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Hey Guys, hope you like this new chapter. Love you all for reading and always coming back for more. Thank you. Oh, I nearly forgot. This starts a new short story, but like always it picks up exactly where we left off; only with a new plot.

Short Story: More trouble Than Harry Can Keep Up With

Chapter 1

The Birthday Party That Wasn’t

“Is something going on; something planned I didn’t know about?” Harry looked down to make sure he was properly dressed for company and Ginny spoke to him.

She smiled understandingly and said, “It’s Bill’s Birthday, Love. We thought it’d be nice if we all celebrated together.”

Harry nodded his head and smiled looking for Bill. “Certainly! Where is the birthday boy?” Harry stood up and turned around and saw Fleur looking apprehensive.

“My Bill hasn’t come home from work yet. He only went in for a couple hours this morning and hasn’t returned home yet nor has he called.”

Harry went to the kitchen sink and ran water in it to Skry for Bill. He saw Bill and knew instantly he was in trouble. He looked quickly at Ron and asked, “Captain, come with me to get Bill; he’s hu-”

Hermione interrupted saying, “Ron has never been in a mine-”

Harry turned to Ginny and said, “I’ll be back when I can,” before Hermione could finish what she was saying. John said he’d go with Harry and grabbed Harry’s arm and before anyone could say anything the two were gone.

Harry and John arrived and Harry told John not to move and not let go of him. He took out his wand and created a bright light and leaned way over the ledge they were on. It was then that John realized he wasn’t supposed to hang on to keep from getting lost, but to allow Harry to lean out over the ledge without fear of falling. After about half a minute of careful observation of Bill’s predicament he told John to pull him back. He sighed and rubbed his face and neck in deep thought.

“Bill’s unconscious and has lost a lot of blood. The ledge he’s on is too narrow for even one of us to stand on and it’s crumbling at a rate that will not be able to hold his weight. I’ve got a protection charm around him and a bubble charm for him to breathe in until we can get down to him. At least he’ll be protected if stuff starts falling.”

Harry suddenly reached out and grabbed something that was falling passed them. He groaned at the sudden tug on his shoulder and brought the fallen object close to him and Harry asked what happened.

John; his hands sliced raw from the cut diamonds as he groped at a crevice or something to keep from falling over the edge what with the ledge they were on now occupying three instead of two. He hadn’t even seen what it was that fell. Now though he clearly saw by the light of Harry’s wand the fallen object was a Goblin. Harry pulled John in closer to him, but kept his eyes on the Goblin. Harry asked who he was and what he was doing.

The Goblin looked at Harry with cold eyes and said, “Mr. Potter, we didn’t know you were even alive. A group of Goblins looking for a way to take over the mine since you, they thought, were dead and only Mr. Weasley was here, pushed him over the edge. My name is Ogdenore, and I’m trying to save Mr. Weasley. He was pushed from the third layer up from here. Fifteen of us have been climbing down from the top. Seven others before me have fallen and not been heard from since.”

Harry looked up towards the top level and asked if the conspirators were still up there, and the Goblin answered they had all gone to find an alibi for if any of Mr. Weasley’s wizard friends or relatives came searching for him. “Is the ledge you came down from wide and stable enough for us up there; including Bill?”

Ogdenore nodded his head assuring it was plenty wide and secure. “Are you injured any at all?” asked Harry.

The Goblin said he was uninjured, only some scrapes and bruises. Harry shown the light on the small creature and shook his head seeing the Goblin was trying to hide his injuries. He wouldn’t be able to chance using his help and said, “I’m going to move you back up to the others with my wand. Don’t move about and when you get up there tell everyone to stay to the back of the ledge. The Goblin nodded his head squinting doubtfully into Harry’s eyes. Harry huffed and gave him his word he would get him up with the others safely. Harry pointed his wand at the small figure and cautiously lifted him up counting the levels as he went to the third one up and set the Goblin down and released his wand from him.

