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Hey Guys, here we are again. Thanks for coming back for my next chapter. Sorry I had to post it so late tonight. We have company from outside of the country and we've been very busy. So without further word except for that I hope you enjoy this chapter and to as always feel free to comment; here's the next chapter.

Chapter 5

The Truth Will Out

The kids ran up to Ginny and greeted her with laughter and hugs. They looked up at the house and asked if their dad was home but Ginny held off answering them as if her parents distracted her. By now her they had made it to her side laughing and out of breath.

“It is such a beautiful day we decided to walk the kid’s home. We wouldn’t turn down a cool glass of water though.” They laughed and Ginny wondered why they were so happy.

“Did you all have a good time?” she asked as she led everyone into the house.

“Oh yes, we sure did. And we are so proud of Harry. Is he doing better today? I expect he’s been all doctored up. Scorpius of course is over the moon about it; and Draco seems like a new man.”

“They’re happy about it? But Harry said something about Draco being crazy with grief and he mentioned Astoria.”

“Oh well; what do you expect being overridden with grief and all? He just took it out on Harry since he was there when it happened and thought he caused him to miss Astoria before she was gone forever. He needed someone to blame. He does feel badly for hurting Harry. He guesses he is okay though since Harry was able to visit last night. Although Draco said he was looking pretty desperate when they were leaving. Harry told him he was just tired and hungry, but Draco had his doubts. I told him you would call if Harry was bad off and needed help. Scorpius thought it was funny that his mum left a lipstick kiss on Harry’s face. Boys are such boys aren’t they!?” Arthur laughed and looked around seeing the horror on Ginny’s face and then asked innocently, “Where is Harry, is he working out or… something?”

Ginny looked at the kids and sighed, she would explain to them later after she had time to gather her wits about her. She wouldn’t lie, but there wasn’t any reason she had to tell them what she was about to tell her parents. She told the kids to go put away their things and unpack from their vacation. Don’t come down before you’re called, and no listening in on our conversation.”

The kids went off to their rooms but Lily commented on her way by her mum, “It’s okay, Mum, we already know. Dad is in bed nearly dead and we have to be quiet. I wonder who he had to save the world from this time.”

James rolled his eyes and said, “Who knows, but at least we’re all safe now. I wonder how long he’ll be out of commission this time. I wonder if we’ll even see him this summer.”

Albus shouted, “Shut up; he’s not even here! I can’t feel him! The house is cold and lonely, he’s gone!” and ran upstairs and into his room slamming the door closed behind him.

Ginny knit her eyebrows at the remaining children and pointed upstairs. She would find out what that was all about later. For now she needed to talk to her parents.

“Albus is right, his dad isn’t here. I made Harry leave. I told him I didn’t want him here, to leave and never come back. He wanted to know why. He thought he would play innocent and lost but I wouldn’t let him get away with it. I hit him as hard as I could last night when he was mumbling about Draco being crazy with grief and Astoria, but he was passing out and that is when I hit him and then realized he was hurt so badly. He went to the floor and had a massive coronary and blood flooded out of his mouth and his heart stopped beating. He was so close to death I thought he was dead, but Winky brought him back and repaired his heart. I gave him the Draught of Living Death and he fell asleep instantly. Winky and I got him cleaned up and put to bed. We were going to fix his ribs and other organs today when he woke up, but we didn’t get to. Now he’s gone and he won’t be back. Why wouldn’t he just explain about the lipstick and perfume?”

“Because he didn’t know about it,” Arthur answered. Scorpius said he pointed at him and laughed at him but Harry didn’t know why. And I’m sure her perfume was the last thing on his mind.”

Molly looked at her daughter lovingly, but with judgmental eyes. She sighed and said, “Ron and Hermione stopped in to pick up Rose and Hugo after their night out and saw you having dinner with a strange man and Harry wasn’t with you. Hermione said he was a new writer for the Daily Prophet. She also said he took the job to be with you. His intentions are less than honorable to say the least. I’m sure Ron didn’t have time to talk to Harry about it and Hermione said to let you take care of your own business and she would talk to you today and see if you need any help. She thinks you were being less than honest with the man and it wasn’t what it looked like.”

