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Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post

Chuckling a bit under his breath, Airey opted to forgo further discussion about lint rollers and cleanliness - although he could speak volumes and write a proper anthology on the proper and improper uses of a lint roller should the former Head Boy require it - and instead settled a bit more into his seat to, well, furrow his brow in disappointment at the young man's response. Although, if the man were to be fair, he could hardly blame Mr. Adair for it. He himself had nearly leaked in his trousers around his fair share of women - the former Headmistress Truebridge had nearly taken the cake on the subject really - and the astronomer identified many a similar quality between himself and the boy sitting across from him.

"I see," he nodded simply, though the disappointment was knitted somewhat into his brow. There was little that he, the department head of a different department could do for an employee elsewhere. Unless Mr. Adair was seeking to switch to Mysteries and then he could have a conversation with Mariel.

But for now, it was a listening ear he offered the former Gryffindor, picking apart each of his words. "Still comparing yourself to others, I see, to point out your own shortcomings," he mused. "Old habits die hard, it seems. But regardless, the Department of Magical Games and Sports is not solely about quidditch. Though I cannot recall you being particularly invested in the Gryffindor gobstones team either while at Hogwarts." He paused a moment to collect his thoughts. "Bear in mind, Mr. Adair, that that every job is going to come with unhappy moments and unpleasant circumstances - the key is finding work rewarding enough to make up for it. Now, we have already established that the returns in your current position are less than satisfactory, so let us instead consider your current position as a stepping stone towards something else. However, before we can propose a shift, whether within the department to another division or elsewhere within the Ministry, you need first establish what it is you want. When you applied to the Ministry initially, that glimmer of thought did you posses? What did you envision yourself doing?" Or had the young man truly been shooting in the dark and hoping something stuck?
Zander saw that look and recognized it too. It was the same look he had been giving in some of his early years at Hogwarts. One he had grown accustomed to by the end of his fifth year in particular, following one awful incident in particular. It was a look that meant he must've said something wrong... Though the boy had a hard time placing what exactly it could have been.

Eeeeeer... So was that what it was? That he was comparing himself to others? That old habits die hard? Yeesh. Zander sunk down, mildly embarrassed. It was the truth though, how was he supposed to figure out where he stood if he didn't look at those around him? Everyone compared themselves. It wasn't entirely his fault! He didn't think so, anyway. Nevertheless, the former Head Boy nodded.

"Eerrrr I heard there was a gift shop?" He had low standards. "Thought maybe they could use a hand in the nursery too," y'know, jobs that didn't necessarily require a university degree... something most people would be qualified, the ones that Zander Adair felt he wouldn't be reaching for. He was really just hoping to get a job in general. Most of them had crazy needs for qualifications and at the end of the day he was just another blonde boy who peaked in his days at Hogwarts.

Zander Adair was happy to settle.
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