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Hey Guys, here we go again. Time for another chapter. Thanks to everyone for reading my ff. It means a lot to me, thank you. I hope everyone likes this new chapter. As always, feel free to comment.

Chapter 7

Truth And Consequences

Finally at five o’clock Harry walked in the house and wiped his feet before going into the living room. He saw Ron and Hermione on the couch and then saw Ginny walk in the room asking if she heard the front door.

Harry managed a small smile for her and said he just got home. His look at her lingered and then he went into his office since she didn’t say anything to him. He put down his brief case and then went back out to face the three silent people watching his every move. Ginny went to him slowly and held out her arms to him. His smile was small and sad, but sweet to her eyes. He welcomed her into his arms and accepted her kiss. She pulled away from him feeling his reserve but didn’t blame him. His emotions were too fragile to get his hopes up that she wasn’t just being dutiful to him in front of her brother and sister-in-law. She took his hand and led him to his comfy chair by the fireplace and motioned for him to sit as she told him to rest until dinner was ready. “It’ll be another twenty minutes; I didn’t know when to have it ready.”

Harry said that was fine and asked about Lily and Hugo. Ginny loosened his tie and unbuttoned the top button of his shirt while she told him they were making Christmas cookies and cakes at the Orphanage and they’d be back later in the evening. He was so quiet and since he didn’t offer any conversation she was worried that he was just waiting until they were alone to make his displeasure with her known to her. He smiled and quietly said he was glad they were doing that and it was thoughtful of her parents to let the kids help. Hermione finally spoke talking quickly and steadily how sorry she was and how he was right about everything. And then Ron spoke up but when Harry’s eyes met his they were cold and hard. Ron stopped talking and swallowed. “Look mate, I’m sorry I hit you. You didn’t deserve it. I couldn’t help it because I thought -”

Harry broke in quietly and said, “I was ready to accept your apology until you started justifying the reason you felt you needed to kill me. Try again with humility and no justifications this time.”

Harry’s voice; although quiet had the tone of danger and Ron wasn’t sure he wanted to keep talking in case Harry got mad at him. “Never mind, Harry. I just wanted to apologize, but I don’t want any trouble or make you mad.”

Harry sighed and said, “I figured you’d back down. Let me tell you a few things just so you’ll be perfectly clear. It’s too late to worry about making me mad because I am already mad. And take this as a warning; the next time you ever curse me, I will protect myself if you are man enough to try anything in front of me. If you ever hit me again, I will hit back.”

Ron’s face went white and he nodded his head and said, “Right, like that’s fair. You could kill me with your little finger.”

Harry stared at him and said, “We’re going to have a discussion about what is fair I see. Not long ago you cursed me when I was totally unprotected and vulnerable for something I still don’t know the reason for. Whatever I did required you to tell me I am a monster and a filthy animal. I was trying to help Hermione and you got bent out of shape for some reason. Just so you know I don’t consider that fair. And again today you hit me from out of my line of sight when I was totally vulnerable and suffering from being attacked physically and from being cursed several times. You nearly killed me and once again I don’t know why. I don’t consider that fair either. Now, you tell me how you think having an unfair advantage being used against you isn’t fair but it is fair for an unfair advantage to be used against me.”

Ron suddenly had the look of defeat and worthlessness. He bit his lip and said, “Harry, I’m sorry. You’re right and-”

Harry interrupted saying, “I’m sorry is all you need to say, Captain. Are you willing to put this behind us so we can be mates again?”

Ron looked incredulously at Harry and nervously half laughed. “I can if you can. I’d like that, Harry, I’d like that a lot.”

Harry offered a small smile and closed his eyes. He was so tired he couldn’t help it. Hermione asked where he’d been all day, and his eyes opened with a hard look that made them all feel uncomfortable. But then his eye’s softened and his eyebrows furrowed with serious confusion. “I don’t - err were you talking to me? I must have dozed off or something.”

Hermione, Ron, and Ginny looked at each other. Ginny gently said, “Hermione asked where you were all day today.”

Harry stared; not knowing what was expected of him to say. “I went to work, and then Ron tried to kill me and then I found myself walking through a field freezing because all I had on was my suit pants. I remembered Winky making me go blue, and you have no idea how much that hurts by the way, so then I went back to work and put on a fresh suit and finished my shift. I came right home at five o’clock.”

They all sighed and Hermione said, “Why did you go to work?”

Harry stood up his frustration beginning to get the best of him. “Hermione, you ordered me to go back to work. I don’t understand why you’re asking me where I went and why I went.”

