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Belinda Faith Macindoe

Sixth Year Hufflepuff
Quidditch Captain

PB: Olivia Brower (PP made by Kath)

The Basics
A.K.A: Bel
Birthday: December 3rd 2080
Star Sign: Sagittarius
Nationality: Australian
Accent: Veeeeery strong Aussie accent and heavy use of Aussie slang
Blood Status: Halfblood (1 muggle, 1 muggleborn)
Blood Type: A+
Orientation: pansexual/bisexual
Wand: 11 inch swishy Yellow Stringybark w. Bunyip tooth core
Erised: [hearts desire]
Boggart: being paralyzed and thus unable to do any of the active outdoorsy stuff she loves ever again
Amortentia: ocean spray, engine oil, ???
Polyjuice: sea salt and oiled leather
Broom: Moonbrusher II
Patronus: tbd

➤ being outdoors
➤ being active
➤ trying new things

➤ really girly clothes
➤ animal cruelty
➤ brussels sprouts

➤ surfing
➤ motocross/dirt biking
➤ skating

➤ being stuck indoors
➤ paralyzation
➤ losing her family

➤ compassionate & friendly
➤ great stamina
➤ willingness to put in the work for an end goal

➤ easily distracted
➤ serial enabler
➤ pistachio ice cream

➤ can touch the tip of her nose with her tongue
➤ seemingly unlimited stamina
➤ natural athlete

➤ wants to be a professional surfer!
➤ or maybe a MX rider!
➤ or an animal activist!

Height: 5’4
Weight/Build: slim, fairly busty for her age
Skin Tone: fair
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color: light brown
Hair Style: long
Fashion Style: unisex styles, tomboyish, practical, very, very rarely in skirts or dresses though this year she has her sister's old uniform skirts instead of the trousers she always preferred in previous years.
Always Wears: jeans/jean shorts, baggy shirts, bikinis at the beach, sportswear
Significant Features: her hair is so long that she can almost sit on it.
Scars: scar on her thumb from a shell, scar on her knee from a motocross accident, scar on her scalp from a motocross accident, tiny burn scar on her knuckle from a sparkler on guy fawkes night.
Tattoos: N/A
Piercings: N/A
Scent: The beach, satsumas (shampoo)

School: Hogwarts (previously, AIM - Australian Institute of Magic)
House: Hufflepuff
Best Class: CoMC, Flying, Herbology
Worst Class: Arithmancy, History of Magic
Extracurriculars: Flying, Gobstones, Quidditch (seeker), Art (for fun, not very skilled tbh)
Current Enrolled Classes: Herbology, CoMC, DADA, Potions, Charms, Transfiguration, Astronomy, Flying (And Tegan will play in other classes for funsies and might make them 'official' we will see)
Grades: Generally E's on Herbo, Flying, and CoMC, A's on everything else, but she got P's on her wand-related subjects for her OWLs (Charms, DADA, Transfig).

Ancient Runes = A
Astronomy = A
Care of Magical Creatures = E
Charms = P
Defense Against the Dark Arts = P
Herbology = E
History of Magic = A
Muggle Studies = A
Potions = A
Transfiguration = P

Father: Steven Macindoe
Mother: Georgia Macindoe (née Kelly)
Siblings: Elijah, Serenity
Family Line of Work: some boring international relations stuff
Best Friends: Cameron Tamesis, Liam McKinley
Friends: Derfael Ashbury-Hawthorne, Abraham Botros Jr, Théodore Montmorency, Natalie McKinley, Stephanie Fanelli, Farah Dubey, Juniper Primeaux, Max Carden, Stephanie Fanelli, Slate Ryker, Stasya Delgaard-Volkova, Ethan Kennedy-Kensington
Significant Other: Max Carden (non-exclusive)
Crushes: Max Carden, Steph Fanelli
Enemies: N/A (but bring it on)

Favourites & Extras
Food: Pistachio Ice Cream
Drink: ice-cold water
Color: Sunshine Yellow
Animal: Tigers, Dolphins, ANYTHING
Flowers: Jasmine, Irises, Plumeria, Lilies
Seasons: Summer
Place: Coolangatta
Twitter: @BelMacindoe
Possessions: Something like a Honda CRF150F, and a Yamaha YZ250F (but RP timeline equivalent), a pennyboard (she has this at Hogwarts), several surfboards
Can usually be found: Outdoors, skating, surfing etc

RP Info:
Hi guys! Bel is friendly and sociable so she will happily interact with anyone! She's usually outdoors so starting RPs are better off to be outside somewhere or in the Great Hall or Kitchens because she is a food appreciator. Not that I can't put her in the library or whatever, its just that requires a bit more reasoning as to why she'd actually be there. OOC wise, looking for some more friends for her, also totally willing to play out not-so-positive interactions if someone doesn't like her. Rivalries are FUN TOO. Feel free to DM me with questions (maybe about what your charrie does or doesn't know IC about her) or RP offers, or to figure out if your charrie already knows her because she's been at Hogwarts a couple years now, and played as seeker on the Hufflepuff Quidditch team for a year before being made captain. Also ALWAYS feel free to reply to her/quote her/generally bother her. There's NO such thing as an 'interruption', I promise!

RP List:
SPOILER!!: 3rd Year RP list

SPOILER!!: 4th Year RP List

Hufflepuff Quidditch Tryouts [Open to Hufflepuff Students]
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