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~ Mrs Steve Harrington ~ Friendly Neighbourhood Hufflepuff ~

Connor Anders (FearlessLeader19)
Addison Donavon (Kolyander)

Scene 5:
It was the day after they hung out at the Willow. Connor was already there, waiting on Addison and waiting to show off his perfect Ancient Runes notes.

Connor could have waited for Addison at the Entrance Hall then they could have made their way to the the Willow together. They key words there were 'could have' because Connor Anders was no gentleman. He didn't care if Addison got there by herself. All he wanted to do was to shove his Runes notebook in her face so that she could admit that she was wrong about his note taking.

Using his book bag as a pillow, he propped his head against it as he casually flicked through the Runes book. Nothing but perfect notes here. Wouldn't Addison be surprised? Where was she anyway? Connor was feel mighty disappointed if she forgot about their little study session.
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