Ginny took his hand and stopped him from pacing. “Love, when you turned blue you ran out of here and we waited all day for you to come back, but you didn’t until now. But, I knew you were okay because my necklace didn’t ever show any signs of coming on me.”

Harry said, “I found your necklace and fixed it. I took the enchantment off of it. It is just a plain necklace now. But if you don’t want it you can give it to a charity. I’m sorry it has been such a terrible burden for you. It was never my intention for it to cause you any hardship.”

Winky announced dinner was ready and she turned to leave but Harry called her name. She stopped and looked up at him. He knelt on one knee so he didn’t tower over her but put them on the same eye line. “Winky, thank you for saving me today. Are you okay? I know it takes a lot out of you when you have to do that.”

The small elf smiled sweetly and said she was happy her master was alive and not angry with her for saving him since she knew he wanted to die even though he didn’t get to tell her to let him die.

Harry hugged her and said he could never be angry with her. “What’s for dinner, I’m hungry!”

Winky giggled and said, “As if Master doesn’t already know, Winky is making all Master’s favorite foods.” Everyone laughed but Harry. He did manage a chuckle and thanked her again. Harry showed Hermione and Ron to the dining room and Ron noticed he never put his back to him ever. Harry didn’t trust him and this made him feel small.

Harry stood behind Ginny’s chair and waited for her to scoot it to the table. Ginny didn’t like Harry waiting on her but he was too much of a gentleman to sit before she did. He sat down and asked again about Lily and so Ginny looked at her watch. “I expect them to be here in about forty five minutes.”

“Fantastic! I can’t wait. You know, Vernon and Petunia always made such a big deal about having Dudley put the topper on the tree. Dudley, being their only child got the honors every year. And I don’t know, I guess it’s silly, but I always wanted to have a child to help put the topper on the tree. This year will be the first ever I’ve been home or able to do it with the kids. I know she won’t be up for making cookies since she did that today, but maybe tomorrow after dinner we can do some more decorating and make cookies afterwards. Oh; and I have a recipe Teyla gave me that her family always made I bet Lily will love to try.”

Ginny said she was sure she would love to. They finished eating and went to the living room to visit. Harry’s eyes lit up at one point but then he looked like his world was about to end. He opened his left hand toward the front door and then tried to talk cheerfully with his wife and Ron and Hermione. Harry’s cheerfulness waned little by little and soon he was just sitting there with a faraway look on his face. He was able to answer any questions but didn’t offer any conversation. He smiled at Ginny whenever she said his name and soon said, “Well, I’ve had a long day, please don’t think badly of me, but I need to get to bed.”

He stood up stiffly and Hermione wincing at his pain he was hiding said, “Harry, I think you should take the time off and heal like your doctor said.”

One side of Harry’s lips turned up slightly and he said with a gentle jab at Hermione’s conscience, “That would be wonderful, but I think it is too late for that now. I’m sure you saw the results of the interview with the Daily Prophet. I know I did because it was brought to my attention all day long. Your idea went over with overwhelming success. People actually made lines to have a turn looking in on me sitting obediently behind my desk for them to gawk at. People expect me to be on the job now and I have to prove I am worthy of my job title. Carl told me he played the tape for you today and told you what the case was about. I was able to stretch the fraud case I worked out this morning to last all day, as it turned out there is more to it than originally thought. I found out while trying to look busy that the reporter and photographer were both working for the ex mayor of Godric’s Hollow and I must say they did their job proud. They were to show the people how pathetic I am and stir up trouble by only having the job of Head Auror now because I’m related by marriage to the Minister Elect. Good night everyone; see ya tomorrow, Captain. We’ll be meeting at the Detective Agency. Surely there has been enough of my public display at the Ministry and I can work where I’ll be more comfortable since I have to go to work.” Harry flipped his wrist when he walked by the tree and the angel was on top of the tree and plugged in.

Harry walked slowly over to the front door and opened it and spoke quietly. “I’m going to bed now and can’t make your light stay on or keep you warm any longer. I’m sure it’s past your bedtime, so gather up your things and come on in now. Good night, Darling Angel.”

Ginny watched as Harry turned away from the door and went to bed. She looked at her watch and exclaimed in surprise, “It’s nine thirty! Lily walked slowly into the house and cheerfully said good-night; trying to get up the steps before Ginny said anything, but it didn’t work out that way.

She huffed and walked over and stood in front of her mother. Ginny told her to sit down and Lily obeyed. “How long have you been on the front porch?”

“Uncle Percy brought me home at six fifteen.”

