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Default Chamber of Codes

The Chamber of Codes contains the extensive library containing all of the information and research gathered from the work that the Department of Mysteries has uncovered since it's inception. Photos, actual artifacts, a warded bell jar containing a broken timeturner, countless tomes, grimoires and records fill the space - including, a certain book of fairytales. All Unspeakables may use the archives to further your research. Visitors to the Department of Mysteries will need to be granted permission by their Department Head and clearance by the Department Head of Mysteries before using this Chamber.

This Chamber is more than simply archives as Unspeakables tasked with deciphering and decoding of objects and texts written in mysterious languages or codes are also stationed here. Containing numerous wooden cubicle-like desks and chairs designed with the acoustics of this chamber in mind, for sound is one of the most important things when studying a language, even if a dead one. Welcome to the Chamber of Codes, a room dedicated to the In addition to the curved ceiling and echo-absorbing walls, the room also contains several desks with recording devices, revolving tools for decoding, and plenty of parchment and quills. Meanwhile a cogged and metallic device which looks something like a Lorenz cipher sits alone on one of the desks.

Toward the back of the room a perfectly round indention holds a roulette of symbols for deciphering things that like the Phaistos disk contain ancient knowledge. Some of which detail magical history.
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