He worked out hard and ran at a faster pace than he probably should have, but he was careful not to open any wounds and he felt good with his progress. He showered letting the hot water massage his tired and sore muscles. He finished up and went upstairs to have his breakfast. Winky put his plate in front of him and climbed up in her seat beside him. They enjoyed their conversation about her children and how anxious Harry was for his sons to come home. He stood up to leave but first said, “I found an injured bird while I was running. He must have been blown from his nest early this morning during that snow storm just before dawn. I’ve warmed him up enough and looked to his needs. His wing is bruised and Lily should be able to heal it if she wants to. If she doesn’t, let me know tonight and I’ll take care of it. If she does want to heal it, tell her it is on the porch swing in a small box with some fresh hay for warmth as if it were in its nest. Tell her to let it fly away after she is done. It would be bad for it if she brought it in the house and got too warm before it went back out into the cold. And make sure she washes her hands when she's done. If she doesn’t want to heal it, tell her it is important for it to get water throughout the day and to feed it several times.”

Harry arrived at his Detective Agency early to get set up for his Aurors. He just made a pot of rich coffee when at six forty five Draco walked into his office and shook hands with Harry. “I don’t know how you do it, but you look a lot better than yesterday. Don’t get me wrong, you still look horrible, but that’s probably just because you’re so ugly.”

Harry chuckled and said he was sure he was right. Draco captured the easy smile on Harry’s face with his camera and Harry’s demeanor changed to somewhat formidable. He looked seriously at Draco and Draco snapped the image before Harry could say anything. Just then the phone on his desk rang and Harry’s look changed again. This time he looked downright scary because of the suspicious nature of someone calling the agency when they weren’t even open yet. He picked up the receiver and Draco took another picture and Harry ignored him to find out from the Caller ID who called. Harry looked at Draco and said, “What’s going on, Draco? The Caller ID says you called.”

Draco snapped another picture of Harry looking determined. Then Draco laughed as he reached for the door knob. “Relax Potter; I set my phone to call your office so I could get a picture of you working. I just wanted to get some real pictures of you for my story on the Great Harry Potter returning back to work. You noticed I’m sure the phony story the Daily Prophet put out yesterday. I don’t know what Hermione is playing at, but she certainly didn’t do any favors for you or her. I wanted to wait and see what they put out so I could print a better, truthful story. I’ve got your back Potter; but don’t think this makes us friends or anything like that.” He smiled and Harry grinned as well. Thanks, for that, Draco. I can give you something to help your article if you want to use it.”

Harry spent a few minutes telling Draco about the case he uncovered and how the photographer and reporter weren’t employees of the Daily Prophet. And in fact the publisher and editor of said paper were captured and locked away under a spell that had them unconscious all day until his Aurors found them and took them to get help. “They were held at St Mungos overnight and should be released this morning. The story from Hermione was also tweaked a good bit. She did ask me to return to work and I said I would but not for three months and then only if my doctor released me from his care.”

Draco grinned and said he couldn’t wait to put his story out and left. Harry yawned and began reading the rest of the cases the Aurors worked on for the five and a half months he was gone. He had begun reading them off and on when time permitted the day before so he wouldn’t have to pay attention to the constant gawkers looking in on him being there. He just finished up with some notes when his Aurors began coming in happily greeting him. He sat on the corner of his desk and his men sat down quietly to receive their morning briefing. Just then Ron came in and sat down rather grumpily.

“I just arrested some bloody git for trying to break into the office next door, can you believe it? I took him to the Ministry and threw him in a holding cell. I didn’t want to miss briefing; figured he might need time to clean up his face anyway. I wouldn’t have hit him, but he said I wasn’t going to live long enough to arrest him. He tried to curse me; the fool stuck his arm out trying to dazzle me with his wand movements and I just yanked him forward and cleaned his clock.” He looked at Harry and grinned saying, “Remember when you taught me that move? It’s the first time I ever got to use it.”

All the Aurors laughed heartily and Harry chuckled and nodded his head. “I do remember Captain; good work.” Harry let them enjoy Ron and Ron felt good about himself. Finally Harry asked them all to settle down so they could get their assignments. He told them everything that happened the day before since Ron, Carl, Kevin and a young Auror named, Larry knew about it. (A/N The other Aurors didn’t need to respond to the emergency call Harry sent to them since Harry only pushed the button to call them once. When someone is in an emergency situation, they need only to push the button on their phone once and two Aurors respond by pushing the button. When two Aurors respond then no one else needs to respond. The way to call all the Aurors for an emergency is to push the button twice and hold it down for several seconds.)

