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SPOILER!!: Aurora! <3
Originally Posted by Lissy Longbottom View Post

Aurora did NOT envy her boyfriend this year. She had gone through the whole JARVEY mess last year and knew how taxing the whole thing could be. Although she was hardly out of the woods. University applications and getting ready to graduate were proving to be just as stressful, but they were out there now and she had no control over it. It was driving her mad, knowing that her fate was now in the hands of the admissions offices - but it was whatever. She was trying to relax. And help Jer relax.

Grinning, she walked over and kissed his cheek as he lay on top of his study things. She giggled and then plopped down next to him. "Learning through osmosis are we?" she asked with a grin.

A great dream was what he was lost in. One that involved no JARVEY tests and instead, himself and Aurora. In it, they were kissing rather ferociously too. Jer mumbled again in his sleep though he did become aware- ever so slightly- of the warm touch on his cheek. Now Aurora had broken their kiss. "Another,'' he mumbled and telling her the same in his mind.

"Learning what through osmosis?'' That was when his eyes decided to open. "You're real,'' he said sleepily and yawning a bit. He had actually dreamed her into life. "Hi,'' Jer said goofily. "You look like an angel.''
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