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The staring was only responded to with a bright smile. Didn't he see how ADORABLE that nickname was and just how well it suited her? Clearly not. She wasn't about to let that get her down. Oh no. Addison knew just how perfect the nickname was for her.

"The feather is stupid and lazy?" Addi huffed trying not to laugh instead. She knew something that was certainly acting stupid and lazy and it wasn't that feather! "How do you know that when you're not even trying, hmm? It may sound stupid but it works." Sometimes the simplest of things worked. Not everything had to be complicated and overdone.

"Fine. I will." Sitting up straighter and flexing her fingers around the smooth wood of her wand, Addi aimed it at the feather. First clearing her mind and taking in a breath she visualized the feather in her mind and it floating towards her. "Accio feather!" Her voice was firm yet gentle and commanding, the feature rising up into the air and drifting towards them. She caught it gently in the palm of her hand only to drop it down on Connor's chest since he was laying on the ground.

"Try. Again. Come on. Don't give up already." She would sit here all day if she had to.

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