Ginny grinned sarcastically and said, “Yes, I was out with him. It was a dinner date, he thought, but not for me. I was gathering evidence against him so I could get him arrested for sexual harassment. He said it was a working dinner and we were meeting a high up official of the paper and all kinds of good things were coming our way. I fought off his fat hands and his accidental brushes against me all day. I couldn’t wait to nail his hide to the side of a jail cell. I called Wes and asked him to hook me up to one of those wire tap devices and be there with his wife at a table behind ours so he could help if I needed it and also to be an, eyes on, witness in case the wire tap wasn’t allowed in court. And the worst thing of all is he’s a married man and has two children the same age as James and Lily! I was so sick of it all by the time I got home and the first thing I see is Harry looking like death and I startled him because I Apparated right behind him closing the door. I’m thinking now that Draco and Astoria had just left. He turned around and fell into me. I asked what happened who did this to him and he mumbled something about Draco being crazy with grief and mentioned Astoria’s name and that’s when I smelled her perfume on him. When I pushed him away from me I saw the lipstick kiss on his cheek. I thought he was having an affair with Astoria and Draco found out and beat him. That’s when I slapped him as hard as I could and asked why Draco didn’t finish the job. I said mean terrible things to him. I asked if Ron had told him that I was having an affair with Barney since he saw me having dinner with him and so he went to Astoria and got caught. He didn’t know what I was talking about. I asked him what I was supposed to believe and he said, “Astoria needed me,” and just slid down the wall and onto the floor. I turned away from him and left, but I thought it was odd he wasn’t moving or even moaning. I went back to him and he… he looked dead.”

Molly gasped and held her heart but Ginny kept talking. Telling her parents made her bring things into perspective. “His eyes were open but they were just open and not looking at anything. And I felt for a pulse and there wasn’t one. He wasn’t breathing and his body was bent funny because his ribs were broken and he couldn’t hold himself up because he was so near death that he couldn’t. I screamed for him, but he didn’t move, I kept screaming for him and then Winky came, I called for her. She opened his mouth and blood gushed out. It was from his heart breaking and Winky said his lungs were full of blood. She worked feverishly to bring him back and finally did. I got him and pulled him onto my lap and I held him against me. He looked right in my eyes and tears rolled down his face. I thought it was from the pain he was in, but I think it was from not being able to die. He wanted to die.”

Arthur looked around the room hoping to see his son-in-law but Harry was nowhere to be seen. Molly was blotting her eyes and Ginny started talking again. “He slept all night and was up when I woke up. Seeing Harry dying right in front of me made me realize that I needed to try to work things out. If he would admit he was having an affair I was going to forgive him.”

Molly opened her mouth to say something but her feelings got in the way. She was devastated that Harry was accused of such a thing and now he was wandering around alone and hurt. Tears streamed down her face and she just shook her head at a loss of what to say or do. Ginny had never seen her mom so lost and fearful. She looked at her dad and he was in the same condition, but he was holding himself together a little bit better. “Daddy, what have I done? Was I wrong somehow? He was having an affair; I couldn’t just let it go or he’d find someone else since Draco and Astoria made up.”

Arthur spoke with a strong voice albeit broken with his sadness, “Pumpkin, Harry wasn’t having an affair. When would he have had a chance to even if he wanted to? Didn’t you say he was in a coma for a month and just got back here yesterday? When you left for work he worked in his office finding out about the doctors involved in giving Draco and Astoria false information. He went over to talk to them about his findings and he took Albus with him to visit with Scorpius. Delightful boy, Scorpius, who would name their son such a name; strange that. Oh; anyway, when they got there they found Astoria was dying. Harry said he knew what it was and could help. Draco was overcome with grief and felt Harry was keeping him from being with her and then she seemingly died. Draco said he beat Harry and kicked him until Harry stopped him. He said he could still help her. So he did. Draco thinks he may have broken some ribs and done serious damage to his head. He and Albus left immediately. Draco and Astoria came over here to hear what Harry found out and thank him for saving their family. That’s how Harry got the lipstick kiss and the smell of perfume on him. He didn’t know, Pumpkin; he didn’t know.”

Ginny couldn’t bear the news her parents informed her of. She took out her cell phone and called Harry. He didn’t answer. She put her phone away and called from the land line. He still didn’t answer. This gave her an excuse for being angry at him. She said since he didn’t answer his phone he must not want to come home. Molly and Arthur looked at each other and frowned. Ron and Hermione knocked on the door and the story was told again. Ron tried to comfort Ginny by saying he would see Harry at work the next day and have him go home. She shook her head telling him to not bother. “He wants me to crawl to him begging for his forgiveness, and I’m not going to do it.”