After Harry was done talking he said for them all to look at their folders and check out his notes on quite a few of the cases they handled while he was gone. The room was quiet and then Wes came in and though he was surprised to see them there, especially Harry, he just sat at his desk and opened a file on his desk and read it. Then Wes got up and as he was going outside he called back in to Harry, “I’m going to get some coffee, I forgot we were out.” Harry nodded his head with a very slight smile. He stood up and moved toward the Auror named Larry and all at once Larry shouted EXPELLIARMUS! Nothing happened so Larry tried to curse Harry but Harry simply flipped it away and then Harry hit him with his fist under the right jaw and the young man dropped to the floor unconscious.

Harry magically tied up Larry and took his wand and tossed it to Carl. He turned around to see who his Aurors were looking at and raised his hands. Everyone else raised their hands as two men walked in with wands drawn as Wes left. One of them told them to hand over their wands. Harry spoke up saying, “We don’t surrender our wands to anyone. How about you try and take them?”

Harry saw from the corner of his eye a young woman going for her wand. “Easy, Judy, they can’t take your wand if you don’t give them the opportunity to.”

He spoke to the man giving the orders saying, “You’re in quite the predicament; the two of you against eighteen Aurors. Well, seventeen since we can’t count on Larry here,” Harry added while he pointed to Larry still unconscious on the floor.

The man said, “We can be patient; you’ll draw your wand thinking you are quick enough to beat us and your Aurors will draw theirs to protect you. You can’t bluff your way through this Potter, you’re a washed up has been. After today, the Ministry will have to get them a new Head Auror and replace all these fine men and women you were too inept to protect.”

Harry cut in as if he didn’t hear the man talking and said, “Oh, and too bad for you I also have an Ace up my sleeve. I’ll give you a peek at my hand if you want to take a chance knowing if I’m bluffing or not.” Harry nodded to the coffee pot showing a full carafe and said, “I’m not out of coffee.” The lights flickered eerily and Harry’s sly grin turned scary.

When the two men looked nervously at the coffee maker; Wes shouted from behind them, ‘Expelliarmus!’ The men lunged at Harry but before they could do anything Harry had them hanging upside down and shaking their pockets empty. After he made sure all the pockets were empty he tied their hands together making use of the hanging robes to cover their heads. They looked rather comical when Harry righted them and set them on their feet. Their arms were stretched over their heads and their robes being tied the way they were made them look like giant tulips.

Harry nodded at Wes and said, “Good job, Wes. Did anyone else look suspicious out there? Was there anyone with these two?”

“There was another man but he left just before these two came in. I waited for a little bit to see if he came back but he didn’t.”

Harry nodded his head and said they’d have to find out who else was in on the attempt to take all the Aurors out of commission. He wondered too if the guy Ron captured was in on it too. “I don’t know Larry, who hired him and when was he hired?”

Carl answered saying, “Percy hired him after he fired you. Seems I remember him saying he knew his mum from work and hired him as a favor to her.”

Harry nodded his head but didn’t say anything. Ron became fidgety suspecting that Harry would make a comment about Percy being stupid or something, but Harry never did.

Judy spoke up and said, “How did you know Larry was a plant? I thought he did an admirable enough job as an Auror, we didn’t notice anything suspicious about him at all. Except reading your notes it is obvious now that he was a plant. And if you don’t mind my asking, how did Wes know what to do?”

Harry sat on the corner of his desk and put a spell over the three men on the floor to keep them from hearing what was being said. I wanted to find out what you all were up to and why I was told crime was up so much since I wasn’t here. I know I have the greatest group of men and women here and it couldn’t be negligence on your part. As I read the reports I kept a mental record at first of times things went wrong and who was present during each time. I noticed that Larry was either initially involved or responded to emergencies before most everyone else so I started making notes to keep track. Just like yesterday; I called for two Aurors, Carl came and then Kevin and Larry came. Each time he was involved blame was put on a different Auror. So in the Ministry’s eyes it did look like things were sloppy at best. And by the way, I will be removing blemishes from anyone’s record that has blame caused by Larry. And I’ll let Wes tell how he knew what to do. I’m going to take these three into the holding cells and be right back.”

Harry left and Wes said, “I thought it was odd Harry being here and I thought it odd that it was so quiet. I sat down to get busy and a folder appeared on my desk. It had a note in it from Harry. He told me something was amiss with an Auror named Larry. He told me to go outside and make an excuse while I was leaving. I’m not that good at thinking on my feet I guess or else I would have made a better excuse than to get coffee when he had a pot right there. When those two men came in and I went out I saw another man who had been with the two men leave. I was supposed to keep watch until I saw Harry’s sign, the lights flicker and then I was to sneak back in and capture the two men. So, that’s what I did.”