The Goblin stepped to the edge and shouted down that he had arrived safely. But, as he moved hastily away from the edge, some shale and large chunks of diamonds rained down on Harry and John.

Harry grabbed John again from going over the edge and yelled above the noise of the falling debris to not blink his eyes. A wave of his wand froze John and then Harry put his wand tip to John’s face and looked with tear filled eyes at John’s eyes. He verbalized a spell that dissolved the dust and minute slivers that were embedded in his eyes and then made a gentle stream of water flush the rest of the debris. Then he put some ointment in both eyes and put gauze pads over his eyes and wrapped them on with some more gauze around his head. He talked to John the whole time letting him know what he was doing. Although John couldn’t move he could hear and knew Harry was in awful pain from the diamond dust and larger slivers scratching and cutting his own eyes.

By keeping his eyes open and causing the natural tears to fill his eyes they began washing them clear again. He could feel them burning and knew there would be some damage so he put some ointment in his eyes and blinked to coat the eyeballs, lids, and the whole socket with it. He coughed and realized they were breathing the same stuff that was in their eyes. He put a bubble charm on John and took the freeze spell off of him. John instinctively tried to put his hands to his eyes and Harry stopped him.

“John, I know this is going to be difficult for you, but I still need more of your help. I’m going to float us down to Bill and when we get to him I’m going to put a freeze spell on him and wrap him up like a mummy along with you to keep him from moving and then I’m going to put my Portkey between your fingers so that you’ll both be holding it. Now, when you get home, it’s important that you let go of the Rook because it’ll come back to me. Don’t let anyone come back with it because I might be someplace too narrow for more than one person, or I might be in the air… erm… jumping from place to place. I can’t-”

John heard a thud and Harry gasped sharply and fell into him briefly. He said the sides of the mine were falling in and they needed to get Bill. “Just make sure nobody touches the Rook. I’ll use it to come home after I find the other Goblins and take care of the guilty- Tell Carson to clean your lungs; Ginny knows the procedure, she can help. And John; don’t let Lily try to heal you.”

John nodded and felt Harry grasp his arm tightly and then nothing was under his feet. Then a minute later Harry was speaking to Bill telling him he would be okay and to not move. He began wrapping the two men together as Harry had explained to John. John felt wonderfully warm and oddly comfortable wrapped tightly in the cocoon, but also at the same time felt an incredible fear of confinement and finality. His thoughts focused on what Harry was telling him. “This cocoon will warm the two of you and hopefully make for a soft landing; like landing on an air bag. Travel safe brother.” Suddenly he felt the Portkey Rook wedge in between his fingers and then he felt as though he was being pulled about the universe by his navel.

Six hours later a bright blue aura appeared and then Harry was dropping onto the floor, rolling several feet beyond where he landed. He groaned as he stood up and faced everyone. It was a relief for them to see him grin slightly, but it didn’t fool them as he hoped it would. He held up his hands in warning for them not to come near him.

“Let me shower so it’s safe for me to hug you, Honey. Did the guys make it okay? Is Carson working on them?” he asked as he hobbled slowly to the stairs favoring his left side.

Ginny told him they were both cleaned up and Carson with Winky’s help had Bill done and was finishing up on John. “He said the way you had them wrapped up probably saved Bill’s life and he’s sure John’s eyes are going to heal perfectly fine in a few days.”

Harry nodded saying he was glad they were going to be okay. He looked up to the top of the stairs unsure if he could climb them without holding the banister; he didn’t want to leave diamond dust and blood all over the place. He turned and looked at the trail of dust and blood drops he was leaving behind him and said, “I’m making a mess. Would you make sure nobody gets in this; I’ll clean it when I come back down. Is there anything left to eat? I could really go for a bite or two.” Ginny nodded her head quickly and pointed for him to go and clean up.