Arthur said, “That’s not it I’m sure of it. Pumpkin, you’ve got to swallow that pride and talk to him.”

She snapped back at her father saying, “Well, he’s not answering his phone is he! This is on him, I tried and he’s not willing to meet me halfway. I have to talk to the kids; so if you’ll all excuse me.”

The next day at his office Wes filled Harry in on the dinner he witnessed at Ginny’s request. Harry took the report and read it quickly. He was very quiet and only spoke to thank Wes for his work and doing such a fine job. He briefly told Wes what happened over the weekend without blaming Ginny for any of it. When he said he was not living at home Wes said he could stay with them. Harry thanked him but declined. “It’s better for everyone if I’m alone.” He finished typing different things on his computer and slowly got up and went to the printer. He got the papers from the machine and nodded his head. Wes knew the subject was closed and Harry wouldn’t say anything else about it.

“Look at this, Wes. This Barney is wanted for high treason against the United States. His real name is Marley Barnett. He has a small army of thirty two and is said to be recruiting for more to join. A small handful attempted a break in at the White House but was apprehended before they penetrated the grounds. They have three eyewitnesses who gave testament of the plans, but they were killed in their cells before they went to trial. Marley Barnett is a paid assassin and his assignment was to assassinate the President. He’s on the run, thought to be in the UK, and concealing his identity. My special filters see through these concealment charms and false faces. It was reported that some of the testimony against him was that he had a backup plan that involved snagging someone powerful enough to make sure they would be able to get the job done on their next attempt.”

Harry looked at Wes and said, “I’ll need to involve the Aurors in this so we can capture him and take him to America. I’ll have to…” He stopped talking and looked at Wes. “What if this guy is going through Ginny to get me to assassinate the President? I’m not bragging or anything, but what if this guy suddenly showed up and he made it look like he was interested in Ginny so he could kidnap her to make me do whatever he wants?”

Wes nodded his head and just then his Aurors walked into the office. He greeted each one and when Ron came in he read the expression on his face and then greeted him with a friendly, “Captain? It’s good to see you,” and a nod. Everyone was happy to see him and stood around all talking at once. Harry didn’t answer questions or offer conversation, but he did smile at their camaraderie. He loved them and they all knew it. Soon enough he held up the file he had in his hand and they all settled down to find out their next adventure.

“I hope I let you know often enough how much I appreciate your dedication to the people we serve and the fantastic job you do. Thank you for doing everything I ask of you without question. Today I have a very dangerous assignment that I will only ask for volunteers to work it with me. It-”

He stopped talking when Percy walked in. Harry stood up from the corner of his desk he always sat on while addressing his Aurors and greeted Percy with the respect his office entitles him. “Mr. Minister,” his smile was easy and he held out his hand to shake it. He withdrew it when Percy turned his head away from Harry without a word to him.

Percy said in a loud voice that Harry has been suspended from duty until he takes care of things at home. I can’t trust a man who steps out on his wife and then leaves her to be Head Auror, or even work as an Auror. From now until I say otherwise, Ron Weasley will be Head Auror. That will be all; no need for questions and answers. He turned to Harry who was so white faced he could have doubled as a white marble statue. “You’ll need to vacate the premises and surrender your office, employees, computers, and all the files.”

Harry said, “Begging your pardon, Mr. Weasley, but this is my building, my Detective Agency, Wes is my partner, these are my computers, and all the files here are my possession. Any files to do with the Aurors’ are at the Ministry of Magic. And Carl is Head Auror since he was my Number One. You don’t have the authority to come in here and do what you want. And I don’t know what you’re talking about stepping out on my wife, but it is none of your business regardless. Now, you do have the authority to suspend me and that’s what you’ve done so I’ll gather my things and step aside.” He pointed his wand at his computer and the printer and said something swishing his wand quickly and the machines clicked and clacked and shut off. He looked at his Aurors and said, “Give Carl your best just as you’ve always given me your best. It’s been an honor.”

That was the last anyone saw of Harry Potter for months. Wes wasn’t ever able to find the information Harry got from the computer on Marley Barnett, but news trickled in every so often of sightings of the man on the run.
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