A few minutes later Harry came back to the office and assigned the work details for his Aurors and then sat at his desk with a cup of coffee and began writing his report. Several times throughout the day he left and returned looking more tired as the day progressed. Finally it was time to go home and he appeared on the front porch to look at the bird on the swing and picked it up carefully and tended to its needs and put a healing potion on its wing. A few minutes later it flew away. Harry made the box disappear and then stepped into the house. He put his briefcase on his office desk and finding the house empty he sat in his overstuffed chair and reclined it so he could rest before dinner; feeling totally exhausted from the day’s work.

Ten minutes after Harry reclined in his chair Ginny and Lily came home. Harry sat up wearily and gazed at the fire when Lily ran upstairs without a word to him. She glanced over at him when he spoke to her but hadn’t responded with even a ‘hello.’

He tried to put it in the back of his mind and stood up so he could give Ginny a proper hug and kiss. She smiled at him and reciprocated his love with a passionate kiss. Her arms went around his shoulders and his went around her waist. He held her to him and very softly told her how much he missed her. She kissed him again and gently pulled away from him. Smiling, she told him she missed him too. “Dinner will be ready in about twenty minutes. How was your day at work?”

Harry smiled tiredly and answered it was just fine, he was tired but it was good to see his Aurors again. And then he added in a non matter of fact way that sadly he had to let one of them go. “Percy hired him after he fired me. Not a big deal, it won’t happen again. Percy didn’t realize who he hired and his credentials appeared to be in order to the untrained eye. Unfortunately, they were fakes.”

Ginny frowned and said, “Percy won’t ever measure up in your eyes will he.”

Harry looked in her eyes and saw she was holding back a confrontation. He stepped over to the fire and placed another log on it. Standing with his hands to it he rubbed them to circulate some heat in them. ‘Why did he feel cold all day long,’ he thought before he answered Ginny.

“Forgive me if I led you to believe I was implying he was incompetent or inadequate. Percy didn’t have any ill will against the Aurors office. He merely hired a man he felt was good for the job when he was asked to hire him for a favor of a colleague at work. Percy checked his credentials; he just didn’t know to make sure they were legitimate, because he trusted his colleague.”

Harry looked up at the stairs and smiled when Lily came down and said she was going to see if the snow stopped coming down. A minute later she came back in and announced it hadn’t stopped snowing and then she looked smugly at Harry and said, “The stupid bird must not have been hurt as bad as you wanted me to think; it’s gone. It’s a shame it had to be alone all day because you had it trapped from spending it with his family.”

Harry felt gut punched at the way his darling angel looked at him and spoke to him. He said he was quite sure it was injured but was happy it was able to fly away.

Lily said, “It was not injured; you just kept it against its will to make me feel guilty and feel sorry for it. You are trying to distract me from thinking the way I am.”

Harry quietly spoke in a conversational tone; “Is that it then? So did the bird fly away with its prison when it escaped?”

Lily was taken aback with his question. She hadn’t thought about the brown box being gone. She looked at him and shook her head slowly. “Little birds like that don’t have the strength or the means to carry little brown boxes away.”

Harry nodded his head and said she was correct. “And it’s doubtful that they would be able to fly away at all if they were injured and kept in a little brown box all day without food or water.”

Lily rolled her eyes and said, “So I guess you’re going to punish me now, for not healing your stupid little bird.”

Harry looked sadly at Lily and said, “I will not punish you for not healing the bird. I didn’t tell you to, so you weren’t disobedient. And I didn't tell you to feed and water it several times although I did ask that you would. I must say I am surprised you would allow an innocent creature of nature to suffer and die if you could prevent it from happening. I apologize for assuming you would want to help it. It was my mistake thinking you would want to help it, but don’t worry I won’t make that mistake again. If it matters to you at all; I came home every two hours today to check with your progress and seeing you didn’t even check the bird once I cared for it. And it was when I got home tonight that doing one more treatment of potion was enough for it to be able to fly away. Now, the other matter of you being disrespectful to me when you rolled your eyes at me… Is there anything you want to tell me?”

Lily glared defiantly at him but in a very civil tone said, “No, I don’t think I need to feel I did anything wrong in showing any disrespect.”

Harry was very quiet for a minute. And then he tenderly said, “I see… well, let me make something clear; I am your father whether you like it or not. You don’t have to like me, but you do have to respect me, because as your father I try… my best to protect you, love you, and lead you on a path of knowledge and truth that will help you grow into a healthy, strong, responsible, knowledgeable and loving woman. So from this moment on, no matter what you think of me, I am your father and you will show me respect.”