“I’ll come up and help you in a couple minutes.” She blew him a kiss and he grinned shamelessly and said, “I’d sure like to hold you and have some of that love’n.” When she turned red in the face and pointed up again he chuckled and furrowed his brows as he began to choke and then disappeared.

A little while later Harry showed up downstairs and noticed the mess he had made was cleaned up and figured that was the reason Ginny didn’t show up to help him like she told him she would. Thinking nothing more of it he dodged Carson to get to the kitchen. Carson was persistent though and gently put his hands on Harry’s shoulders to stop him.

“Look lad, I know you need to eat, but I need to know how much of that dust got into your system. Did you do anything to prevent more damage?”

“I didn’t have time while I was down there, but I did everything I’m sure you did to John and Bill when I showered.” Harry was aware the doctor was evaluating him with expert eyes and noticed him trembling and said, “Carson, I do hurt, I’m extremely sore, but mostly I’m really hungry. I need to eat more than anything.”

Carson mentioned each of the treatments he did for John and Bill; asking to make sure he did them all. When Harry answered yes to them he said, “Okay then lad. I needed to make sure you didn’t do more harm to yourself by eating and drinking and getting that stuff mixed in with your digestion. It could kill you if it got into your bloodstream and got to your heart.”

Harry’s eyes averted with guilt looking toward the table where Ginny was setting a plate of food for him. “I took care of things Carson, and if it turns out I didn’t do enough then well; I will die full and content.” He stepped over to the table when Carson smiled and moved out of his way. Carson stepped over to the back of the chair Harry was now sitting in and said, “It’s good that I can see what you can’t, now then, you will keep these on until I say they can come off.” Carson affixed gauze over Harry’s eyes and patted him on the shoulders with a chuckle at the huff of objection from Harry.

John bumped into Harry’s chair and felt for a chair to sit at the table. Harry pinched the sleeve of his shirt and turned him to the chair beside him. Molly set a plate of food before him and John turned his head to Harry and asked what they were having.

Harry said, “Cut up steak is at your 12 o’clock and fried potatoes are at your 6 o’clock.”

“What’s at 9 and 3?” asked John moving his hands slowly on the table towards his plate.

“Your thumbs if you keep going.” Harry slid his hand over until it bumped John’s and gave him a fork in John’s right hand and said, “Cornbread is at your 9 o’clock and scalloped corn is at your 3 o’clock. And there is a delightful scoop of sticky rice in the center of your plate. Your drink is above your plate at your 1 o’clock.”

John grinned and said, “Thanks buddy!” He took a bite and said, “Harry, this isn’t steak it’s Mac–n-cheese. Where’s the steak?”

“I don’t know, John, you’ll have to ask someone who can see. I just told you what I know you like in case you don’t like what you really have so you can imagine you’re having those things.”

“Ah, that’s very kind of you. Why can’t you see? It sounded like you could see okay when you got home.”

“Because; Carson, put patches over my eyes when I sat down here. I guess he thought I needed them. And… well; I guess he’s right.” Harry frowned wishing he had seen his plate before Carson covered his eyes. He waited for a minute before he picked up his fork in his right hand and with his left he spread out his fingers and put his hand flat over his food. Making a mental picture in his head he took a bite of his meatloaf. His stomach felt uneasy and he put down his fork. He cautiously reached for his glass; finding it he took a swallow, disappointed it wasn’t chocolate milk but was happy with the cool refreshing water. Wanting more water after he finished what he had, he listened for evidence of anyone being in the kitchen to help. A startling realization occurred to him that caused his stomach to flip flop and become queasy.

“For a house full of people, it sure is quiet here. Where is everyone?”

Jack answered, “Well I’m in front of you working the crossword puzzle while waiting for you to eat. I heard this was to be a birthday meal, so I’m assuming there will be cake.”

