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Hirsch had never met a man who was so infuriating and didn't seem to have any sense of remorse for his actions. An apology would've been acceptable, at the very least, but no. It seemed to him that Noah did not give a care in the world about what he had potentially done to a student. A student who, yes, could take care of herself but also shouldn't be subjected to a wand being raised against her in a harmful way by an adult. She was only twelve, for Merlin's sake. In his eyes, he had every right to be as dramatic and less-than-chill as he wanted.

If the gnome was better trained?! What was he talking about?! Still very much furious, Hirsch opened his mouth to answer back only to have the BoG member silence him. In his classroom, at that. And, what was worse, was that he was doing exactly what he had not come here to do and fallen right to sleep again.


The sound of a voice near him made him turn his head and he looked over at Miss Reynolds as she proposed taking Emmeline to the Hospital Wing, followed almost immediately by Miss Durant. The Defence Professor took a deep breath and said, "Yes. Yes, I think that would be wise. Take her there and sit with her and wait for me to come as well." He would need to explain to River what had happened, after all. "Thank you, both of you. You're going to need...." He took out his wand and twirled it around in the air. Twice. A medium-sized bucket, big enough to hold with both hands, appeared in mid air, followed by a goblet filled with water. "The bucket's in case she vomits again." The vanishing charm would really work in their favour. "And the goblet is for water."

Now. Emmeline. "Emmeline, I want you to go with Miss Reynolds and Miss Durant to the Hospital Wing and wait for me there, okay? If you feel any worse in the meantime, please let them know." The three girls got a nod: they were free to go.

Hirsch took another deep breath. His heart was still beating rather wildly but he was, slowly, starting to feel much calmer than he did before. No one else was hurt, right? And he could ignore the existence of that man over there that was using his lesson for naptime. His focus was on the students, after all.

But then his green eyes landed on one Miss Dimple and he.... furrowed his eyebrows. There was something about that panicked look that didn't seem to sit well with him. Miss Holden, Kitty and Ava were all there to help her so he didn't feel too worried but that also didn't mean he wasn't going to keep an eye on that situation over there.

Something that distracted him momentarily was the sound of a familiar voice calling to him. Hirsch glanced sideways and over at Jessa and the swinging gnome on her arm. The furrowed brow look wasn't about to disappear anytime soon, it seemed, because Jessa was making a request that only Jessa Cambridge would. "You...... want to keep him. For one of your experiments?" This was her cue to explain.

As for the rest of the students, "Just under a minute left and then you're free from the gnome attack!" And free to go to lunch as well.

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