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He continued to wave his wand around, lightly tapping at the lid here and there. Incantations quietly left his mouth, though they didn't seem to do any good. The supernova and blackhole were still there. Dillion set his wand down in frustration, defeated. The gravity of the situation was severe.

And then it hit him. There was too much -- Hey, Dillon. That looks really awesome.

His head turned slightly, his eyes making contact with the girl in front of him. Once his mind fully registered that THE Veronica Faulkner-Hawthorne was speaking to him, his cheeks turned started to change colour. What she said to him hadn't made him embarrassed. No, he that was a compliment he rather appreciated considering two of the jars weren't ready for liftoff. He was as red as Mars for different reasons entirely.

"Th - th - thanks, Ronnie," Dillon managed to reply, still looking at her. Umm ... what now?

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