Lily said she understood and then looked at Ginny mainly so she wouldn’t have to see the pain in her dad’s eyes she knew she was the cause of. But when she looked at her mom she saw her mom’s face grief stricken. Then Harry spoke again and Lily looked at him.

“I have been trying to figure out what I have done to cause such a divide between us. Would you please talk to me to help me understand what I have done to you? I want to fix anything I-”

“I don’t want to talk about it. Can we please just not talk about it?”

Harry stood up and nodded his head and as he turned away to put another log on the fire he said, “I won’t speak of it again, but hopefully you remember that you can talk to me about anything whenever you want. I love you Darling Angel.” He drew in a large breath and put the heel of his hands over his temples and pressed hard. He wished his head didn’t hurt him so. When he turned back around Ginny and Lily were both watching him intently. Winky was also standing there looking at him. He smiled weakly and said, “Is dinner ready then?”

Winky said it was ready and Lily and Ginny both jumped; not knowing Winky had walked into the room behind them. Harry followed them into the kitchen and sat down after Ginny and Lily both took their seats. “Thank you, Winky; this looks wonderful. Would you like to join us for dinner?”

Winky smiled and said, “No thank you, Master Harry. Winky is needing to eat with Winky’s family tonight and sort out young Harry. Winky and Winky’s Marston do not allow pretending illness to escape school work. Winky is distressed to know young Harry would do wrong for any reason.”

Harry gently put his hand on her shoulder and kindly said, “I’m sorry Winky; I understand your pain. Young Harry is a bright elf, I’m confident he will see the error of his ways. Don’t worry about coming back to clean up dinner tonight. Take the rest of the evening off.”

Winky thanked him and left. Harry began putting food on his plate and passing the plates on to Lily when he was done. He looked at Ginny and asked, “How was your day today? Did you write a spectacular story?”

Ginny smiled despite the sadness she was feeling. She shook her head unable to speak. Harry watched her and wished he didn’t feel so strongly about not looking into people’s minds so he could know what she was thinking. He took a bite and looked at Lily and said, “I haven’t heard a single word from you about Quidditch. How about it; do you have any aspirations to be a famous player like your mum?”

Lily opened her mouth completely taken by surprise that he was going on as if she hadn’t just hurt him. She shook her head slowly and picked up her fork when he smiled sweetly and told her she needed to eat. “I think we should work on decorating for Christmas after dinner. How about it?”

He looked at Lily and Ginny both and arched his eyebrows waiting for them to answer. Ginny said, “It sounds like a wonderful idea, but how about we do it tomorrow evening instead. I need to talk with Lily after dinner and it can’t wait.”

Harry frowned at first and then smiled slowly. “Sure that’s fine; tomorrow after dinner then. But maybe after your talk we can make Christmas cookies. That wouldn’t be an all evening project and it’ll give our bellies time to digest dinner before we eat, I mean decorate the cookies. I can’t promise I won’t eat a couple before we’re done though, I’m just saying.”

Ginny laughed but said, “I don’t think it is a good idea for tonight though. I’m just not in the mood for it tonight. I am looking forward to doing it though. And I made a chocolate cake for you today. You’ll have to settle for that instead of cookies.”

Harry nodded his head slightly and took a bite of his dinner. After a minute of awkward silence Harry said, “I’ve been thinking we need to get Albus’s puppy so it can get used to us and our house by the time we bring the boys home. How about I come home for lunch tomorrow and we-”

“Mum and I already did that. We ordered one from the pet store in Ottery St. Catchpole. They’ll deliver it Christmas day so we don’t have to put up with it until then.”

Harry was perceptibly surprised and looked at Lily. “Oh, err, what kind did you get? Did you see a pet you’d like to have, Angel?”

Lily’s eyes opened wide with surprise. Harry smiled with delight but it was short lived. Lily shook her head no. “We didn’t go there, we ordered it online and we didn’t look for any other animal to put up with. And it’s a five year old Bullmastiff; it has a Pedigree and lived alone with an old woman who died and needs a home. So it already has its puppy energy worn out of it.”

Harry looked at Ginny and said, “This is very curious. If you don’t mind me asking; why did you get it from the pet store instead of the pound like we talked about, Honey? And I take it you think it’ll be a bother to let Albus have a puppy? Do you know anything about Bullmastiffs?”

Lily spoke up with a defensive attitude, “Mum only tried to do what you wanted. She doesn’t want a stupid dog, but you promised one to Albus, so she got one since you didn’t. He’s getting his dog, what does it matter what kind it is or where it comes from? And why does she have to know anything about it?!”

