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Scarlett kept having the weirdest reoccurring dream. She wasn't sure why her brain had concocted such an odd fantasy, but it had, and it seemed like every other night, she kept having dreams starring none other than Tenacius Salander. The Head Boy. Granted, she had spoken only two or three words to the guy maybe her ENTIRE time here at Hogwarts, but he seemed like a decent kid. He just happened to be the star each and every time, which was so RANDOM. What made it even weirder was what HAPPENED in the dreams.

Every time he showed up into her dreams, he turned into an animal. It was a different animal every time - a zebra once, an ostrich another time, a platypus in another version - and whenever it happened, her dream self would freak out and it would be revealed that she had to brew an antidote, or he would be stuck in that form forever. She was in a different place every time, and the potion ingredients she needed made ZERO sense - in one dream, she needed a rubber duck to complete the potion - and she could never find the ingredients. So she woke up, shaking and sweating and afraid that she had let the Head Boy down. Then she would remember it was just a dream, the Head Boy was (probably) NOT transfigured into an ostrich somewhere, and she would eventually fall back asleep.

Maybe it was some sort of repressed fear of disappointing her parents, or failing her upcoming Potions NEWT, or something like that. Whatever it was, it was freaky and she was hoping these weird dreams would pass soon. If they didn't she'd have to start taking Calming Draughts before bed or something, which was not ideal.

After another one of these dreams during her nap today - he had been an electric eel this time, which was TOTALLY bizarre - she wandered down to the Grounds for some much needed fresh air. She wanted to savor as much of this cool, crisp fall air before winter came. She settled down near the lake and smiled as the breeze hit her face. Ahh. Already much better.
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