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Hey Guys, thanks for coming back for the next chapter. Sorry I didn't post this yesterday; the day got away from me. Anyway, this chapter is shorter than usual and I suggest not eating while you read it. Anyway, this is the last chapter in this story line; 'More Trouble Than Harry Can Keep Up With'. Sunday I will be posting a chapter for the next episode. It of course, like always, will be picking up right where we leave off in this episode. Hope you enjoy the chapter, and please feel free to comment.

Chapter 7

Winky Sorts Out Harry

When Harry finally got to the top steps he walked past his bedroom and looked in on Lily. He went in and took her tablet and pencil and put them on the nightstand beside her bed. Only the title of the book and the author was written on the tablet. He picked up her book she was reading and smiled knowing this was her book report she was supposed to do tomorrow. He put her book mark back to the beginning of the chapter before the one the book was opened to and put it on her night stand. He pulled the blanket over her arms and she snuggled down deep in her pillow and murmured softly in her sleep, “Good night, Mum; tell Daddy I love him when you see him the next time.”

Harry stood up and turned away wishing he could wake his little angel to let her know it was him checking on her. He passed John without a word and went into his bedroom. He stood in front of the window and saw the blizzard raging outside. He ached from being too cold way too long and decided he was too tired to shower. He took off his clothes and started to climb in bed quietly so Ginny wouldn’t wake up. Before he even got under the covers Ginny spoke up and said, “You need to shower, Love; you smell like a horse.”

He looked at her to see if she might be teasing but she was asleep. He sighed and wearily took his shower and climbed in bed beside his wife. Ginny snuggled up to him and put her hand on his chest. Harry’s hand went over hers and his fingers curled around hers. Suddenly she was shaking him and calling out to him. “Wake up, Love; you’re having a nightmare! Harry’s eyes opened sharply and he looked around to evaluate the situation. Everything seemed as it was when he shut his eyes and fell asleep minutes before. He moved his head so he could look at Ginny and nearly yelled in horror. He wasn’t in bed at all, but at the Stargate under Cheyenne Mountain. The vice president was ripping layers of Harry’s skin off over his diaphragm and touching him with electric cables. A plastic bag was tied over his head and he was gasping for air. Harry tried his best not to scream with the agony he was in.

He sat up taking in huge breaths of air and wiped the sweat from his face. It was another nightmare, maybe the chocolate milk he had caused it. He wanted it to be that instead of simply remembering what had happened to him just over a week ago for the past month and a half before. Soft hands pulled him gently to her and held him tight.

“It was just a bad dream, Love. Go back to sleep, you’re okay.” Harry took a deep breath and fell asleep in her arms. Harry woke at seven o’clock and reluctantly rolled out of bed. His night had been too short. He had hoped he wore himself out too much to keep him from having nightmares but that didn’t turn out to work for him. His sleep had been wrought with horrible nightmares and confusion. Even when he thought he woke up from a nightmare he was still asleep having a nightmare. He was surprised Ginny wasn’t up considering she wanted to do school work with Lily.

Harry tiptoed down the stairs and down into the basement. John had suggested he begin working on his routine and that sounded like a good idea to him. He worked out hard and then showered. When he walked into the kitchen he was surprised to find Winky fixing breakfast.

“Winky, I told you to take the day off so you can take care of your family. The weather is rough out there and you should be home. How is Marston this morning?”

Winky smiled lovingly at Harry and said, “Winky’s Marston is being fine this morning. He is taking the morning to look after Master Harry’s Chevron. Now, Winky is taking care of Master Harry.”

She put a plate of a few bites of steak and a small amount of potatoes and an egg, over easy and one slice of buttered toast in front of him. Then she put a cup of hot coffee by the plate. “Master Harry needs to eat.”

Harry swallowed and looked doubtfully at the food. He looked at Winky and took a deep breath. “Okay Winky, I’ll give it a try. It does look and smell great.” He stared at the food he wanted so badly, but he was afraid to eat it. This haunted him immensely, being afraid to eat. Why was he afraid to eat? He swallowed and reached for his fork and then looked at Winky. He shook his head slightly but couldn’t say anything. Winky put her hand over his and said, “Winky is being afraid Master Harry cannot eat for a bad reason. Winky is needing to look deep in Master Harry’s memory to find out what Master Harry is hiding from.”

Harry moved his head up and down once ever so slightly and quietly said, “Thank you, Winky. But my mind is a very dangerous place. If you feel afraid in any way get out immediately.”

Winky nodded her head and climbed up Harry so she could sit on the table directly in front of him. He sat still and looked straight ahead and Winky moved in close to his face. She was so close all Harry could see was her huge eyes. He looked deep and saw the reflections of his memories. He saw different times in his life he had been captured and ate despicable things to stay alive. He saw the five and a half months he was working for the president of the United States and several other countries and the long hour’s even days he went without food to eat because he was too close to the enemy to move. And then when he was captured he had to make himself eat the cup of swill he was given each evening. He made himself think it was just bread and water he was eating because what he was really eating was moldy stale bread infested with roaches and maggots swimming in water. He looked forward to every seventh day when he was given a slice of fresh bread and a cup of clean drinking water. This he knew is what kept him alive. He depended on that fresh bread and clean water to stay alive. He remembered telling John and Jack about sneaking food when he was being taken to his cell, but now he remembered the truth. He was caught the third time he did it and was brutally punished by water boarding. He was told after it was finally over and he was trying to force himself not to kill the man that if he ate anything but the bread and water he was served that he would be stuffed with spectacular tasting food until he died. And then he would be sent home in a hot box where his wife and children would see his body rotting and crawling with maggots and flies. He knew this was what was keeping him from eating. He had forced himself to not eat anything but what was given to him to keep from being sent home in the condition he was promised he would be if he did eat other than what was given. The only thing Harry continued to do was treat his bones and muscles to keep from losing bone density and muscle mass.