Ron spoke up and said, “I’m sitting beside Jack watching him play at working the puzzle. I think he’s making up his own answers. The answer to seven across is biscuit.” Ron laughed and Jack put the puzzle and pencil down and said, “I’m not making up any words, they fit perfectly even though they might not be the words the puzzle maker had in mind. But give me a break; you people over here talk funny. Why would you call a cookie a biscuit? See there; ‘something one might have with their tea seven letters, COOKIES.”

“But the answer is ‘biscuit’,” exclaimed Ron chuckling.

“Who has a biscuit with tea? ‘Cookies’ is the logical answer.”

Lily giggled and Harry turned his head toward her and softly said, “Darling Angel?”

Lily went around the table and stood by her dad’s side. With a very small voice she replied, “Yes Daddy?”

Harry reached over to her with his right arm. “I’ve missed you; how are you doing?” He put his arm down since she didn’t let him hug her. There was an awkward silence and then Harry smiled sweetly and said, “I bet you’ve grown six inches since I saw you last. What did you do this summer? Are you enjoying school this year? Are you looking forward to Hogwarts next year?” He waited a few seconds between each question and then finally said, “I know you’re still here, I can hear you breathing. Surely there must be something we can talk about, right?”

Still she didn’t say anything but the silence was broken when she suddenly yelled, “Uncle Bill, you’re up! Shouldn’t you be in bed still?” Harry felt her brush against his shoulder as she rushed to Bill.

Everyone was making over Bill so Harry asked John if he was ready for more to eat. He answered that he had enough and started to tell him to just give Lily time to come around. “She was-”

“It’s okay, John; I understand more than you know. Let’s find out how Bill’s doing.”

Fleur and Lily led Bill to the table and helped him sit down. Bill cleared his throat and told his wife he was able to get his own plate, and asked for her to just sit with him and relax. Her response was, “Humph, you are in no shape to even be out of bed, and I WILL get your plate; YOU will relax.”

Harry turned his head to Bill when he mentioned his name. “Thank you for coming to my rescue; you too, John, thank you both. I don’t understand how you knew I was in trouble.”

John answered, “Well, Harry was somewhat suspicious when you didn’t show up for your birthday party. Fleur told us you went down to the mine for something but never came back. Harry did that Skry thing and saw you on that ledge and we went down to get you.”

Bill expressed his gratitude and asked why it took Harry so long to come back. Harry said, “I searched for and found the Goblins who fell over trying to rescue you. I tried to find the tribesmen who were unaccounted for and found they had been told not to report for work that morning. After I cleared the part of the mine they pushed you over I sealed it permanently. I fired the crew that caused the mutiny and put Ogdenore in charge of the Goblins. Of course there was an altercation when that announcement was made and had to be enforced with more than a gentle persuasion. It’s all good now and Ogdenore will run operations until you are able to return. I closed the mine for the next two days so the families of the two Goblins, who died before John and I got there, can take care of arrangements of the burials.”

Harry sat uncomfortably waiting for more conversation and then said, “Bill, are you okay? Do you still enjoy working at the mine?”

Bill chuckled and said, “I’m fine, Harry, and yes as a matter of fact I love working at the mine. That was good thinking; you giving them two days off. Goblins and wizards have somewhat of an odd relationship at best and that will keep the relationship we have with them at the mine in good working condition.”

Harry turned his head to his right and said, “Ginny?”

Ginny put her hand on Harry’s hand that had reached out for her. “I’m here Love; do you want more to eat?”

“I’m fine, Honey. John might need more though. Thanks for cleaning up the mess I made. How was your flower garden this year? Did you enjoy them as much as you normally do?”

Ginny didn’t have the heart to tell him she avoided the flowerbeds and turned them over to the elves to tend to. Although if she were honest with herself she would admit she was feeling guilty for avoiding them because they were a source of pain for her every time she walked past them or looked out the window or door. She was angry at Harry and when she saw them she thought of him weeding and tending to them when she neglected them. He always brought her cuts from them and told her how much he loved her. How was she to stay angry at him when she was constantly reminded how much he loved her?

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