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Originally Posted by iBeJenn View Post

SPOILER!!: all the lovelies <3

KITA <33333 Thank you so much. ;u; I am so glad to be back and look forward to seeing your request soon

yaaaaaas <3 Requests make me so happy. haha. I can't wait and thank you C:

SHANBBY <3 Thank you so much and I love baby bean. Makes me wanna call all the requesters that. "Welcome to Caffeine Kiss, baby bean, how can I help you today?"

thankyousoverymuch <3 i look forward to your request

thanks kerri!

eep! I'm glad to be back! I look forward to your request Whit <3

STEPHIIEEEE added to the queue <3333

Thank you so much for being my first request Ashley!! I got excited and made 'em super fast ^^;; I hope you like them and I will make any changes you may want. You also have options because I didn't know where I wanted the text.


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one spot available
UMMMM...These are SO BEAUTIFUL, are you kidding me?! I love the colors and the options and THANK YOU SO MUCH!

I'll credit as soon as they're in! <33 You did an amazing job per usual!
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