Winky pulled away from Harry and he stared ahead hating himself for allowing Winky to see that. Winky dried her eyes and in a very matter of fact way said, “Now, Master Harry knows Winky does not prepare food even for animals such as Master Harry had to eat. So Master will from now on eat what is being healthy for Master Harry to live on. No more toast and water. Master will eat this breakfast.”

Harry swallowed and nodded his head. She heated up his food and coffee and put the fork in his hand. “Eat!”

She climbed down from the table and walked out of the kitchen. About an hour and a half later, John walked into the kitchen and saw Harry sitting with a fork in his hand and looking at his plate of food. His face was white as his hair, he was visibly shaking, and he was clammy and cold.

John went to him and pulled Harry out of the chair by the front of his shirt. He had him inches away from him and shook him roughly. “Winky just told me what she saw happening to you these last five and a half months and I’m telling you now that if you ever find yourself in a position like that then you will use your magic and save yourself. The president didn’t have any right what so ever to ask you to do what you did. And if you don’t protect yourself from people who abuse your loyalty and servitude to humanity or whatever, then I’m going to beat some sense into you. Do I make myself perfectly clear?!”

Harry looked at him silently and then calmly said, “I need you to tell me the part where you’re going to beat some sense into me. I don’t understand that part, because I don’t think you can do it; and you’d be foolish to try.”

John didn’t budge but tightened the grip on Harry’s shirt and stared into his eyes with rage Harry hadn’t seen before. All at once John pulled him to him and hugged him tightly and then shoved him away from him. Harry adjusted his shirt and folded his arms over his chest mainly because John hurt him, but he just acted like he was waiting for John to say something else. John put his hands on Harry’s shoulders and with watery eyes said, “Just don’t let anyone take advantage of you again; alright little brother?”

Harry’s eyes softened and he half nodded his head and John told him to sit down and eat or he’d tell on him. They both chuckled and Harry said, “Who you gonna tell?”


Harry cleared his throat and said, “Oh, err, well, come on let’s eat.”

John sat down and said, “You should have been done eating an hour ago; what have you been thinking about?”

Harry mumbled; slightly embarrassed, “I just got done running a lab work-up on me. I’ve had more potions within the hour than I’ve had in a month probably. But I am now cleaned out and purged of pesky parasites and all manner of varmints and critters. Now if I can get my mind off of that, thank you very much, I might be able to eat.”

They both stared at their food and Harry picked up his fork and as if nothing had happened in the last year or so began eating small bites. “I had a good workout this morning. I think you’re right; I need to get back into a routine. Wish I could be an Auror again. I guess I’ll just be a Detective with Wes. Funny isn’t it; how things never turn out the way you want them to? Clear through my upper years at school I wanted to be an Auror. I worked hard to become one and was given the honor to be Head Auror of the best bunch of guys a man could want to work with minus you of course. I thought Ron and I would be side by side working every day and when we weren’t working our families would be together doing something fun.”

John asked what happened between him and Ron. Harry finished eating his last bite of food except for a slice of toast. He refilled his coffee cup the steam curling around his nostrils the aroma satisfying the desire to enjoy what he’s been missing for months. “Mmm nothing like a hot cup of coffee or two with good company who doesn’t torture you,” he said with a chuckle. He picked up the toast in one hand and held his coffee in the other. He was thinking hard and took a bite of his toast when Ginny yelled at him. He spilled his coffee down the front of his chest and jumped up choking on the toast. He magiced off his shirt and peeled off the coffee soaked bandages on his chest. He cleared his throat enough to ask Ginny to please excuse him for a minute. Harry walked barely composed into the bathroom adjoined with the laundry room. He tried hard to keep from vomiting up his breakfast, but his stomach was just not going to cooperate. After he lost the breakfast he had just eaten he washed off the coffee and looked carefully at the hole and the other wounds before cleaning and putting on fresh bandages. His chest was nothing more than first degree burns. Harry finished dressing the wounds and magiced on clean jeans and a fresh soft white tee shirt.

When he got back to the kitchen table he offered Ginny a seat beside his chair and a plate of breakfast appeared before her. He poured her a cup of tea and sat down and asked what was on her mind. His smile was kind and his voice was quiet and non abrasive.

Ginny looked at John and then back to Harry. Evidently John had already spoken to her because she was quite shaken when she spoke. “I’m sorry, Love. I’m sorry for assuming you were only having toast and water. I was about to yell at you to make you eat something good for you. I was worried about you not eating and wanted you to enjoy eating again.”

“Oh, well, thank you for your concern, I was able to eat this morning and enjoyed it going down, but not coming back up just now. But not to worry; possibly John and I will have an early lunch.”
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