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Moving towards the Chamber of Codes has proven to be a far more difficult task than previously anticipated - although the astronomer somewhat berated himself for thinking otherwise considering the source of the problem - but he somehow manage to get himself to the door with a little magical help and quick wandwork.

A quick survey of the space gave some relief in that at least there was not a second phenomenon to have popped up elsewhere within the department.
Although given the nature of the research done here...that was not entirely outside the sphere of possibility.

Sweet solstice why had this woman not begun protecting all the materials here? THERE WAS IRREPLACEABLE KNOWLEDGE WITHIN THESE WALLS! Flourishing his wand, Airey began casting nonverbals at a few nearby tomes to encase them in an enchanted and impenetrable magical bubble for now. "Start doing the same," he barked.

Priorities. Airey Flamsteed had them. Sort of.

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