“Lily Luna Potter you could have frozen to death out there! I know you have better sense than to sit in freezing weather with no coat, hat, and gloves. Why didn’t you come in when you got home? Your dad has been anxiously waiting for you, and now he’s gone to bed without seeing you.”

Ginny began feeling for a temperature and swollen glands and such things that a mother would check for if their child had been in freezing weather for three hours without being properly outfitted for it. Miraculously Lily wasn’t cold at all, and in fact she was nice and warm. She pointed to the chair and folded her arms waiting for her daughter to start talking.

Lily sat down and began her explanation. “Uncle Percy brought me home but before I came in I saw him sitting in his chair so I sat on the swing to wait for him to leave. I finished reading my book while I waited and I even wrote my book report. I had to take off my coat, hat, and gloves because I got too warm. I thought you made it warm for me to keep me from coming in while you guys talked. But then he said he couldn’t keep me warm or make the light stay on anymore since he was going to bed. Why is he still here; I thought you would tell him to live somewhere else.”

Hermione sobbed into her hands and said she was so sorry for everything she caused to happen.

Ginny glared at her and said, “If you don’t mind, Hermione, this is not about you right now, it’s about Lily!”

Hermione braved Ginny’s wrath and said, “Lily didn’t know she was doing wrong she was only reacting to how we have all been treating her dad. It’s no wonder she is acting out against him.”

Ginny suggested they go home since they both have to work. “Lily tried to manipulate me into feeling sorry for her, like she is the victim of an injustice done to her. Lily didn’t want to come in after she saw her dad sitting here. She decided to stay out there because she is angry with him. You heard her; she couldn’t even say, dad, but said ‘he’ instead. She conveniently used my anger and pain to her advantage. Yes, I understand she is confused, but she listened in on me yesterday when I talked to Harry, a one sided conversation is what she heard; and she listened in when I got back to the Burrow this morning. Something has been eating at her for some time now, and it is going to stop now. I will not allow her to manipulate my emotions so she doesn’t have to pay the consequences of her actions.”

Ginny looked back at Lily and said, “When you got home, did you intend on coming in the house?”


And you stopped when you saw your dad?”


Lily folded her arms and looked just as angry as her mom. “I am mad at him because I got punished for doing more than I knew how when I tried to comfort John and not make him hurt. Then he goes and nearly gets killed doing something that was too much for him to do. And he didn’t come home to have dinner together and watch movies like he said he would. And another thing he did when he knew he wasn’t able, he went back to work! I was never so embarrassed today when the kids at the Orphanage showed me the pictures of my dad and saying how lucky I was to have him for my dad! Have you seen those pictures, he looks like he should be dead! And he didn’t have anything smart to say in the interview, he sounded like he was a dumb bum! The paper showed people putting up a huge Christmas tree and decorating the Orphanage. It said it was nice of the store to send all those decorations and gifts to the kids, something Harry Potter had seen to in prior years making sure the kids each received a new toy. How can those kids be so adoring of him when he hasn’t done anything for them and what with him looking like a mere husk of a human man, a dumb one at that? And if that wasn’t bad enough the paper had a picture of him going into an employment company; saying that he must not have confidence he will be able to keep his job as Head Auror! He might be able to flip burgers at a fast food place because he is too weak and slow to do anything else.”

Ginny and Hermione both grabbed at the paper to find what Lily was talking about. Lily told them they wouldn’t find all that in that special report, but in the regular paper that came out after the special report.

They gave up looking after Lily told them about the regular paper carrying the story. Ginny looked at Lily and said, “Regardless of what you’ve seen and heard, you don’t have the whole story and you acted on misinformation. Didn’t your dad just have a talk to you about that the other day? We’ll talk more after we see what the Rising Phoenix prints in the morning. They didn’t put out a special report like the Daily Prophet did. Go on to bed now, and think about the cost of listening in on things you don’t have a right to hear. And I hate that I said what I did because I was wrong too. But, Lily, you must stop listening in on people unless you are invited in on the conversation. And if you hear me talking and there isn’t anywhere else for you to be then it is your job to let me know that you can hear me without trying to. I’ll think of a punishment suitable for you by tomorrow evening.”

Ginny folded her daughter in her arms and hugged her and kissed her tears that were forming but too rebellious to drop.

Ron and Hermione left and Ginny went on to bed. She made sure the waterbed didn’t create any waves when she got in so she wouldn’t wake up Harry. She could tell by his breathing he was having a nightmare, but at least he wasn’t trembling. She lay against him and became cozy from his warmth. She fell asleep and slept comfortably all night. She hadn’t slept well the night before but that was her own fault.
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