Harry looked at Ginny and asked if Lily had been anyplace where she could have been cursed. Ginny answered hotly, “I’ve been trying to think of anyplace she could have picked up such a disrespectful nature or even cursed, but I can’t think of anyplace. She’s by my side if we go anywhere, and Mum and Daddy both know to be particularly watchful of her when she’s with them. She’s been to Ron and Hermione’s a few times for a week end now and then, so I can’t imagine she could have been cursed over there or picked up anything to give her such a rotten attitude. Hugo certainly does not act this way. He’s never acted suspicious or negative to you like Lily has been.” She looked at Lily who seemed affronted that they were talking about her that way. She felt they were both being unreasonable and blind for not seeing that she just finally seen how her dad really is.

Harry swallowed and frowned. Putting his hands to his head again he pressed and rubbed his temples hard. If only his head didn’t hurt so; he was sure he could figure what was going on with his darling angel. This was making the situation with Lily nearly unbearable. He sighed heavily and resignedly said, “Ron and Hermione is that way though. As a matter of fact, so was Percy until the other night, or whenever it was that the President of the United States was here. Or rather they were until yesterday. Between listening in on adults talking negatively about me and reading the articles in the Daily Prophet about me; mixed in with her own dramatic nature, it’s a wonder all that garbage hasn’t buried her love I’m sure is in her heart for me.”

He looked at Lily and she stared at him in confusion. She sighed and put the last forkful of dinner in her mouth and asked if she could be excused. Harry looked at Ginny’s plate and seen she was done eating as well. He on the other hand had barely eaten. He said, “If your Mum is through then we can all make haste in cleaning the kitchen and then finish our talk in the living room where we’ll all be more comfortable.” Ginny agreed except for them all cleaning the kitchen.

“Love, Lily and I will clean up dinner; you go in and relax until we are done. Harry stood up and was about to say he could help but briefly became dizzy and promptly steadied himself by leaning on the back of the chair for a moment. He straightened back up then and said, “Okay then, maybe I better.”

Ginny and Lily watched him walk slowly into the room and hurried to get the kitchen done. It didn’t take long, Ginny told Lily she was going to set the kitchen to clean itself this time so they could go in with daddy. Lily nodded her head and covered Harry’s plate of food before she set it in the refrigerator. She got a glass and filled it half full of water and followed her mom into the living room. They went to Harry who was sitting on the edge of the chair; his hands holding his bowed head and his elbows on his knees.

Lily was near tears and said, “What’s wrong with him, Mum? Something is terribly wrong, I can feel it!”

Harry sat up quickly to keep Lily from being afraid for him. He closed his eyes tightly to try to focus from moving so fast. When he opened them he saw double of Ginny and Lily. He groaned and weakly said, “I know what this is. I need to get in my lab and take the medicine I made; concussion medicine. You two stay out here; I’ll come out in a short bit.”

They both started to argue saying they could help. “No, you need to stay out here; hurts a lot, a whole lot. Don’t want you to see or hear me. I’m going to make the room secret so you can’t hear me.” He held out his hand and the portrait of Severus Snape zoomed to him. He half caught it but mostly just stopped it from going past him and it dropped with a thud to the floor. “Oh, sorry, Papa; are you okay? Sorry, never mind.” He said, “If anything goes wrong Professor Dumbledore will come in this picture and tell you.”

Harry staggered into the lab and put up the barrier that made it look like a wall instead of a door into the study. This also made the room soundproof. He got the potion and looked up at the portrait of Dumbledore and said, “You saw how this worked on me the last time?”

“Yes, sad to say I did witness that. Are you about to take it again; by yourself?” Dumbledore was watching Harry prepare the needle with the potion.

“Yes, and I don’t know what to use for a buffer so it’s going to affect me the same way. That’s why I don’t want Ginny to help me. I don’t want her or Lily to see me suffer from it. If I don’t pull through please go into Papa’s portrait and tell Ginny.”

Harry didn’t wait for a reply but laid down on the floor and then caused ropes to bind his arms to his sides. He spoke a charm and the syringe flew at him and stuck him in the neck and pushed the potion into the artery. He felt it begin to course through his body and tried to relax to keep him from muscle fatigue but the potion was just like the last time, too powerful for him to control his muscles. He began to spasm and convulse violently for what seemed to him to be an eternity and then he saw a bright light far away and he was still and lifeless. He heard a comforting voice and beautiful unearthly music emanating from an unseen choir all around him. He wasn’t in any pain and he wasn’t sore or weary. Then the light disappeared and he opened his eyes. His body ached, but the headache was gone which was a relief beyond measure. He looked up at the portrait and said he was okay. Dumbledore smiled affectionately and said, “You are now, but a minute ago you wasn’t.”
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