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Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
Zander, unsurprisingly, found himself for a loss of words. Uh. It seemed like embarrassment always followed him around no matter where he went. The workplace was no different than any other arena he'd find himself in and unfortunately this meant that his ears were going bright red once again. "Errrr, understood," he nodded. Uh. Oops? In a poor attempt to divert the topic, Zander looked around the room with a sense of purpose. "No lint roller at the door?" Or had he missed it? Either way he definitely hadn't spied a sign. Not that the sign did much good to begin with as Zander had ended up with a lint roller in his hair at one point or another, to Magdalena Traulton's glee.

Zander gratefully took a seat across from his former Professor. Eek. Yeah, he figured as much to be honest. It was worth a shot though, wasn't it? "Yeah, Sir felt kinda unnatural," he admitted rather sheepishly. "I'm sure she appreciates the change in scenery," Zander almost had to remind himself that they were talking about a ROCK. Yeah, he still didn't get it.

"Well," he thought about just how to phrase his issue because he didn't want to come off as whiny and he definitely didn't want the man to think he wasn't appreciative of the job he had been given... But. There was always a but. "I don't know if my placement was the right 'fit' for me... I don't think I wanna be adjusting rec schedules for the rest of my life," or for the next two weeks, even. "I don't know if I'm in the right... place here." Did that make sense? Was he just being childish? SOS another biography would be AWESOME. Especially if it could tell him which decision he ought to make.


And he had memorized the Neville Longbottom one... For the record.
Chuckling as he settled into his seat, Airey reached into his enchanted breast pocket and pulled out a lint roller to offer the young man. "If it will make you feel more at ease," he added with a small smirk. "But I do have a fair few enchantments in place on my office to prevent lint and other such contaminations do the doors in the Entry Chamber seeing as Mysteries deal with very delicate research."

Putting the 'sir' conversation aside - and nodding to the additional commentary on Pebbles - the astronomer folded his hands lightly across his chest and drummed them over his knuckles as he listened to the real meat of the conversation. He couldn't help but be mildly amused, to be honest. He had had a similar conversation last year with one of his coworkers who he felt had been placed in the wrong Chamber. Fractomancy and Geomacy? Everything about Brighton's credentials had screamed ...well...he supposed it did not matter since he had trained the fellow Evolutionist up and gotten him up to speed. But his thoughts were drifting too far away from those Mr. Adair required, and he quickly brought himself back into orbit.

"Have you considered discussing such sentiments with your own department head?" he questioned. "Were one of my employees to feel as though they were misplaced within the department and would like their job to be reevaluated, I would wish for them to come see my counsel." Which something told the man that the former Hogwartian had not considered this. "Considering how fresh you are to the Ministry and your position, I find it a bit dramatic that you think this is all your life with amount to. Adjusting rec schedules. This seems to me like an entry level position and task, something that is very easily fixed with simple discussion and efficiently executing your job. Now, if what you are saying is that you do not feel the department itself is a proper fit, you will need to elaborate further."
Originally Posted by Zellanna View Post
"I see." Slade thought a few moments on the matter. It did seem like an interesting position, and posed an opportunity not only for advancement, but for networking as well. There was also something about being the eyes and ears for the man that seemed appealing. Going to other departments and collaborating was a worthy task.

He finally nodded to the other man. "Yes, I believe the position to be an interesting one, and one that I may enjoy. It sounds..." he searched for the right word, "...demanding. Though not in an unpleasant way. A worthy task."
Nodding as Mr. Erikson spoke, Airey found himself not entirely ready to commit to one individual just yet. Though the incentive shown here by the Potioneer. One who he had other ideas for himself in regards to his status in the Love Chamber, but one thing at a time.

"Indeed," he found himself grinning. "I cannot make any promises to you at the moment, I will have a look over your employee file and work history and get back to you soon." Was that fair? "

Originally Posted by The Announcer View Post
One of the holographic images, a single star, floating around the office suddenly explodes in a flash of brilliant light and then was no more. Suddenly entire contents of the office begins to shift, everything and everyone being pulled towards the Western wall.
Originally Posted by Oesed View Post
The pig-like snout of the aardvark was the first thing that showed of the patronus sent from the Space Chamber. The rest of its body joined instantly, however, and though the usual aggravation of Brighton Brown's tone of voice was clear in the message the silver patronus carried, it was uncharacteristically tinged with urgency, too:

"Your space chamber had a baby and it's a black hole. Yes. I did say black hole. It's about to make me its lunch. Actually, its about to make someone else its lunch, so I might be the dessert. Or maybe we're both just snacks. It's fairly big, two men might not be enough for it. Anyway, not looking forward to having someone else cash in my insurance gold because I died, so this is for sure an emergency."
Airey had been going over some documents and test results submitted to him by Unspeakables in the Time Chamber on infinite and a Tipler cylinders when the light from the supernova blinded his right eye temporarily.
No sooner had her rubbed that aggravation away was his desk and chair being subtly pulled across the floor of his office.

"Sweet solstice what th---"

And then, as if right on cue, Brighton's patronus came bounding into his office with an explanation. Leave it to that Evolutionist to throw in his dark sense of humor in a time of crisis and his priorities in order. Muttering to himself, Airey gave his wand a dramatic flourish to enchant his things down to the floor and quickly tucked Pebbles within her house for safe keeping.
No way he was bringing her with him, nope.

A black hole. Interesting. Though that begged the question of...just where did the event horizon lay?


Yes. Emergency indeed.

Gripping Charm in place, Airey quickly fled his office and made his way towards the Space Chamber.

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